WooCart Review: Get All the Facts Before Signing Up (2021)

The thing about services like WooCart is that they provide an intuitive platform for any potential individual to bypass the technical filter and get into the world of eCommerce.

If you’ve read our Shopify review then you know that eCommerce and online stores are a growing market right now that are giving way to a new breed of dropshipping entrepreneurs.

Well, have you ever heard of WooCart WordPress Hosting?

Actually, we didn’t either but eventually we happened to come around the service and have a few words that we’d like to share but first a little background about WooCart.

WooCart hails itself as the first service ever built exclusively for hosting/managing WooCommerce stores. It belongs to a company called Niteo, a remote-first company with global team members that shaped the idea of offering WooCommerce as a service.

If you’re in doubt about creating/moving your online store on WooCart, we have a review to help you decide. So, let’s dive in…

WooCart Review: Performance

Performance is often a barometer for quality especially when it comes to hosting. Performance depends on a lot of things like servers, optimizations, etc.

WooCommerce requires abundant resources to load pages quickly when there are spikes in traffic. A slow page could bog down your chances of conversion.

Incredible Performance WooCommerce

WooCart works on dedicated Google Cloud servers specifically optimized for WooCommerce hosting. And if you know anything about Google’s servers, they are considered very high tier and lightning fast.

Also caching is another thing that could speed up your site as it saves a lot of data right into the browser. Google Cloud relies on caching in all its apps like Docs, Gmail, Youtube, etc.


WooCart lays out detailed plugin analytics on its dashboard. These analytics can help you figure out what plugins are using the most resources which ones need to be removed.

After removing any such plugins that were slowing down your site, you can find similar alternatives to try out that won’t be too hard on your site.

Incredible Performance for WooCommerce

What’s more is that WooCart can also find pages that have slow load times. The same way, you can find specific plugins on that page and resolve them.

Incredible Performance for WooCommerce

Images are always a tough task for a site. You can’t get far with a site with no images and hence, an image’s bitrate can determine its quality, size and the amount of time it will take for the server to load them.

Therefore, WooCart has an inbuilt image optimization tool that runs in the background at all times to losslessly compress images.

It also converts them into the WebP format that automatically optimizes images to the device’s screen height/width for further optimization.

WooCart also boasts its lossless staging feature as a prime of all its offerings. What makes it so great is that where most services offer basic staging, WooCart changes the live version of your site without any date loss which is much faster and efficient.

This added complexity often results in data loss which could be messy to deal with. Plus causing you more time and issues. So how does WooCart remedy this?

  • Well, WooCart implements a clone or duplicate of your current store where you can add or remove elements to test before making any immediate changes to the real store
  • WooCart’s system automatically syncs the order and customer data from live to staging before updating the new version. Hence, making management of your store much easier.  
  • All in all, what you get is an effective site management system that can easily handle testing, maintenance, and updating any information without much hassle.

That was all on the performance’s side. To sum it up, WooCart runs on fast servers, features analytics to track slow plugins or pages and image optimization for faster load times.

WooCart Review: Ease of Use Pricing

Although WooCommerce is relatively easy to use, there are some factors worth considering before dipping into the service as it usually does have a learning curve.

90% of all WooCommerce management takes place in its dashboard. Hence, that is all we’ll go over but first there is one very cool feature to point out:


You can build a full functional WooCommerce store in just 3 simple steps with no prior experience using the service. Which 3 steps you ask?

  • Store Name Location – It’s where you decide the store name, subdomain and location
  • Store Owner – Here’s where you can input your personal details
  • Store Configuration – Here you can select a theme and configure the UI

WooCart’s store wizard automatically configures tax settings, localization and currency after you specify your location. Hence, saving you a lot of time and hassle.

Effortless WooCommerce

What’s more is that WooCart offers a Turnkey store that displays a rough sketch of your idea all with demo products. After that you can simply add your name, logo, products and that’s it.

With this feature, you can start selling your products right away without worrying about WordPress configurations.

Now mind that you aren’t sacrificing customization in either of the options but premade stores are nothing new and are implemented nearly everywhere now.

Effortless WooCommerce

The last worth noting is WooCart’s email system. It utilizes the SendGrid Plugin that lets you sort your emails effectively through:

DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) which is an email authentication method to detect forged senders, and

SPF (Sender Policy Framework) which prevents spammers from sending emails on your domain’s behalf.

