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What is the tool?

Is it down is a downtime monitor service that displays your website’s current active state. It checkpoints your website on multiple servers to verify if it is actually online or not. If it is online, you get the ‘Up’ message and if it is down, you get the ‘down’ message.

When should you use this tool?

You need this tool when your website shows a 404 error, takes too long to load, in cases of a DDoS attack, hacking, server failure, database error, etc. All these events could take your site down, prevent access to everyone, or even random access points and require an immediate status check.

Why should you use this tool?

Websites go down all the time due to reasons like natural disasters, power outages, hardware complications, etc. Downtime on your website could cause you to lose traffic, sales, or even potential customers which is why it needs to be monitored. Another probable event is your site being down in a specific few countries. To know which countries, you can use a VPN to see where your site might be down from. Is It Down? is fast and gives you a straight answer with no fuss, including your IP address and response code.

How does this tool work?

The way this works is that this tool uses your website URL and runs it through a multitude of servers to check its availability. Our system can also obtain the live IP address and response code of your site which you can use to further inspect your site.

What should I do if my site is down?

If you used Is It Down? and find out that your website is down, your next course of action is to contact your web hosting service provider or your internet service provider, website admin, and/or last but not least your developer to resolve any technical issues keeping your site from being live.

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