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FastestVPN Review: How fast is it really? Let’s find out

Today we will talk about FastestVPN.

But first, let’s think about this:

Technology has changed the face of privacy over the internet. Our activities are tracked, surfing is monitored and our privacy is at risk.

Do not worry, there is always a TIT for TAT, and our TAT is VPN Software. All of us are pretty much aware of what basically a VPN does.


There are few VPN services that are unique in their own way and have distinguishing features.

May I present to you – FastestVPN.

fastestvpn homepage

But is it really the fastest among all those VPNs out there?

So I will do the honors and run some tests to check whether it is really fast or not.

Let’s find out:

Performance (Speed test)

This is FastestVPN, right?

It can only be measured if we carry out the speed test.

See the normal speed of my network connection at home:

fastestvpn Normal Speed

I changed the location to Barcelona. And the result was not what I expected:

fastestvpn Speed test - Spain server

There might have been an error, so I tried two different locations:

fastestvpn Speed test - Singapore


fastestvpn Speed test - India

I then contacted the Customer support team who suggested me to switch to the European servers. You will find a detailed conversation in the Customer Support section.

Customer Support - speedtest prague

And they were right! The Speed increased and that too matching my original speed.

I moved further to test Netflix and Torrent.

Yes, I can stream the Turkish Netflix. It works fine.

Netflix Turkey

For torrenting, I decided to download two files – a book and a movie. Here’s the result:

Torrent Download

I am able to download torrent files, it works. But still, the same complaint remains – the Speed.

The result of the speed test shows that when the VPN is connected to the European Servers, it gives you the best speed. Also, Netflix and Torrent work well with this.

Ease of Use

Ease of Use section’s actual importance is because it shows how comfortable and effortlessly you can use the software. The steps include everything right from setting up the software to use it.

Let me show you some simple steps to set up the FastestVPN on your device.

First, open the website and click on “BUY NOW”. Once clicked, it will redirect you to a page where you select the plan and then they ask you for your account details:

fastestvpn Ease of Use - Step 1

Fill up all the details and you can log in to the website. After you are logged in, scroll down and you will find a list of products i.e. set up files of this VPN software for the different devices.

fastestvpn List of products

Click on the device for which you need to download the setup file and then click on download once you are on that page.

Run the downloaded file now.

fastestvpn Run the software

Let the setup complete after which it will launch the application. Log in using your account details and then you are good to go.

fastestvpn Desktopapp

You just need to click on the location and change it to the one that you desire to connect to and then click on the button with the Flash sign to start the connection. Within a few seconds, you will be connected to the server of the location that you have picked.

You can also change the VPN protocols according to your requirements. You just need to go to the “Settings” section and then change the protocol.

fastestvpn Settings - DesktopApp

It has an option where you can enable the kill switch and also run the diagnostics if you face a network connectivity issue.

Thus, we now know that the setup is simple and the operation is easy. So, download FastestVPN and try it yourself.

Let us now take a look at the pricing chart and the features:

Pricing & Features

Features – Yes, the section of our interest. You use products majorly because of their features. Features are closely related to the pricing too.


Well, some VPNs allow you to access some features if you select a particular price plan.

See the pricing plans that FastestVPN offers:

fastestvpn Pricing plans

As the duration of your plan increases, the total amount reduces. The pricing is affordable and okay. Undoubtedly the monthly plan is costly.

But all the plans give you the same features. Fantastic!

Let’s see the features now. But before that, don’t you want to know where the servers are?

VPN location of servers

There are 30+ Countries (Good), but there are just 35+ locations. The number of locations is very less.

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Anyways, let’s see the features now.

They have categorized the features into 5 different categories:

Advanced Features:

fastestvpn advanced features

The two advanced features this VPN has to offer are Ad-blocking and Anti-Malware. IT won’t allow unwanted advertisements to pop up on your screen and protects your device from the damage of Malware.

Connecting Features:

fastestvpn Connecting Features

This VPN software is compatible with 20+ devices and you can run this software on 10 devices simultaneously using just 1 account. IT protects your IP from getting exposed using DNS-Leak Protection.