Now, let’s talk about WooCart’s Pricing.

Plans and Pricing WooCart

First things first, you get a dedicated server, 1 store, store wizard, lossless staging, premium CDN, and daily backups available in all plans regardless of the price. Also we tried to change the currency of the site but couldn’t find a way.

The beginner level or ‘Shop’ plan offers 50,000 visits (or bandwidth) and 20 GB worth of disk space at $49/month.

Then the ‘Market’ plan has 100,000 visits/40 GB disk space at $99/month, the ‘Mall’ plan gives you 150,000/60 GB disk space at $179/month , and lastly the ‘Supermall’ plan has 300,000/80 GB disk space at $249/month.

Hence, the takeaway here is that ease of use is on par with a lot of the competition. WooCart let’s you skip all the fuss and put it into business right away. WooCart offers premium service with the premium price.   

WooCart Review: Security

Security is more often than not overlooked for the most part when it comes to WooCommerce. People often forget that WordPress WooCommerce are often vulnerable to hackers and third party exploits as well.

Plus, due to WooCommerce being open source, it’s very easy for hackers or spammers to get their hands on the code and create malicious products.

Let’s check out what WooCart has in terms of security:

Effortless WooCommerce - WooCart

WooCart comes bundled with Let’s Encrypt SSL that gives the ‘S’ in HTTPS. It ensures the visitor the site is secure and the connection is impenetrable.

Effortless WooCommerce WooCart

GDPR or General Data Protection Regulation emphasizes data protection and privacy across all European countries. Although being an EU law, it also addresses the transfer of data outside of the EU as well.

Effortless WooCommerce - WooCart

Daily Backups are a fail safe measure that could be used to restore your site in case if all other security measures fail.

Effortless WooCommerce - WooCart

Here’s where WooCart makes an exception from the competition. It offers a rare ‘No-Hack Guarantee’. Now they won’t refund the money but they do promise to repair any possible damage incurred to your site.

That’s all for the security of WooCart. To sum up, you get SSL, GDPR configuration, daily backups with any time restore and a no-hack guarantee. Now, let’s move on to the next section.

WooCart Review: Customer Support

We all know to skim this section right over because who needs Customer Support? If WordPress is so user-friendly then why do you need customer support in the first place?

Because issues occur even in the most perfect places services. It’s just how tech works. Imperfectly. That’s why we need these middle men to tackle such events. Anyone can get overwhelmed every once in a while.

Contact - WooCart

There are 3 ways to get support on WooCart. You can contact support through the WooCart app, use the Help Center or contact someone for Live Chat. Let’s check out the Live Chat first:

Contact - WooCart

We posted a question in the chat client and awaited for a reply. The bot let us know that it might take up to 20 minutes for someone to reply. So we just sat around waiting…

Contact - WooCart

…but someone replied right under a minute which was good. The chat representative replied with a simple short answer which was enough for what we asked for.

Let’s head on over to the Help Center which is WooCart’s Knowledge Base:

Woo Cart Help

Beyond having it’s own blog, WooCart has a fully fledged Knowledge Base which contains separate sections of topics and related articles to get the help you might need.

WooCart Help

We clicked on ‘Managing Stores’ and the article list contained subjects which are primarily summarized inside the dashboard. We clicked on ‘Set Domain’ to check out the article.

WooCart Help

Now we did check out a few other topics before clicking this one and most were kept very short and simple as they were very easy to figure out. But since this topic is a bit broad, WooCart did detail this article for the user to understand clearly.

Thus that sums up the customer support section. The live chat is responsive and the knowledge base does its job well.

WooCart Review: Conclusion

WooCommerce has come a long way from its onset. We have seen many developments take place in its timeline and WooCart is no exception. Being built exclusively for managing and hosting WordPress sites is very impressive…

…but is it worth it? Or is it worth moving your site to WooCart?

To be honest: Sure.

The features being offered for the price are on par with a lot of the competition. Plus features like lossless staging are definitely worth trying. WooCart is easy to work with.

If you have the money then WooCart is sure to have your back. If you don’t want the complexity of a typical WordPress site and need the flexibility to work around, like the turnkey store and lossless staging then it’s sure worth the cost due to easy use & setup.

That concludes the review. If you want more options for hosting here are few to check out. We laid out the facts, now the decision is up to you. What do you think about the article? Did you try out WooCart? Please comment down below and let us know.

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