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About Liquid Web Hosting

Liquid Web is one of the leading web hosting and cloud application solutions providers today. Apart from its powerful hardware, LiquidWeb has a team of experienced web hosting professionals that give it a clear cut above the other, major web hosting solutions providers.

In a press release that was published in May 2017, Liquid Web outperformed competition across web hosting and cloud service platforms by providing a faster and better user experience. The host trampled Amazon, DigitalOcean, and Rackspace.

LiquidWeb has its own servers and virtual machines with faster processors and disk space. These enable it to effectively handle and sustain huge requests and transactions per second.

Liquid Web Hosting Prices at glimpse

Price Range (Monthly)
Cloud VPS $59/mo. – $169/mo.
Dedicated Server $199/mo. – $599/mo.
Managed WordPress $69/mo. – $289/mo.
Managed WooCommerce (New) $249/mo. – $1499/mo.
Business Email Hosting $1/mo. – $10/mo.

How fast is LiquidWeb Hosting?


Liquid Web’s VPS Plans Comparison with HostGator and GoDaddy:

Regular Price $59/mo $79.95/mo $159.95
Unlimited Domains Yes Yes Yes
Transparent Pricing Yes No No
Linux VPS Yes Yes No
Windows VPS Yes No No

LiquidWeb Hosting Uptime Score:

We have been monitoring LiquidWeb’s Uptime score over the years. Here below you can see the history of last 13 months.

Liquid Web Uptime Score (May 2018)
liquidweb Uptime Score May 2018100% Liquid web uptime score for May 2018. Test website didn’t go down during this period.
Liquid Web Uptime Score (June 2018)
Liquidweb Server Speed - June 201899.99% Liquid web uptime score for June 2018. Test website went down for 1 minute during this period.
Liquid Web Uptime Score (March 2018)
Liquidweb-March-Uptime-March-2018100% Liquid web uptime score for March 2018. Test website didn’t go down during this period.
Liquid Web Uptime Score (April 2018)
liquidweb-uptime-score-april99.92% Liquid web uptime score for April 2018. Test website went down for 8 minutes during this period.
Liquid Web Uptime Score (Jan. 2018)
liquidweb-jan100% Liquid web uptime score for January 2018. Test website didn’t go down during this period.
Liquid Web Uptime Score (Feb. 2018)
Liquied web uptime feb100% Liquid web uptime score for February 2018. Test website didn’t go down during this period.

Liquid Web Uptime Score (December 2017)


100% Liquidweb uptime score for December 2017. Test website not went down during this period.

Liquid Web Uptime Score (October 2017)
siteground-oct100% Liquid web uptime score for October 2017. Test website didn’t go down during this period.
Liquid Web Uptime Score (November 2017)
SiteGround-Nov.100% Liquid web uptime score for November 2017. Test website didn’t go down during this period.
Liquid Web Uptime Score (August 2017)
liquidweb_sep100% Liquid web uptime score for August 2017. Test website not went down during this period.
Liquid Web Uptime Score (September 2017)
liquid_oct100% Liquid web uptime score for September 2017. Test website not went down during this period.
Liquid Web Uptime Score (June 2017)
liquid-uptime100% Liquid web uptime score for June 2017. Test website not went down during this period.
Liquid Web Uptime Score (July 2017)
Liquidweb uptime august100% Liquid web uptime score for July 2017. Test website not went down during this period.

Reliability and Features Overview:

LiquidWeb offers a wide range of unique features that site owners, companies, and businesses should know to gain insights into what the firm offers.

Here is an overview of the main features of Liquid Web:

1. Sonar Monitoring

LiquidWeb’s Sonar Monitoring is a division of the company that is dedicated to ensuring reliability in service delivery and immediate resolutions to all incidents. The division uses sophisticated systems and tools to make sure that the optimal performance of servers is not interrupted at all times.

Through the Sonar Monitoring tools, problems that arise from the servers are detected and resolved early.

Sonar Monitoring

Image Source:

The Sonar Monitoring team is tasked with the responsibility of providing immediate response to all issues that are faced by clients, thereby cutting downtime.

Other perks of LiquidWeb’s Sonar Monitoring include free migration assistance and statistics of load, memory, usage, and uptime.

2. HIPAA Compliant Hosting

LiquidWeb meets all HIPAA Compliance standards. These standards are critical for the protection of patients’ information.

HIPAA Compliant Hosting Liquid Web

Image Source:

LiquidWeb offers HIPAA Compliant hosting solutions with improved data and physical security measures. These include on-site HIPAA trained staff. Apart from the host’s recommended HIPAA Compliant hosting plans, the company provides assistance that enables clients to achieve the required compliance standards.

3. Hybrid Hosting

LiquidWeb offers hybrid hosting solutions too. These solutions are not only suitable for businesses but for IT professionals too.

