7 Domain Name Tips for Your Website

Here is my 7 Domain Name tips when you are stuck in deciding the domain name for your website.

Selecting a domain name is no less complicated than selecting a name for your company or kid; you need to be relevant, thoughtful and considerate.

Your domain name is your identity on the Internet, which is vast and endless like outer space. It is your domain names that will help people identify you and your business. Nothing is more important than a domain name when starting an online business.

You need to get it right otherwise it is going to do a lot of damage.

I am going to help you find the perfect domain name for your business.

These 7 Domain Name tips will help you understand the paradigm followed by people; have a look and then start with the search for the perfect domain:

Domain Name Tips

Tip 1. A Unique and Easy to Type Domain Name:
You will have to keep the domain name as unique as your organization otherwise it will lose its credibility. While you are looking for a unique domain name, it is extremely important you are keeping it simple.

For example, www.example.com is an interesting domain name but www.xample.com is unique. This is the dilemma, you will have to use little innovation here and make it www.examplestore.com because people generally spell example as ‘example’ and not as ‘xample’.

By adding another word to your domain, you can make it more relevant and unique.

Tip 2. Use a Domain Tool:
Experiencing a writer’s block? No worries, there are tools on the Internet that are going to provide you with the best suggestions. You can feed in relevant suggestions and take away an exquisite domain name. Most of these domain tools are available for free.

I reviewed various tools to generate domain name ideas that will help you to choose the right one.

Tip 3. Mention the Keyword in your Domain:


Building a niche store? Adding a keyword to the domain name is going to be a good idea. A keyword in the domain carries more credibility in the eyes of search engines and promoting them is easier. People can remember these names with great ease.

For example, hostingsecrets.com, this domain name tells the visitor a lot about site. Including Keyword in domain name is always going to be one of the best SEO practices and will help you a lot in getting ranked on all the search engines.

Tip 4. Avoid Copyright Infringement and use of number or hyphens
Don’t get into copyright issues by using brand or other company names in your domain because it will harm your business enormously. Never ever use copyrighted domains, just don’t do it. You can run a check before settling with the desired domain name. Do a check here http://www.copyright.gov/records/ and be on the safe side.

Using Numbers and Hyphens in the domain name is yet another black listed method. When you are using numbers and hyphens in the domain name, you are complicating it for the visitors. There’s a huge probability that they will confuse ‘6’ with ‘six’ and you will end up losing all your traffic.

Using hyphens in domain name is one of the worst things you can do with your business. A lot of people confuse Hyphens (-) with Underscore (_).  That needs to be avoided by all means.

Tip 5. Understand the importance of domain extensionimportance of domain extension

Some of the most popular domain extensions are .com, .org, .net and .biz; while purchasing a .net extension is going to help you save some money but that saving is going to be of no use in the long run. Buying a .biz is going to bring a lot of benefit and merit to your business.

Every domain extension has its particular value and benefits. Develop an understanding of the same and select one that suits you and your business the most.

Additional Tip: When you are using www.xyz.net as the standard URL for your website, it going to be beneficial if you buy similar Domains like www.xyz.com and www.xyz.biz and redirect them to www.xyz.net, this way you will be able to retain the misdirected or the confused traffic.

Meanings of varied domain extensions:

.co: Stands for company, community, commerce

.info: informational site

.net: technical sites

.org: non profit organizations

.biz: business sites mostly e-commerce sites

.me: personal websites

Tip 6. Being Direct:
A misleading domain name is going to bring you a lot of traffic on regular basis but then the bounce rate of your site will increase, which is not going to help in the long run. Apart of that high bounce rate is not good for the SEO of your site.

Select a domain name that is direct prompts the visitor about your business and is relevant to your business.

Tip 7. Target your Area:Target your Area

Building a niche store or an area specific store requires a different approach to domain name selection. You will have to keep the targeted areas in mind while selecting a domain name. Try to include the city or the town name if your business is going to serve local customers.

Now that you know what all factors to consider while selecting a domain name for your business, it is important for you to ACT FAST. It is important to act fast because Domain Names are inexpensive and they sell quickly.

If you are still having issues selecting a domain name visit HostGator or BlueHost, fill in the relevant keyword and you will have loads of suggestion to choose from.

I hope you have found this Domain Name Tips useful in your quest for the perfect domain name.

If you have suggestions or better tips, do share it by commenting below.

Good luck with your online venture!