WebHostingPad Review (2021): Is it Worth Buying?

What comes to your mind when someone casually asks, “Which is THE best hosting service out there?” No doubt some obvious names come to mind like Godaddy, GreenGeeks, BlueHost or even Hostinger could come up.
The process when selecting a web hosting company is fairly straight forward. You want the best service at the lowest price without compromising features. Now, in today’s world this isn’t a lot to ask, there are a lot of companies that CAN deliver.
However, the big name companies rule the majority of sites across the web but there’s a few lesser-known services that often go under the radar. Like the one we’re going to discuss today:


We can bet you a thousand dollars that you might’ve never heard of a site with a name that rare. Therefore, we took it upon ourselves to provide you an insight of the service before you click buy on Godaddy.

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WebHostingPad Review: Features & Pricing

Features make up a service. In WebHostingPad’s case, features like a free domain, 24/7 customer support, sitel builders/CMS, SSD storage, unlimited professional Email, and free SSL certificates come as default with the service.

Reliable and Secure Web Hosting _WebHostingPad
Other than the above few basic features. There’s more stuff to go through like free domain register/transfer, automated weekly backups, automated malware scan, customized spam filtering, e-commerce integrations, and more.
Now, let’s take a look at the shared hosting pricing…

At first glance, the plan selection doesn’t look too diverse. It’s kept very short & simple. The ‘Power’ plan costs $1.99/month and gives you access to all the usual features mentioned above along with unlimited storage/Email accounts, and WordPress & Weebly support.
Next, the ‘Power Plan Plus’ is as you might guess is a proper upgrade over the Power plan. For $4.99/month, you get a much better processor (which means great performance), a premium backup service, and the latest server technology for your site to run on.

-Power Plan Mini _ WebHostingPad
At last, there’s the odd ‘Power Plan mini’ which sits right in the middle of the Power & the Plus plan. For $3/month, you have a free SSL certificate, WordPress, 10GB SSD, 2 domains, 100GB bandwidth, and 50 databases which are enough for a small-mid enterprise website.
All in all, the features for the price are very convincing. The price is kept as minimal as possible and emphasis is applied over users being able to set-up shop quick & running.

WebHostingPad Review: Security

WebHostingPad hails itself as ‘Reliable and Secure Web Hosting’. Although there aren’t too many offerings in this case, a dozen features won’t make your site secure but a few good ones just might. So what kind of security are we talking about?

Reliable and Secure Web Hosting WebHostingPad
Like we mentioned previously, you have your SSL certification included with each plan. A SSL if you don’t know, is a Secure Socket Layer that creates a layer of security between the site and the user to prevent any kind of third party intervention.

Reliable and Secure Web Hosting _ WebHostingPad
Then you have your automated malware scan to look for anything fishy going under your site. Since the Plus plan gives you access to the latest server technology, the chances of malware detection and quarantine are great.

Reliable and Secure Web Hosting _ WebHostingPad
Believe it or not, when everything else fails, backups are the best kind of security you can get period. Your site can be hacked, attacked and phished but the knowledge that everything is secure somewhere on an external server is the peace of mind you need.

Reliable and Secure Web Hosting WebHostingPad
Lastly, there’s WebHostingPad’s paid security service: SiteLock. SiteLock is a separate service that you can subscribe to for $24.95/year. It is aimed towards people that are serious about their site’s security. You get a lot of automation from SQL injections to cross site scripting.
That wraps up security. As you might see, there are ample security features here to keep your site secure. Not a whole bunch but enough to keep your satisfaction.

WebHostingPad Review: WebHostingPad Review: Ease of Use

Reliable and Secure Web Hosting _ WebHostingPad
Now, on their site, WebHostingPad claims a 99.9% uptime guarantee which is nice & all but what about the usability? Just paying the fees and being done with it isn’t how it works with hosting.

Shopping Cart WebHostingPad.com
The sign up/billing process is very much powered by WHMCS which is a popular billing service. After selecting a plan, you can register, transfer or select your existing domain name. For this example, we’ll use our existing hostingpill domain.

Shopping Cart WebHostingPad.com
After that, you have to choose a billing cycle to repeat every month. As you might see, there’s only a monthly option that you can subscribe to and no option for annual, biennial or triennial cycles.

Shopping Cart WebHostingPad.com
Next, you have to input your general details like Name, Address, Email, City, etc. IF you’re a new customer. This step feels like a stretch, it is totally possible to not ask for these details and be done but it seems like a formality.

Shopping Cart - WebHostingPad.com
Finally, the last step is simply selecting a payment method and filling in your card details to start the service. Plus, you can also avail a promo code to get a free domain which is good if you have selected to register a new domain.

WebHostingPad Review: Customer Support

Imagine this: After a good 10 minutes of filling all the details & setting up your domain, your site is finally running but it’s also blank. You then proceed to install WordPress BUT you don’t know where to install your themes from.
So, now what? You’ll go to the internet looking for solutions? Of course not. That’s why you have the site’s own Knowledge Base to solve these queries.

Knowledgebase - WebHostingPad
The Knowledge base usually contains the most common as well as a few technical answers for all kinds of queries. With a well informed database of answers, users don’t need to scratch Google for every problem.

WebHostingPad’s knowledge base looks very neat to say the least. There are certain categories that your query can belong to, then are questions inside those topics. We clicked on the ‘Domain’ topic to explore its sub-articles.

What is the difference between a subdomain and an addon domain_ - Knowledgebase
We clicked on the last question about the difference between subdomains & addon domains and the answer was very well detailed with proper examples. The UI also makes the entire article look important.
The only downside to the Knowledge base could be that the entire section could’ve used a little bit more length. It feels a little ham handed at times. Still, it could be nitpicking.

Reliable and Secure Web Hosting
Another important aspect of customer support is the live chat support. There could be more options to explore but most times, the majority of people tend to lean on either the Knowledge base or the live chat support.

WebHosting Pad-Reliable and Secure Web Hosting _ WebHostingPad
We tried posting a question about the integrity of their servers, whether they manage all of it by themselves or let some third party companies handle it. And someone connected very quickly.

WebHosting Pad-Reliable and Secure Web Hosting _ WebHostingPad
Now, the reply took like a couple of minutes but we did get the expected response soon enough. They have their OWN data centers located in the USA so obviously there’s no chance of any third party companies being involved. So the reply was fast and not automated.
That settles the score for the customer support. The knowledge base is short but functional and the live chat support works flawlessly.

WebHostingPad Review: Conclusion

We’re finally at the end now. We have talked about nearly every aspect of WebHostingPad. The features, pricing, security, customer support, setup were very interesting to explore but…
Is it worth buying WebHostingPad instead of something like Godaddy?
We say YES. Definitely go for it.

WebHostingPad has great features at a low cost that although many companies promise, only a few deliver. For once, try taking a shot at a lesser-known company that might just give you what you really require.
That concludes this review. We’ve laid out the facts, you make the decision. What is your opinion? Did you find the article informative? Did you try WebHostingPad? How was your experience? Please comment down below and let us know.

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