The hybrid cloud brings together various aspects of public or private cloud and some dedicated infrastructure. One of the key benefits of hybrid hosting is a customized user experience.

The hybrid cloud enables you to personalize almost every element ranging from storage devices, server specifications, and managed firewalls to dedicated load balancers in a way that suits your environment.

Running Dedicated Servers with LiquidWeb’s Storm Servers enables users to easily scale their web applications and save money.

The diagram below shows the key elements of hybrid web hosting:

hybrid web hosting

4. Disaster Recovery

For protection against data loss or extended downtime in the event of a disaster, LiquidWeb has invested in a well-developed disaster recovery plan.

The company has three fully owned data centers in different disaster neutral locations in the U.S. Additionally, the host offers a wide range of personalized back up plans that enable you to arrange your servers and back up data in a way that meets the desired level of security for your website or business.

This diagram illustrates the LiquidWeb Disaster Recovery feature:

LiquidWeb Disaster Recovery

5. Data Centers

LiquidWeb has three state-of-the-art, privately-owned data centers situated in different locations across the U.S central and west regions. The data centers in the US-central region are located in Michigan and Lansing with the additional one in Arizona covering the US-West region.

LiquidWeb Data Centers

Image Source:

These data centers are operated and monitored 24/7 by LiquidWeb’s Heroic Support team to ensure quicker response all the time.

The two data centers in US-central region cover various zones to deal with redundancy in a wide range of disaster neutral areas. The Phoenix-based data center offers distinct features and it’s mainly suitable for the savvier clientele.

These provide improved geographic redundancy, strong West Coast coverage, and enhanced disaster recovery.

Hosting Plans and Pricing

LiquidWeb provides a wide range of hosting plans for both beginners and professionals.

The host’s Virtual Private Servers are a good option for starting websites as well as blogs, opening forums with PHPBB, installing CMS solutions like Drupal, and operating online stores with osCommerce, among others.

LiquidWeb provides both Windows and Linux hosting to ensure greater flexibility of the users.

Considering the reliability of Virtual Private Servers, users can maximize website speeds with reduced SSD storage latency.

Owing to the round-the-clock customer support that is offered by LiquidWeb’s Heroic Support, there is usually so much that can be achieved with a VPS.

LiquidWeb’s Heroic Support

Image Source:

LiquidWeb’s hosting plans are segmented into four classes with each having distinct provisions and pricing.

VPS Hosting Plans

RAM 2 GB 2 GB 4 GB 8 GB
CPU 2 vCPU 2 vCPU 4 vCPUz 8 vCPU
Space 40 GB 100 GB 125 GB 200 GB
Bandwidth 5 TB 5 TB 5 TB 5 TB
Price $59/mo. $79/mo. $119/mo. $169/mo.
More Details More Details More Details More Details

With every hosting plan, LiquidWeb offers a free, single domain registration and one standard SSL certificate for one year on request. Part of the allocated Disk Space and RAM is dedicated to Storm Operating.

Pricing of the LiquidWeb hosting plans is based on the most recent zones. Thus, they may vary sometimes.

It’s also worth noting that the prices of the hosting plans are only for the first month. The amount that you pay for the services after the first month will depend on the utilized resources.

If you intend to run your activities on WordPress, it is advisable that you first check the options offered in the LiquidWeb’s managed WordPress services.

WordPress Hosting Plans

Websites 1 Site 10 Sites 25 Sites 50 sites
SSD Storage 30 GB 50 GB 100 GB 200 GB
Bandwidth 5TB 5TB 5TB 5TB
iThemes Sync Not included Included Included Included
Price $69/mo. $99/mo. $149/mo. $289/mo.
More Details More Details More Details More Details

LiquidWeb’s managed WordPress hosting plans include personal, professional, business and agency options that go for $69, $99, $149 and $289 per month respectively.

Free Domain is included when purchasing any hosting service from Liquid Web
Server Locations: Lansing, Phoenix

LiquidWeb has a Storm Server billing system that automatically calculates the bills for users on a daily basis. Hence, users pay for the offered services and time only. Perhaps, this is more efficient than deploying a server and scaling it to your needs.

Although each plan comes with a standard RAM and Disk Space, users can scale up or down after obtaining the desired hosting plan.

Regardless of the particular hosting plan that you acquire, LiquidWeb offers real-time monitoring, free Storm firewall, and free incoming bandwidth. It also provides comprehensive customer support.

cPanel Interface

LiquidWeb offers a fancy and user-friendly cPanel interface that is ideal for easy web server management. There are numerous applications of the cPanel interface that are aimed at offering precise tools for simplifying the web hosting procedures.

Liquid Web’s cPanel interface caters for domain-level login, Web Host Manager login, webmail login, and logging by a port number.

cPanel Interface liquidweb

Image Source:

Whenever you use any of these logging shortcuts, you will be directed to a page from where you can easily enter your username and password.

