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Don’t be surprised if the name ‘InterServer’ doesn’t ring a bell with you. It is not as popular as some other mainstream web hosts such as BlueHost and HostGator.

The reason is probably that InterServer does not allocate huge marketing budgets as most other web hosts do.

However, despite being less common, InterServer has a robust and efficient service and it will be hard for you to look past it once you get to know this company.

Uptime and Reliability:

Uptime simply means the amount of time your website remains up and running. It is common for web hosts to face occasional downtimes due to different reasons.

Since uptime is of paramount importance, you really need to consider uptime performance of a web host before subscribing to their service.

We setup a test website with InterServer’s shared hosting and recorded its statistics for a period of 6 months.

InterServer claims to have an industry-leading uptime and we found it to be exactly true. During the test period of 6 months, we recorded the average uptime at 99.99%, which is the industry standard.

For 1 month out of the 6 months period, we recorded the uptime at a solid 100% which is fantastic because even the very best web hosts find it hard to maintain an uptime of 100% for long intervals.


In order to further confirm this, we assessed dozens of websites having reviews about InterServer and we found 95% of them to be positive.


InterServer is a budget-friendly hosting provider offering multiple hosting solutions including shared hosting, reseller hosting, cloud and VPS, dedicated servers, and collocation services.

The company’s data center has a modern infrastructure with state of the art equipment in place.

The data center is privately owned with an in-house customer support team, available 24/7.

The array of features that comes even with the basic shared hosting plan is a great bargain.

InterServer offers a free website migration which means if you’re using another web host at the moment, InterServer will move your website to their own server free of cost.

Disk Storage Unlimited
Domain Hosting Unlimited
SSL Certificates Free
Free Domain Name Yes
Free CloudFlare CDN Yes
Site Transfer Unlimited GB
Add-on Domains Unlimited
Parked Domains Unlimited
Subdomains Unlimited
Email Accounts Unlimited
MySQL Databases Yes
Visit InterServer

All their plans come with unlimited storage, unlimited data transfer, free weekly backups, unlimited FTP accounts, and a whole lot of other features. A noteworthy feature is that all plans come with free CloudFlare CDN.

For non-techies, a CDN (Content Delivery Network) is a large network of servers that make your website super-fast by storing instances of your website across servers all over the globe. Whenever someone tries to access your website, an instance is provided to him from the nearest server, thus ensuring minimum loading time.

All plans are easily scalable, which means if you feel the need to upgrade your subscription plan, you can easily do so with their ‘No Downtime Migration Process’. Another great feature is SSD storage, ensuring the highest possible loading speeds.

InterServer has adopted a policy of utilizing only 50% of the available server resources at a time. This prevents unnecessary loads on the servers and ensures great performance for the end users.


Despite being an essential feature to consider, many people overlook customer support while choosing a web host. Good customer support is a must-have for the overall well-being of your website.

Even the most experienced webmasters can sometimes face problems that are beyond their understanding, and that is when they need to turn to customer support.

Fortunately, customer support happens to be one of the major strengths of InterServer.

A dedicated, in-house support team is available round the clock to help you with any issues regarding your website.

During our 6 month testing period, we contacted the customer support multiple times with random questions. Every time, a representative connected with us in less than 5 minutes and thoroughly guided us.

Overall, we found the customer support to be highly responsive, helpful, and knowledgeable. Customer support can be reached 24/7/365 through phone, live chat, and ticket.


A large collection of helpful articles about common issues is also available on InterServer’s website.

Plans and Pricing:

Here’s the best part. Despite offering premium quality hosting, features, and customer support; the pricing of InterServer’s hosting plans sounds too good to be true.

The basic shared hosting plan, with all its goodies, costs a mere $5/month. And that’s not all. They further sweeten the deal by offering a Price Lock feature; something very uncommon in the web hosting industry.

InterServer Hosting Plans

Standard Web Hosting
Window Web Hosting
Storage Unlimited Unlimited
Transfer Unlimited Unlimited
Websites Unlimited 20 Websites
Email Unlimited Unlimited
SSL Certificates Free Free
FTP Accounts Unlimited Unlimited
Weekly Backups Yes Yes
Price [for first month] $0.01 $0.01
More Details More Details

InterServer has an exclusive coupon code for HostingPill readers, so if you apply our coupon code “HOSTINGPILL while sign up you will get web hosting at $0.01 for the first month.


It basically means that the price will remain $5 for the lifetime of your subscription. Almost all web hosts will entice you with a ridiculously cheap introductory package but once you subscribe, the prices will significantly sore after the introductory period. Well, not with InterServer.

