Virusdie Review (2024): Pros and Cons after Using Virusdie
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Virusdie Review (2024): Pros and Cons after Using Virusdie

In this article, we will talk about Virusdie.
But first, hear me out:
Having good cybersecurity is more and more important these days.This is especially the case as more and more business gets conducted online: e-commerce is entering the new decade strong.So naturally, cybersecurity solutions like Virusdie are more needed than ever, and a lot are emerging to meet the challenge.

Virusdie is one of those security solutions. It’s fairly recent: the early stages of Virusdie emerged in 2012 and its first paid services launched in 2014.

So what’s unique about Virusdie?

Its pitch is that it’s powerful, but user-friendly.

This is how it sees itself:

virusdie-on the scale

So is it actually user-friendly? Is it powerful? Is it something you can afford?

I’ll address all these questions and more.

Let’s get started with what Virusdie does right:


Pro #1: Agreeable prices

  • I won’t lie to you: Virusdie is not exactly “cheap.”
  • But that’s not what it’s pitching, and price is relative.
  • So first, relative to the features it offers, Virusdie’s prices are solid. And second, relative to what competitors offer, Virusdie is not that crazy.
  • In fact, it’s more affordable than some options.
  • So here’s what we’re looking at if you want protection for just one website:virusdie-price
  • Pretty clear.
  • The second tier is for multiple websites—but even within this tier, there’s a range for the amount of websites you want to cover.
  • For example, this is what up to 5 websites, the low end, would cost:virusdie-price
  • And on the high end, this is what up to 25 websites would cost:virusdie-price
  • If you really will need protection for dozens of websites (and presumably, for an increasing number of them) you can cough up enough for unlimited sites:virusdie-price
  • Or you can spend another $100 for unlimited websites, with the additional feature of white-labeling (i.e, removing the Virusdie brand and letting you operate with your own brand).
  • Relative to other cybersecurity solutions—specifically, relative to similar all-in-one solutions—these prices are pretty normal.
  • Now it’s time to get into the stuff you get for those prices:

Pro #2: Range of services provided

  • I’ll talk mostly about the first two tiers, because that’s what’ll be most relevant to most of those reading this.
  • So, let’s say you just need security for one site. This is what you’d get:virusdie-features
  • As you can see, it’s a range of services.
  • Virusdie is an all-in-one cybersecurity tool, which is increasingly popular.
  • Daily scans, malware cleanup, plugin/CMS (like WordPress) vulnerabilities, and a firewall—these are all practically useful in day-to-day online site management.
  • One of the best things about this feature set is that it includes cleanup from the first tier onwards.
  • Some competitors (like Sitelock) offer multiple tools in their entry-level plan, but they don’t include cleanup. Or the cleanup is very limited.
  • So this is one area where Virusdie’s features stand out.
  • Plus, getting regular summary reports is super useful if you want to be more hands off, or if you’re working with a team and need condensed info for a boss/coworker/client.
  • These features are basically the same no matter what tier you get. The difference is mainly one or two more features:
  • If you get the second tier (for multiple sites) you also get to remove any site from your service panel (you can then use that slot to enter in another site for protection).
  • If you get the expensive, “unlimited” tier, you get an agency account and 10 panels for your clients: basically, the necessary accommodation to help you run your business.
  • And with the white-label tier, the extra feature is white-labeling (duh).
  • The reason I’m listing this out is to make the point that all the main security features are available from the first tier, period.
  • And the prices maintain their justification with, of course, accommodation for additional websites.
  • So it’s great that even a person with only one website can get it fully protected.

Pro #3: Easy to use, but still maintains some flexibility

  • Like I said at the beginning, Virusdie’s pitch is its combination of ease of use and power.
  • I already talked about the features it has. We know it’s powerful. So is it actually easy to use?
  • Overwhelmingly, yes.
  • One big point here is that Virusdie’s user-friendliness is achieved in part through centralization:virusdie websites list
  • The fact that one dashboard can be used to manage one site or countless others is a testament to how well-structured it is.
  • So from the get-go, you’re able to manage everything about site security in one place, as modern SaaS (software as a service) applications are increasingly allowing.
  • The buttons you need to use the main features are super simple. And as you can see, they’re clearly identified.
  • If you try to use some of them, you won’t even need to leave the dashboard. Take the quick scan button as an example:websites
  • It all happens in the same place.
  • Even if you want to activate the firewall, it’s as simple as this:virusdie firewall
  • It can be activated and synced with your site immediately, with very little installation time (Virusdie mostly connects to your servers, which keeps all this stuff very fast).
  • And perhaps the best thing about Virusdie’s user-friendliness is that it’s not just simple when it needs to be—it allows for sufficient complexity.
  • For another example, the file editor:virusdie ease of use
  • It automatically detects malicious code and identifies it very plainly.
  • So if you or someone on your team has programming knowledge, they can fix immediately through Virusdie’s interface, instead of simply trusting the software to do everything on its own.
  • One last point about user-friendliness:
  • Aside from being easy to use, it’s PLEASANT to use. Yes, this is subjective, but the interface is slick and looks great.
  • A good example is that same file editor and file manager feature I talked about. In practice, it looks like this:file manager
  • You can quickly add something to a list of excluded files, or trash it, or view more files if it’s a folder.
  • If it’s just a single file, you can easily edit the code within the dashboard:website code php
  • This can be expanded to a larger view, saved, or quickly minimized.
  • So to recap: the Virusdie software is easy to use, it’s pleasant to use, it’s efficient, and allows for a good degree of control even while being user-friendly.