For convenience, you can simply bookmark the page. And, to give users an easier time using the cPanel interface, Liquid Web offers a simple tutorial that you can always use at your own convenience.

Since using the cPanel interface can still be challenging to some users even with the tutorial, the Liquid Web’s Heroic Team is available 24/7 to guide customers through the installation and other procedures. This enables you to get the most out of the cPanel interface when it comes to web server management.

With a cPanel interface, you can extend capabilities past the standard Linux-based hosting. That’s because there are several features on the interface including CGI programs and a shopping cart.

Besides, the interface is fully customizable to deliver the desired feel and look for every web page.

Customer Service

LiquidWeb’s exceptional customer service is one of the reasons that have enabled the company to soar to greater heights amidst the stiff competition in the market. The firm has a dedicated team of trained and experienced techs dubbed, the Heroic Support team.

This team provides an expert and dependable customer service 24/7. Thus, clients are always guaranteed customized web hosting and cloud service solutions at their convenience.

Customer Service

Image Source:

LiquidWeb offers expert, comprehensive, and round-the-clock customer service in a way that caters for diverse customer needs.

Apart from hosting websites, the company takes care of the involved logistics to ensure optimal performance. This enables clients to focus on the core activities of their businesses.

To ensure better results, the company’s sales team takes clients through the hosting plans and their respective features. This helps when it comes to making informed decisions.

Even after obtaining the required hosting plan, the support team can still provide additional insights into the services to ensure a more enjoyable user experience.

Heroic Promise and SLA

The high Net Promoter Scores that LiquidWeb has continued to reflect over the years is a testimony to their exemplary customer service.

LiquidWeb’s Heroic Support

Image Source:

However, most of the company’s strengths in customer service are due to their Heroic promise and SLA. The promises include, 24/7 US-based sales and Live Chat, no contracts, transparency in pricing, up-to-date inventory, informative web hosting materials, HIPAA/PCI certifications, proactive support, and updates among others.

LiquidWeb has a fully-fledged Service Level Agreement that covers a wide range of areas including response times, replacement of hardware, and compensation for downtime. The company guarantees faster response to all customer requests and complaints.

Additionally, LiquidWeb’s SLA includes 1000% downtime compensation that is covered in its 100% uptime guarantee. Consequently, clients that experience downtime get ten times compensation for the hitches.

The main guarantees that are covered in LiquidWeb’s SLA include:

1.) Initial Response Time Guarantees
Initial Response Time Guarantees

Image Source:

Apart from the Help Desk tickets that are accorded a response time guarantee of 30 minutes, LiquidWeb responds to Live Chats and phone calls within 59 seconds.

2.) Infrastructure Response Time Guarantees

Liquid Web guarantees 100% network and power uptime, failure to which clients are credited 10 times the amount of downtime. On the other hand, the company promises 30 minute hardware replacement time guarantee.

In case the identification of the problems and replacement of the hardware takes more than the stipulated 30 minutes, LiquidWeb guarantees 1000% compensation for the additional time.

Support/ Knowledge Base

This company has an extensive support/ knowledge base that covers all aspects of its web hosting and cloud solutions. It has dedicated support customer programs and trained on-site techies with many years of experience in the provision of web hosting solutions.

The entire LiquidWeb’s Heroic Support team comprises of web hosting professionals and engineers that are responsible for the provision of round-the-clock assistance to all customers in every stage.

Support Knowledge Base

Image Source:

For convenience in dealing with common web hosting challenges, the firm offers vast resources that are easily accessible to all clients from its website.

These resources include articles, videos, and other materials that can always be referred to for quick web hosting solutions. The resources are classified as Tutorials, Series, Common Fixes, and Getting Started.

Although these materials are prepared by experts, they are configured in simple languages that both beginners and professionals can read and understand with ease.

Owing to the wide range of web hosting elements that are covered in these resources, there are several tasks that clients can perform independently without contacting the customer support team.

In case a client needs additional information, LiquidWeb has a dedicated Heroic Support team that works 24/7/365 providing a personalized assistance.


LiquidWeb has a significant presence in 150 countries with more than 30,000 customers. And, this can be attributed to its expertise in the provision of web hosting solutions that continue to attract entrepreneurs, web designers, and developers across the globe.

The firm is known for highly powerful hardware, professional, and dependable web hosting solutions.
In addition to its reliable Heroic Support team, LiquidWeb is committed to developing new web hosting solutions, delivering faster, safer, and enhanced user experience.

Coupled with a robust portfolio, clients can choose customized web hosting solutions that suit their specific needs.

Considering all these perks discussed, there is no doubt that LiquidWeb is an option to consider when looking for highly professional and reliable web hosting solutions.


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