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Website security is one of the burning topics in the digital world. Online security experts estimate that there is still more than 80% of online websites that contain at least one serious vulnerability.

The stat that’s shocking is that 15% of online websites have at least one critical vulnerability.


Even Google states in its State of Website Security report for 2016 that the number of hacked sites rose by a third in 2016 and that this trend is not going anywhere soon.

Website security tools usually aim to discover backdoor file hacks, pharmaceutical hacks, Trojan viruses, redirect hacks and more.

Not all website security tools on the market are the same. Today we are going to have a closer look at the Website Security solution by Sucuri.

Sucuri offers several different services:

  • Web Application Firewall (WAF)
  • Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)
  • Content Distribution Network (CDN)
  • Cloud-based Backup Service
  • Real-time DDoS mitigation
  • Continuous Security Monitoring

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About Sucuri

Daniel Cid started the way back in 2010. When he started Sucuri, the primary idea in his mind was to design a tool for webmasters that would give them better insight into the security status of their websites.

Today the company is managed by two co-founders, Daniel Cid and Tony Perez. These two passionate individuals in the security domain are basing their decision on their experience in managing a business and designing & building security technologies.

In March this year, Sucuri became a part of GoDaddy Inc, renowned American web hosting company and Internet domain registrar, with more than 17 million customers served around the globe.

About Sucuri’s Website Security Platform

Sucuri’s website security platform is comprised of many features. Their security solution can be implemented on websites running all platforms:

  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • Drupal
  • Magento
  • Microsoft .NET
  • phpBB
  • Bulletin

Since there are different subscription plans available, Sucuri’s security solution is suitable for individuals, SMBs and big corporations. Since their service comes from years of experience, it does not only provide customers with everything they need to secure their websites, but also with an experienced team of professionals waiting to help.

Sucuri Pros and Cons

Sucuri: Pros

  • Fast service is Sucuri’s biggest plus point.
  • Sucuri covers the entire security spectrum including Firewall, Anitvirus, DDoS Protection, Malware Removal, Blacklist removal, etc. That gives total peace of mind

Sucuri: Cons

  • The only cons that I can think of is that we have to buy package for the whole year. I could only wish they support one time service plans as well.

Sucuri’s Features

Here is the list of features Sucuri offers to website owners. I can bet that you will be as amazed by the scope of their security operations as I am, if not more.

Website Scanning & Detection. This feature is designed to help website owners by monitoring their websites for hacks and blacklisting. This feature packs:

All Plans Include
Unlimited Malware & Hack Cleanup
Website Firewall
Blacklist Removal
Continous Scanning
Malware & Attack Prevention
DDoS Protection
Visit Sucuri

Website scanning and detection is completely capable of tracking SSL certificates, DNS settings, WHOIS records, code anomalies and heuristics.

Website scanning and detection

This feature also integrates the ability to monitor website hacks and warnings from blacklist authorities. Incorporating all this data is what makes Sucuri’s analysis a very valuable security asset.

Protection and Malware Prevention. This feature is powered by the incredible Sucuri Website Firewall. All vulnerabilities in the website code are made impossible to take advantage off. This firewall uses whitelist methodology to make your website invulnerable to attacks and exploits.

Here is the list of some environments and vulnerabilities the Sucuri Firewall can withstand:

  • Malformed Cookie Requests
  • Cross Site Scripting
  • Heartbleed
  • Malicious HTTP Requests
  • Bad GET or POST Methods
  • Works on any Hosting Provider, any CMS and Custom Setup
  • Local File Inclusion
  • DDoS Mitigation
  • Remote Code Execution
  • Cross Site Request Forgery
  • Insecure Direct Object Reference and Plugins
  • Vulnerable Themes
  • Login From Bypassing
  • Zero-Day Exploits

Incident Response Team. Sucuri provides their customers access to a response team of security analysts around the clock 365 days a year. Should any incident occur this team is on standby to help you take your website back from hackers.You can get in contact with this team via live chat. The primary role of this team is to remove all malicious code injections found in your website database and file system thus restoring your site completely.

This team also submits blacklist warning removal requests to search engines and antivirus companies and clean links and spam keywords injected into your website.

Improved Website Performance. This feature incorporates all of the actions that will help you improve your website page’s load speed. The Sucuri platform offers performance benefits as well. For example, you can opt for their CDN. They have 6 SuperPOPs in the USA, Asia and Europe and 3 CDN POPs in the Philippines, Australia and Brazil.

Benefits of Using the Sucuri Website Security Solution

This is the screenshot of an actual email that I received when I subscribed to Sucuri.

Once you Signed Up you will get Sucuri-email(click it to see enlarge image)

One of the main advantages of using the Sucuri website security solution is easy setup. Installation and configuration is very simple and if it happens that you encounter any problem during these processes, Sucuri support always stands at your disposal.

Benefits of Monitoring System


Benefit 1: Less vulnerable to attacks

With Sucuri’s WAF, IPS, Monitoring and Alerting System, your website will be much less vulnerable to attacks. I intentionally use the phrase “less vulnerable to attacks”, since there is not such a thing as 100% successful website security.

