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WebHostUK Review: Is It the Best Host for Your Site? (2023)

Today we are going to review WebHostUK.

But let us present you some context:

Regardless of what most people would say, selecting a hosting service is very easy. Just google the term ‘Best Hosting’ and you will get a million results on what could be your favourable choice with the best price & features.

But we know that you’re here because you don’t like your choices to be dependent on a single google search. People like to do their well share of research before making a final decision, especially in Britain where people do expect low prices but not at the expense of ethics.

Therefore, when we first heard of WebHostUK, we couldn’t get ourselves around the name because it sounded too typical. But then we got around the website & do have a few words to share.

Hence, without wasting any time, let’s jump right into it…

WebHostUK: Ease of Use

A hosting service being ‘Easy-to-use’ isn’t a phrase that we often like to settle on. Yes, a simple UI & function does cater to the majority of users but there are elements beyond that that need to be explored like the setup process.



So first when you select a plan, you get redirected to the ‘Choose a Domain…’ page where you can register a new domain firsthand, transfer your already existing domain from another registrar or use your existing domain & update nameservers.


We selected our existing domain & went to the next page. The ‘Configure’ page consists of your typical options like the billing cycle, datacenter location, control panel option (cPanel or DirectAdmin), Dedicated IP and migration.

Also, security options such as spam filters, server backups, security options like malware protection & Antivirus scans, SSL Certificates, CDN like CloudFlare, and responsive customer support.


The last page speaks for itself. You can review all your selections here before rounding off with payment. So far it’s suffice to say that setup was considerably easy & short which feels like a huge time saver.

Pricing & Features

For starters, the shared hosting plan has 2 choices available for OS: Linux & Windows. Both have their set of pros & cons. Linux is free, preferable for servers but scares off beginners, while Windows is premium & easy to use but a little expensive.


Since we’ll be talking about Shared Hosting plans here, the pricing is expected to be very modest. The ‘Standard Cloud’ plan is £14.99 which is about $19.00 USD for the entire year!

Now, we at HostingPill, have tried & tested hundreds of services but the pricing here feels way too nice. Also not to forget, you also have a website builder included in all plans.

For features, you get 5GB SSD, Unlimited Bandwidth, 512MB RAM, single IP, 10 sub-domains, free SSL certificate along with some tid-bits that are usually considered complementary. What stuck out the most however, was the 2 databases, and 5,000 visitor limit.

Paying $19.00 for what you can probably get for $7 feels too much. It’s hard to tell what you can achieve with this much limitation but again, this is for the entire year.

Moving on, the ‘Elite Cloud’ plan costs £29.99 (about $37), and offers about the whole proportion of what was offered half in the Standard plan, like you had half-a-core speed in standard but with elite, you have a full single core.

Similarly, there’s 1GB RAM, 5 dedicated IPs, 25 sub-domains, 10 MySQL databases, and about 10,000 visitor limit. This can be more up your alley where you can start building a project.

We’d talk more about the pricing & features but the majority of appeal seems more suitable towards the UK. The ‘Pro Cloud’ plan is £95.99 (about $119) with 100GB SSD, 4-core cpu, unlimited bandwidth, and pretty much unlimited in every other aspect you can think of.

Honestly, the features might turn off a lot of people from the US, because there are a lot of cheaper options available but the UK might definitely benefit with the yearly model.

WebHostUK: Security

When it comes to security features in hosting services, most tend to offer a very general assortment of features like malware scans, firewall protection, data monitoring, server backups or update all the scripts running on your site.

All those are good but website & server protection are indeed very serious topics & require much attention. What security do we have with WebHostUK?


Imunify360 comes bundled with every plan. Imunify360 is a webserver security solution that creates multiple layers of protection over your website like Automated Malware Scanner & CleanUp, Advanced WAF, Proactive Defence for PHP websites & much more.

Imunify360 being included with every plan at such low cost considering that it usually costs about $5/month/server is really impressive & might already have you sold but still there are some native features we’d like to talk about.


Backups are a very important aspect of site management. When every other security measure gets breached, backups are your last resort to restore your website. Hence, WebHostUK creates daily backup images of your site on its offsite data centers.


As you may already know, SSL or a Secure Socket Layer is a piece of code on every page of your website that creates a secure layer between your site & the user. With the connection being a close-ended loop with data only shared between 2 parties, there can be no onlookers.

In all, the security features are satisfying. Imunify360 takes care of most of your malware problems, SSL makes your site comfortable with users, and of course, the backups always have your back.

Customer Support

Yeah, you might just skip this over and skip to the conclusion for our final thoughts. But do stick around if you can because customer support might be more important than you think.

Customer support is your only way to learn about the service unless you have prior experience. Hosting companies know this, and hence, provide a comprehensive knowledge base & live chat/email support.

knowledge base

WebHostUK’s knowledge base is located over the navigation bar, which has another menu with a thin array of options. The knowledge base itself doesn’t look that attractive but you get it once you’re there.

Besides, it’s more about what it does. It feels more like a forum, like there are Questions, Unanswered, Tags, Users, and Ask a Question sections. Also, the font color used for this is dark gray for some reason which just might be a nit-pick at web design.

Also, most Knowledge Bases have questions backed inside specific topic folders which means better management but here, it’s only questions laid open which you need to dig through a bit.

Knowledge Base

We clicked on the ‘How to Modify PHP .ini Settings’ question to look into its answer. The answer was short but surely informative. Long answers often confuse the reader more than educate.

The design here again is nothing too extraordinary but it would’ve been nice to include a sidebar with more questions or some external links for further reading.


Then we wanted to give the live chat a try as it’s the most popular way to get help, and ALL companies drive a lot of budget into this part due to relevance.

And as you might already see from the picture, we already initiated a dialog with the chat representative. The response was fast. A lot of times, it at least takes a couple of minutes till we connect with someone but not the case here.


We asked a question about their server security, and the answer was pretty much to the point. There are no third parties involved, and the server management is pretty much done autonomously.

So, to preface, the Knowledge Base could use a little work, and the live chat is merely satisfactory.

WebHostUK: Conclusion

For our final verdict, we’d say that you consider the UK aspect of the service. Things look very attractive from the price perspective might be different in everything else.

So, what will be our recommendation?

Definitely maybe.

The features combined with the annual price model makes us a little doubtful. But if your needs fit a specific plan, then surely go for it. The high-tier features with the security combined are worth every penny.

So do definitely check out the service if it suits you but still lookout for the UK-based aspect of it. What did you think about the article? Did you find the Knowledge Base underwhelming? Did you try the service? Please comment your thoughts down below in the comments.

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shahreer hime

May 15, 2020



Value for money

Customer Service

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i was used many hosting before, but now using from last 3 year webhostuk.co.uk , they are just great in single word, best support almost no downtime