Pro #4: Works great with a lot of content-management systems

  • Content Management Systems, or CMSs, are incredibly useful to building and maintaining great websites.
  • They are in many ways the lifeblood of the modern internet, with WordPress in particular powering an enormous number of sites.
  • The modern CMS also presents a host of potential security problems: hackers and viruses frequently look for vulnerabilities in popular platforms, and CMSs have an array of marketplaces and plugins that can each present their own security issues.
  • Virusdie isn’t just great with the big CMS, WordPress—it can work with just about all the others you’ve heard of (including ones you haven’t):virusdie-cms compatibility
  • This range is excellent, and means you can almost certainly fully integrate with Virusdie.

Pro #5: Undetected malware manual search

  • This is a super helpful feature, and it’s available for all plans.
  • Basically, if Virusdie’s automatic antivirus can’t find malware on your site, you can just ask support to do it manually. For free:virusdie-undetected malware
  • This is super helpful and really assures customers that they’re not abandoned if the default, automatic features don’t work.

Virusdie: Cons

Con #1: Some focus on managing clients’ sites might throw off regular users

  • This isn’t a con for everyone. In fact, it’s a pro for a LOT of people, including (obviously) Virusdie’s base.
  • But there will also be a lot of people who simply want to protect their own sites.
  • Don’t get me wrong, they can still use Virusdie, and it’ll be fine for the most part.
  • But the focus on customers with clients makes things a little over-complicated at a more fundamental level.
  • And your account, dashboards, management panels, are also built under this assumption.
  • Take this example from the dashboard:
  • This isn’t something you can do unless you have a high enough tier, but the option will be there if you have a lower tier. It’s a soft upsell.
  • It’s not that this will significantly hinder the functionality of the app itself—it just may be off-putting a bit for those who are working directly on their sites.

Con #2: No site back-up feature

  • It’s not the end of the world if Virusdie doesn’t have a backup feature. After all, many web hosts offer this feature.
  • But, there are also some cybersecurity services that offer regular backups of the entire site, and Virusdie is not one of them.
  • It’s worth noting that there is an option to backup and restore files:virusdie-restore files
  • This mostly is in place for instances in which an antivirus cleanup or malware removal gets rid of files that you need.
  • Still, that’s far from being able to sit back and know your site itself has been backed up.

Con #3: No SSL support

  • Most hosts nowadays will provide customers with SSL certificates for their sites. This basically encrypts and secures your site.
  • Most major sites have SSL certificates and it’s now a basic part of web security—if a site doesn’t have it, browsers may identify it as untrustworthy and turn away visitors.
  • Some security solutions provide SSL certificate support, such as Sucuri (you can read my review of it here).
  • Making sure it’s set up properly is essential, and while some can handle it on their own just fine while interacting with their web host, it’s not always that easy.

Con #4: Maybe overkill for those who just need basic protection

  • Emphasis on “maybe”: I think any site owner should be invested in site security.
  • Of course, if you’re just running a personal hobby site or such, it’s less necessary.
  • But if you’re a small business or place any real importance on your site, its security is important.
  • And with that in consideration, the all-in-one security suite provided by Virusdie is great.
  • But there will certainly be readers out there who will not desire such a multi-tool solution.
  • Some, for example, may prefer to pay less in absolute terms and for a single tool or two, such as malware detection.
  • Many of those people will have their reasoning, and if that’s you, then Virusdie isn’t the best option.
  • Because while it’s price is good considering what’s offered, it IS expensive if you don’t need or want everything it’s offering.

Con #5: Sometimes the simplicity can feel limiting

  • I know what you’re thinking: I already said that Virusdie offers a good combination of ease of use and powerful features.
  • But that doesn’t mean it’s perfect all the time. Emphasis on user-friendliness naturally leaves open the possibility that it’s TOO simple in some areas.
  • This may seem pretty minor, but here’s an example—the frequency with which you want your site scanned:schedule scan
  • This range is good, but some people may want more options for an automatic scan: for example, every 12 hours, or 2x a day. Or perhaps every three days, or every 2 weeks.
  • Even if you want to view your website’s antivirus settings, it’s super simple:virusdie website settings
  • Is this the end of the world? Of course not. But it’s worth noting for those who want to be more hands-on with their site security.

Do we recommend Virusdie?

This isn’t a difficult recommendation at all:

Although I have about the same number of pros and cons in this article, the pros are GREAT and the cons are much less significant.

So yes, I definitely recommend Virusdie.

The only real exception is the people I mentioned in my last negative point, above:

Those who find the price too high and who don’t care for all the features.

Such people can find something that does less, but is also less expensive.

Other than that, though, Virusdie strikes me as a great investment.

It’s RELATIVELY affordable, as it’s an all-in-one solution that provides thorough security tools.

You don’t just get monitoring, but basically fully-fledged security, and it’s all handled in a very easy-to-use package that’s easy to scale up as needed.

And if you’re really unsure…

Just try it!

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Jul 27, 2022



Value for money

Customer Service

Overall Rating

VirusDie is a straightforward malware scanning and monitoring tool. Having VirusDie on your websites is like having a good insurance policy. You can sleep with peace of mind. Not only does it help block and screen malware, but it also scans for problems and cleans up infected files. In my opinion, VirusDie hits the spot in terms of performance and ease of use. Everyone can and should use VirusDie on their websites. This is true for both individual business owners and agencies.
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