9 Best Essential Tools for Site Owners (No.3 & 5 are Spy Tools)

Do you have a website? Are you looking for tools for your website which can make your day-to-day tasks more efficient?

You have landed on the right page!

In this post, we will talk about eight amazingly useful and effective tools for websites that every website owner should have.

You can boost your day to day activities and can improve your long term productivity with the help of these super useful tools!

hostingpill9 Best Tools for Site Owners
  1. Hotjar
  2. Site Hosting Spy
  3. AdEspresso by HootSuite
  4. BigSpy
  5. Sucuri
  6. UpdraftPlus WP Backup Plugin
  7. Hunter.io
  8. Keywords Everywhere
  9. Whatsmyserp

So without any further ado, lets jump in!

1. Hotjar


Hotjar is a must-have tool if you want to grow your website with an eye on analytics of your users’ voice and behavior.

For any website owner, having useful data and analytics on how the users are behaving and responding to your UI and UX is very important.

Once you understand what your visitors are looking for and how you can provide that, you can improve the UI and content of the website accordingly.

Main Use

Hotjar records all the visitors session with your site. You can also set up Conversion funnels, heatmaps, interactive feedback tools, etc.

Features of Hotjar

  • Visitor activity recordings
  • Visual heatmaps
  • Conversion funnels
  • Detailed form analytics
  • Interactive feedback tools: Polls, Surveys
  • Recruit test users

Free Trial Available?: Yes
Hotjar has a 15 days free trial available for their Business plan, or you can go with the Basic Personal plan, which is free forever.

Price Range: Free to $589 per month
The ‘Personal Basic’ plan is free forever, and other plan ranges from $29 to $589 per month. You can check out their plans and pricing here.

2. Site Hosting Spy

Site Hosting Spy

One of the most important aspects when it comes to speed and performance of a website hosting provider.

Often we try to increase our website speed yet fail, and on the other hand, we see our competitor’s website blazing fast. The most common reason for having a laggy website is bad hosting.

What if you can check which hosting provider your competitor is using?

It would be very vital information indeed, and you can get this information from the Site Hosting Spy tool by HostingPill.

Main Use

The sole purpose of this tool is to look up the hosting provider of your competitor, or any other website is using, and you can use that information further to plan your future hosting provider as well.

Features of Site Hosting Spy

  • Know your competitor’s hosting provider
  • Know the server location
  • Know the WHOIS information of the site
  • Information regarding CDN and IP address

This tool is totally free to use.

3. AdEspresso by HootSuite


Looking forward to creating Ad campaigns across Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads? AdEspresso has made it super easy for you.

A single place to manage all the advertising channels. This way, you can invest more time in making money and less time juggling from one Ads manager to another.

The tool also packs a great feature that helps you in analyzing the performance and give you useful and actionable insights whenever required.

You should definitely check out these sections of the site:

Facebook Ads Examples

Main Use

This tool is mainly used to manage Ads campaigns on multiple platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads.

Features of AdEspresso

  • Create effective Ad campaigns
  • Collaborate with your clients before going live
  • Manage multiple platforms from a single place
  • Analyze your campaigns and get actionable insights
  • Grow your Ad skills with AdEspresso university

Free Trial Available?: Yes, 14 days

Price Range: $69 to $599 per month

4. BigSpy

big spy

Ever wondered what ads your competitors are using to sell their products or get traffic? Then

BigSpy may be the perfect tool for you.

BigSpy allows you to search for your competitors ads on Facebook, Twitter, Google ads, Pinterest, Instagram and Yahoo.

Main Use

To get “inspired” from your competitor’s ads and get ideas to create your own.

Features of BigSpy

  • Ads spying on competitive advertising
  • Dropship spying on Ecommerce products
  • Store spying on Ecommerce websites

Price: Free

5. Sucuri


Sucuri is an online service that helps secure your website against hacking, malware attacks, etc.

You can find thousands of articles online on how you can secure your website, but when it comes to safety and security, it is wise to leave it in the hands of experts, and this is where Sucuri comes into the picture.