With Sucuri’s WAF, IPS

Sucuri uses intelligent signatures based on heuristic detection and any code anomalies. This allows them to match more malware, thus generating far less false alarms than similar security solutions. This way you won’t get alert spam on your side.

Furthermore, their monitoring system focuses on warnings and website hacks from blacklist authorities so that you can get notified in time to react quickly. When alerting their customers, Sucuri also offers help from their analysts so that you can take care of your website in no time.

Thanks to the delicate monitoring system, any changes made to the DNS settings of your website, WHOIS record and SSL certificates are registered in time. Sucuri’s focus on immunization and prevention is what launched them to the very top of the list of website security companies.

Your website users won’t be affected by the background process running on your website, because the Sucuri scanning engine is very fast and extremely lightweight for any environment.

Updates are made constantly with no downtime, so you won’t have to worry about your site being protected from the latest online threats.

You can pick any of the offered channels for Alert notifications: RSS, Slack, email, SMS or custom post options. Sucuri also offers weekly and monthly reports about your website’s security status and attack history.

Using any specific Website CMS or platform is not an obstacle, Sucuri Website Security plans provide ongoing protection, malware removal and monitoring to every type of platform or CMS out there.

Benefit 2: Virtual patching and hardening in real time

Firewall renders great deal of website vulnerabilities unexploitable. This also applies to newly discovered critical security flaws. Exploiting these is popularly known as Zero-Day Attack. With this website firewall protecting your website, you will not have to worry about constantly updating apps with critical security flaws.

Zero-Day Attack

A firewall also performs virtual patching and hardening of any older and vulnerable versions of the website theme, core files, custom files and plugins. This will make your website temporarily secure until you can update these with the latest vulnerability-patched versions.

Sucuri firewall defenses are designed to react to new vulnerabilities discovered in server software, such as Apache, PHP, MySQL, Nginx, Plesk, cPanel, etc. and protect your website. This way your site will not leach data that can be used for devastating malicious purposes.

Benefit 3: Access to Response Team Around the Clock

With a response team available to you 24/7/365, you can get your website cleaned up and running under several hours, get a blacklist warning removed from search engines and make sure your site appears properly in search engines.

Access to Response Team Around the Clock

You can also ask this team to walk you through updating any vulnerable software on your server. In case you let them remove malware from your website and update the necessary software, they keep backups before they make any changes. In the end, you will get a complete report of everything they’ve found and done.

Using the incident response team bears no hidden fees. Sucuri plans come with unlimited website malware removal and website security.

Benefit 4: Improved Website Performance

Page load time is a huge factor of online experience. If you decide to use the Sucuri CDN service, you can expect increased customer satisfaction rates, more page views, increased conversion rate and decreased bounce rate.

Improved Website Performance

Sucuri Plans and Pricing 2018

Scan every12 hours6 hours4 hours
Number of Websites111
DDoS MitigationYesYesYes
Customer SupportTicketTicketTicket & Instant Chat
More Details More Details More Details

You should know that Sucuri emphasizes on leading transparent billing policy and you can always contact them if you have some problems with pricing and billing.

Anyhow, there are no hidden fees for any service you decide to use inside the subscription plan you have chosen.

The efficiency of Sucuri’s Incident Response Team has made dozens of clients happy by restoring and cleaning their sites of malware.

The fact that they have been acquired by GoDaddy and that some of their clients are WPBeginner, iThemes, Yoast, etc. is enough proof for me to trust them with the security of my website.

What’s Inside Sucuri:

Once you logged in Sucuri, you will be able to see different scanners status which is automatically enabled on your dashboard that looks like:



You can set monitoring types frequency in Settings >> Monitoring Types



You can see the status of each scanner in History section:

You can also see the status of Uptime and Downtime in Uptime section


Who is Sucuri’s Target Audience

After the acquisition that happened earlier this year, Sucuri’s target audience is now aligned with that of GoDaddy. Their security solution is quite scalable, which makes it suitable for basically anyone who wants to increase the security of their website: individuals, SMBs, large enterprises, educational organizations, etc.

If you want to check out how their solution works, you can always perform a free website scan to see if there is any malware and check if your site is blacklisted and your software is up to date.

Customer Support

As a serious and innovative company, Sucuri also has awesome customer support available 24/7/365. They have really stepped up their support game by allowing customers to reach them via live chat, phone, email, Facebook,Twitter and Instagram.

Live chat is easily accessible and visible on their official site and you can use it on the go and on any device.

They also offer a searchable knowledge base, where customers can look for answers and the FAQ page with really helpful information. They also have a regularly updated blog section on their website where you can check the latest news regarding online security.


The Sucuri Website Security solution is a great way to protect your website. The scope of their services is quite wide. Beside protecting and cleaning your website, they also offer services to help you increase website performance and speed.

Sucuri has many useful features, more than just efficient security monitoring and quite affordable prices.

There is one more reason why Sucuri is the leader in the website security industry – they hire top talent and always make sure to keep on looking for new cyber threats, so that they can design better firewall and malware cleaning and removal tools.

When you purchase the Sucuri website security solution, you can sleep well knowing that the malicious attempts of hackers are being washed off the Sucuri Firewall shores.


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