Server End Features:

Server End Features

It allows you to switch the locations numerous times without any restriction. It also has P2P optimized servers and no limits on the uploading or downloading files.

Security & Privacy Features:

fastestvpn Security Features

It has the availability of various protocols like L2TP, SSTP, TCP/UDP, etc. along with NAT Firewall for security. It is also equipped with the internet kill switch and protects data with advanced 256-bit AES encryption.

Entertainment Features:

fastestvpn Entertainment Features

It allows you to surf the restricted websites anywhere from the world. As it masks the IP, you can use torrent from your place without any fear.

Other Features:

Other Features

It offers a 15-day money-back guarantee and also a Live chat option.

Overall, this VPN has a lot of features to offer and the pricing plan for a longer duration is good. The only thing is the number of server locations. But, they won’t be a problem unless they offer good connectivity and speed.

See Current Plans & Pricing here…

FastestVPN: Customer Support

What if we might download software and don’t know how to operate it? The website from where you downloaded the software doesn’t have any guide or tutorials or no one to contact.

Never happened till now, but yes, that would be terrific. And so customer support is important.

FastestVPN does have separate sections for blogs, FAQs, Live Chat and tutorials on its customer support page.

Customer Support page

While carrying out the performance test, I was disappointed with the download speed. So I decided to question up in regards to the speed only.

Customer support - 1

Just 2 seconds after I sent the question, I received a response from them and they did not take much time to give a suggestion.

Customer Support - 2

The lady there told me to switch to a European server which I did. The result was unbelievable.

Customer Support - speedtest prague

I checked the speed and WOW – the download speed was almost similar to the original speed. But apart from the European servers, the speed still reduces by 70%.

I should have asked the customer support earlier for the speed. But, then I would not have come to know that the speed reduces this much, right?

Anyways, they stand on the commitment of 24×7 customer support. The agents respond real quick. And they do not misguide their customers and have tutorials for the setup operation too.

FastestVPN: Security & Privacy

For security purposes, VPNs and proxy servers are used worldwide by over a quarter of internet users.

But, is VPN used for surfing anonymously over the internet and keep our network private?

Absolutely. And the privacy features of FastestVPN fascinate me.


It provides a NAT firewall, WiFi security, 256-bit AES encryption, various protocols, and an internet kill switch. In addition to that, it also doesn’t log any records of your browsing or download history.

No-log policy

Also, their privacy policy suggests that they even can’t provide any specific IP to the authorities if they ask for you.

Overall, this VPN software offers good security features and protects our privacy over the internet too.

  • It is compatible with 20 types of different devices.
  • It allows you to connect 10 devices simultaneously on just 1 registered account.
  • No restriction on switching servers.
  • Equipped with a Kill switch which won’t reveal your original location and identity if the connection is lost accidentally.
  • It offers Malware protection and also has an ad-blocking feature.
  • FastestVPN doesn’t keep any track records of your browsing or downloading history.


  • Speed works well with the European servers but reduces when connected to different locations.
  • The number of server locations worldwide is also less (35+).

Do I recommend FastestVPN?

Finally, we come to the last part of this FastestVPN review where I will sum-up each and every section for you. This might give you clarity on whether you should use FastestVPN software or not.

Talking about Performance section – the speed is really fast when connected to the European servers and you can stream Netflix and download files from torrent websites.

It is not at all difficult to launch the setup of this software and operate it. Just select the location and click to connect to the server.

Along with the affordable pricing plans, this VPN offers some really good features along with malware protection and ad-blocking. Plus the customer support team acts real quick and is always ready to help from their side.

It offers you security by providing an internet kill switch that won’t allow your identity to be revealed when the network is interrupted and it also doesn’t keep a record of your internet surfing.

I would say that if you use this VPN, then connect it to the servers of European nations to get better speed and stream Netflix. If you do not worry about your internet speed and only want to focus on security, then this VPN is something you should try.

Stay Safe, Keep Browsing.

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If you have tried it yourself, share your own review in the comment section below. I really look forward to knowing what you have experienced.

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