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Owning and operating an excellent website is typically as simple or as complex as you make it out to be. You can set-up a WordPress-based website in a breeze, or craft a beautifully designed HTML5 website for a more intensive project.

But, regardless of the type of website it is that you operate – I believe that there are some exceptionally important tools floating about the web that you need to know about.

And to bring the best tools which the web has to offer directly to you – I am listing out The 8 Essential Tools That Every Website Owner Should Use so that you’ll have everything you need to supercharge your web presence beyond your wildest imagination. Here’s the complete list:

Tool 1 : Instapage

Creating a powerful landing page could be one of the best decisions that you make for your website. Instapage is a tool that offers a simple way to create, test and track simple landing pages which guide your incoming visitors to take a certain action.

Use Instapage to urge your visitors to submit an email address, click-through to your homepage, join a free webinar and more.


Tool 2 : SumoMe

SumoMe offers a full suite of free web tools that are extraordinarily helpful to website owners.

You can use SumoMe to implement an Image Sharer tool so that your viewers can automatically share your website’s images on social media. Or, integrate SumoMe’s Content Analytics tool to determine exactly how much of your website’s content is actually being read!


Tool 3 : Crazy Egg

The most popular heat map tool on the web is so widely talked about for great reason. Crazy Egg accurately displays where people are clicking on your website through the use of a multi-colored heat map.

Warm colors (red and orange) show the “hottest” areas of your website in terms of where exactly users are clicking.

This tool helps determine where you need to position the most important aspects of your website such as your sales copy, calls to action, email sign-up and other essential buttons.

Crazy Egg

Tool 4 : Wistia

Sometimes, YouTube just won’t provide your website with the professional edge that it needs to rise above the rest.

If your website relies upon any kind of video-rich media, then Wistia may be the proper video hosting tool which takes your website’s media to the next level.

For an inexpensive monthly rate, you can receive sleek, high-performance video hosting from Wistia which helps to engage video viewers and convert them into loyal subscribers or clients. No advertisements or slow video load times included.


Tool 5 : Disqus

This lightweight discussion plugin is a great tool for “socializing” your website. Disqus allows your website’s viewers to comment on any blog post, web page, or any other aspect of your website which you allow.

Disqus also provides a great way for the members of your audience to interact with one another – leading to even more social engagement on your platform, and a greater overall community.


Tool 6 :

Chat with the visitors of your website in real-time, free of charge. is an amazing live chat tool that provides your website with an outstanding communication service without the use advertisements or other interruptions.

It’s also extremely helpful for monitoring your sales team’s past performance and customer service.

Tools 7 : Mailchimp

Mailchimp is a renowned email tool that helps to collect email addresses from the visitors of your website, send them automated follow-up emails and newsletters, and perform general email marketing campaigns which boost your website’s overall traffic.

Email truly isstill the greatest way to interact with your audience in a consistent and reliable manner. Therefore, building a strong list of email subscribers is still more important than ever, and Mailchimp helps you do just that plus so much more.


Tools 8 : Google Voice

Quite possibly the best calling service for your website is brought to you by none other than Google. Google Voice allows you to manage multiple phone numbers under one single phone number that you can create.

You can then display your new phone number on your website to handle all incoming calls that you may receive.

You’ll even receive helpful services such as voicemail transcription, call screening, mobile app accessibility and international calling.


Whether you already own a website, are in the middle of creating one, or have high hopes of launching the next big platform in the near future – I am positive that you’ll reap significant benefits when taking advantage of any of the above 8 tools.

You’ll be able to capture email leads with Mailchimp, chat with the live visitors of your website through, and utilize almost every other powerful web marketing tool that you can think of through SumoMe.

While there are a considerable amount of other tools that are available throughout the internet, these are surely the top 8 essentials that will get you started.