WebHosting.it Review (2021): Is This Italian Web Host Any Good? (2021)

Shared hosting plays an integral role in cheap web hosting coverage. It consists of necessary hosting features which help in proper website operation. However, several web hosting companies provide shared hosting to all its users.

One such hosting company, WebHosting.it offers you hosting services from Foligno (PG) Italy. They also provide functions such as dedicated hosting, domain transfer, and SEO Consultancy.

WebHosting.it was founded in 1998. Since its formation, they have successfully generated a self-made control panel. They also provided 5000 domain names to its customers across European countries.

This hosting review section will guide you through deciding whether it is feasible to buy shared hosting from WebHosting.it or not.

WebHosting.it Review: Uptime

Hosting plans come with optimum performance with the help of several hosting parameters. These criteria ensure that shared hosting provided by a hosting company gives a reliable output.

Uptime is one of the most essential factors that ensure that there is proper hosting. It helps in measuring the performance of hosting throughout their services.

WebHosting.it uptime

WebHosting.it provides a 99.99% uptime guarantee, which is actually a decent rate considering market options. They give this uptime performance to all their plans, regardless of the pricing. Thus, uptime helps in improving the user’s website activities.

Uptime comes in handy with security, which is the primary cause of its output. WebHosting.it provides free SSL certificates in their hosting plans. It ensures that the website gets an encrypted connection by activating the https protocol.

Webhosting.it connects their routers and switches via Cisco networking. Thus, the network speed offered for hosting is high, and there is no interruption.

WebHosting.it Review: Pricing and Features

While purchasing any hosting plans, you might emphasize its features. So to simplify your browsing, listed below are WebHosting.it’s hosting features:

WebHosting.it pricing

On clicking the “order now” button, the page redirects to another web page. It then asks you to register into a new domain for your website. After entering the domain name, you can choose different extensions such as .net, .com, etc.

There are four hosting plans offered by WebHosting.it, which are Bronze Formula, Silver Formula, Gold Formula, and Platinum Formula. The bronze formula contains the least number of hosting features, whereas the platinum formula consists of the maximum number features.

The hosting plans consist of several notable features that are common. First comes daily back up, where you will have records of all the previous uploads. They also provide premium assistance for those customers who are facing problems while hosting.

Since they put their customers’ well-being first, security is their utmost priority, which is why they have included malware scanners in their plans.

These hosting plans come with a free domain name, which means you need not buy it from other sources. However, there are certain areas where the hosting plans differ. The plans provide unlimited space, traffic, and boxes only in the gold and platinum formula.

The plans provide SQL databases for every account. This is how you can store the credentials of website visitors. If you wish for website migration, then WebHosting.it gives it free of cost.

WebHosting.it includes the WordPress pro theme in their plans. Thus, it helps you in creating an easy website display with the help of a global familiar WordPress Theme. It also provides a one-click installer for Joomla, Prestashop, and 300app. Thereby letting, you create your unique website with the help of these tools.

These hosting plans consist of a control panel where you can operate the website activities. WebHosting.it has a Plesk control panel service, which makes it a pretty good deal. It supports programming languages such as PHP, HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap. Thus, allowing you to build your website based on your language preference.

WebHosting.it Review: Customer Support

WebHosting.it provides customer support via their contact form, contact numbers, and support tickets. Their dedicated telephonic interactions available 24 hours a day make it a viable choice for its customers. It also includes a contact form where the customer gets the proper solution to their problems.

However, WebHosting.it has a fantastic knowledge base in the form of a blog section. In this blog section, you will find informative articles that will guide you in solving queries. WebHosting.it has cool tutorials in the footer section where you can find useful information regarding website hosting.

WebHosting.it customer support

WebHosting.it Review: Ease of Use

WebHosting.it provides perfect hosting plans for its customers. Their website gives its visitors a detailed analysis of the features they hosting service providers, which often prove to be quite beneficial.

Their UI is user friendly and leads to a separate webpage for every feature, which makes it easier to search for relevant content.

The Control panel is crucial for website activities. Without a control panel, you cannot imagine the functioning of any website. It helps in operating websites by performing various tasks such as installing scripts, SSL certificates, and much more.

The plans provided by WebHosting.it come with a Plesk control panel that is easily operable via the browser. It helps in uploading website-related files for their display in the domain name. It also helps in storing website content with a proper backup option.

WebHosting.it ease of use

WebHosting.it Review: Conclusion

WebHosting.it provides website hosting at an affordable price. Their hosting plans are uniform for all countries.

The hosting plans consist of several cool features with additional free offers like WordPress pro theme and domain name. They emphasize their customer support via email, telephone, and ticket system, which is 24/7/365 available. Thus, Webhosting.it proves to be an ideal option for its customers.

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