Sucuri provides complete website security, protection, and monitoring for all your websites. It offers WAF protection, monitoring, Incident response, performance-boosting, etc.

Main Use

Sucuri is mainly used for monitoring and securing websites from any potential threats like hacking, malware attacks, etc.

Features of Sucuri

  • Website hack protection
  • Threat monitoring and detection
  • Website performance and speed up
  • Instant help for hacked websites
  • Disaster recovery plans

Free Trial Available?: No

Price Range: $199.99 to $499.99(per year)

6. UpdraftPlus


With updraftplus, you can take regular WordPress websites backups at regular intervals. It is the World’s highest-ranking and most popular WordPress backup plugin with more than 2 million current active installs.

Main Use

UpdraftPlus is mainly used for backup and restoration of your WordPress website data. You can schedule regular backups, backup your data directly to DropBox, Google Drive, Amazon S3, etc.

Features of UpdraftPlus

  • Website backup and restoration
  • Backs up to more cloud options compared to others
  • Uses fewer server resources and is faster
  • Tested on over 1 million website
  • Advanced reporting
  • Database encryption
  • Multisite compatible

Free Trial Available?: Yes

Paid Plan Range: $70 to $399 / year

7. Hunter.io


Using email to outreach your leads can be a daunting task especially when you have to manually visit each site and get email address from it.

Enter Hunter.io.

With hunter, you can look up all the publicly listed emails for any business by simply entering the domain for that business. It can also give designation of that email holder in the organization by linking that email to their LinkedIn accounts.

There are primarily three tools you get with Hunter.io, domain search, email finder, email verifier.

You even get the option to verify emails in bulk by uploading your list of email addresses.

Main Use

This tool is mainly used for looking up emails for any business with the help of domain search.

Features of Hunter.io

  • Domain search
  • Email address verifier
  • Email address finder
  • Bulk email finder
  • Available in the API
  • Export CSV files

Free Trial Available?: Yes (50 requests / month)

Price Range: $34 to $279 per month billed annually

8. Keywords Everywhere

keywords every where

Keywords everywhere is a great browser add-on for keyword search and lookup. It allows you to see the monthly search volume, cost per click, and competitor data of keywords on multiple platforms.

This tool once activated and set up, displays all the data related to the search volume, competition data, and the CPC right in front of your screen below the search bar.

You also get the ‘Related Keywords’ and ‘People Also Searched For’ widget section to the right.

Main Use

The Keywords Everywhere tool is mainly used for checking keyword volume and for doing keyword research.

Features of Keywords Everywhere

  • Related Keywords widget
  • Search volume for keywords
  • Know what else people are searching for
  • Competition data
  • CPC data
  • Saving keyword in ‘My keywords’

Price Range: Free (API key needed to activate)

9. Whatsmyserp

Whatsmyserp is a rank tracking site that offers a smart interface with the right tools at a reasonable price. Whatsmyserp ensures your SEO strategies are working effectively and monitoring your website rankings is essential.

What’s more, is that you also get a Free Serp Checker which lets you check Google rankings of any site. You get 10 free daily searches without signup and unlimited after signing up & also you get unlimited on-demand checks and unlimited domains to go through.

Main Use

To track website rankings with unlimited keyword checks and track your rankings as well. Also, add unlimited domains and keywords, get precise reports, and a search engine position tracker to monitor your SEO.

Features of Whatsmyserp

  • Mobile & Desktop tracking
  • Local Tracking
  • Unlimited on-demand checks
  • Free Serp Checker
  • Search engine position tracker
  • Detailed rank reports

Free trial available?: No
There is no free trial but you get rank tracking with the free sign up.

Price Range: Free to 5$/month
With the premium plan, you get unlimited checks, position tracking, rank reports, and much more.

Summing it up!

All these tools can be a great addition and can improve the efficiency and performance of your website many folds.

You can check out these tools and add them to your daily schedule, and I am sure you will see a massive improvement in your website’s performance.

What are your thoughts on these amazing tools? Are you using similar tools or alternatives to what I have mentioned here?

Do let me know your thoughts on this by commenting on them down below!

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