The Cloud VPS plan starts from $6/month for Linux and $10/month for Windows hosting. The basic VPS plan offers 1 CPU core, 1GB RAM, 25GB storage, and 1 TB transfer.

VPS Hosting Plans:

Plan Name
VPS1 – Linux 25 GB 1 GB 1 Core $6/mo.
VPS1 – Windows 25 GB 1 GB 1 Core $10/mo.
VPS2 – Linux 50 GB 2 GB 1 Core $12/mo.
VPS2 – Windows 50 GB 2 GB 1 Core $20/mo.
VPS3 – Linux 75 GB 2 GB 1 Core $18/mo.
VPS3 – Windows 75 GB 3 GB 1 Core $30/mo
VPS4 – Linux 100 GB 4 GB 1 Core $24/mo
VPS4 – Windows 100 GB 4 GB 1 Core $40/mo
VPS5 – Linux 125 GB 5 GB 2 Cores $30/mo
VPS5 – Windows 120 GB 5 GB 2 Cores $50/mo
VPS6 – Linux 150 GB 6 GB 2 Cores $36/mo
VPS6 – Windows 150 GB 6 GB 2 Cores $60/mo
VPS7 – Linux 175 GB 7 GB 2 Cores $42/mo
VPS7 – Windows 175 GB 7 GB 2 Cores $70/mo
VPS8 – Linux 200 GB 8 GB 2 Cores $48/mo
VPS8 – Windows 200 GB 8 GB 2 Cores $80/mo
VPS9 – Linux 225 GB 9 GB 3 Cores $54/mo
VPS9 – Windows 225 GB 9 GB 3 Cores $90/mo
VPS10 – Linux 250 GB 10 GB 3 Cores $60/mo
VPS10 – Windows 250 GB 10 GB 3 Cores $100/mo
VPS11 – Linux 275 GB 11 GB 3 Cores $66/mo
VPS11 – Windows 275 GB 11 GB 3 Cores $110/mo
VPS12 – Linux 300 GB 12 GB 3 Cores $72/mo
VPS12 – Windows 300 GB 12 GB 3 Cores $120/mo
VPS13 – Linux 325 GB 13 GB 4 Cores $78/mo
VPS13 – Windows 325 GB 13 GB 4 Cores $130/mo
VPS14 – Linux 350 GB 14 GB 4 Cores $84/mo
VPS14 – Windows 350 GB 14 GB 4 Cores $140/mo
VPS15 – Linux 375 GB 15 GB 4 Cores $90/mo
VPS15 – Windows 375 GB 15 GB 4 Cores $150/mo
VPS16 – Linux 400 GB 16 GB 4 Cores $96/mo
VPS16 – Windows 400 GB 16 GB 4 Cores $160/mo

InterServer has a unique feature which they call “slices”. It’s like power levels. You can add slices to increase the power of your server. Add 16 (max) slices and you’ll have 4 CPU cores, 16GB memory, 400GB storage, and 16TB transfer.

Dedicated hosting starts from $50/month for the basic plan; and goes all the way to $640/month for a mighty dedicated server.

Dedicated Server Plans

Xeon E3-1230
2 x Six-Core E5-2620
Space 250 GB 250 GB
CPU 4 x 3.00GHz 2 x Xeon E5-2650v4
Price $70.00/month $640/month
More Details More Details

Ecommerce hosting and WordPress hosting, both start from $5/month. Overall, their prices are very affordable considering the feature set offered with each plan.

An aspect worth mentioning (again, something uncommon in the industry) is that InterServer offers 1 entire year of free hosting for students, and lifetime free hosting for nonprofit organizations.

User Friendly:

Before subscribing to any web host, it is a good idea to know about their control panel, i.e. the user interface that you’ll be provided to manage all aspects of your hosting account.

InterServer offers cPanel for Linux hosting and Plesk for Windows hosting. Both are industry standard control panels and are widely used across the web hosting industry.


Experienced webmasters will face no difficulty in using these interfaces; while due to the ease of use, new webmasters will also get acquainted with these interfaces in no time.


I think it’s safe to assume that after reading the above review, you have a clear idea of what the conclusion is going to be. While InterServer certainly does not have a big name like GoDaddy or BlueHost, it does have the capability to outrank them on multiple grounds.

InterServer offers almost every feature that an ideal web host should have. From high quality hosting to affordable prices, and from great customer to lots of freebies, they’ve got it all covered.

Additionally, they offer some uncommon incentives which really set them apart from the competition such as the price lock feature and free web hosting for nonprofit organizations.

All in all, we absolutely recommend this web host regardless of the size and type of your website.

InterServer has pretty much everything for everyone.


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