VoxVM Review (2022): 7 Pros and 3 Cons After Using It!

Web Hosting is a growing business, and with many companies around that claim to “have it all,” it is relevant to do thorough research before opting for one.

That is where we come in! We researched so you won’t have to.

VoxVM is known for its budget-friendly prices and stellar performance, so let’s evaluate!

VoxVM Review: Pros

Pro #1: Powerful and effective performance

Performance is  most crucial to consider while assessing a host. VoxVM offers a range of plans that ensure top-notch performance.

VoxVM provides users with a fast 1Gbps server uplink with their ultra-powerful 500Gbps DDoS protection. This allows users to manage their sites in seconds, while also enabling web pages to load immediately.

All of the VoxVM plans offer unmetered Bandwidth and SSD, enabling fast and flexible scalability, which is ideal for nurturing your online presence.

Pro #2: Economical prices across all tiers

voxWM pricing

VoxVM offers its hosting services at affordable prices across all four tiers.

The standard price for web hosting ranges from $2-$4 at entry-level and moves up to $12-$15 at a third-tier package. This table highlights how the prices offered at VoxVM are incredibly light on the wallet, especially considering the service quality they provide.

VoxVM’s billing is transparent. Other than transaction fees, they don’t charge any hidden fees. VoxVM announces their charges on their website.

The paying methods conveniently range across Credit and Debit cards, Paypal, UPI, BTC, RuPay, and Net Banking.

VoxVM supports your website growth by allowing you to scale up your plan with no hassle and no additional charges. You can upgrade at any time from the client portal with just a simple click of a button!

Prp #3: Web Hosting plans have an wide range of features

A quick overview of the features proves VoxVM to be incredibly user-friendly.

voxWM features

VoxVM uses WordPress Optimized Hosting to ensure a fast and efficient web hosting experience. Clients enjoy features such as premium security and ease of migration as they conveniently allow them to expand their projects.

The product features exist to ensure users enjoy increased flexibility, power, and control over their websites. The incredibly user-friendly features allow an easy setup that takes just a few minutes.

The single-click app installations use Softaculous to effectively allow the automatic installation, backup, and updates of more than 100 scripts like WordPress, Joomla, Magento, etc.

Pro #4: Fast and Free Migrations

People usually have to think twice before moving their hosts, but with proper support, this migration doesn’t have to be such a hassle.

VoxVM allows you to confidently move your websites in mere minutes with their in-house developed migration facility.

This migration facility allows you to migrate your cPanel web hosting account in just a few steps. The use of full cPanel backups/ restores help dodge data-loss.  Additionally, VoxVM includes mailbox contents as standard.


Pro #5: Security from the root levels

As mentioned before, VoxVM provides first-rate security to its users. Its security stems from the basic server and application level.

VoxVM additionally offers free SSL to ensure your web security via encryption.

Prospective clients should note that though SSL will automatically assign and install itself to your new or existing domains, some may need to enable the certificate manually.

Furthermore, users who are extra-sensitive about their security would be pleased to hear that VoxVM offers dedicated IPs for a website(s) based on SSLs. Dedicated IPs cost $2.50 per month, paid either monthly or yearly.

Pro #6: Backups to Aid Data Retrieval

VoxVM lays a lot of emphasis on data protection. Instead of JetBackups, it makes use of R1Soft Backup which has a 30-day retention. This features ‘point in time’ backups called ‘Snapshots’ that are perfect for large upgrades/updates to your PHP applications.

Snapshots ensure the availability of a recent restore point in case of an emergency. Your data can now be restored instantly with just a few clicks within the cPanel.

Pro #7: Live chat availability 24/7

VoxVM’s support strategy prioritizes all its customers. Customers using even the most basic plan receive an instant response from the technical support team at VoxVM.

voxWM chat voxWM chat1

The Live Chat staff responded within a few minutes to specifically address my concerns, proving to be an effective tool for troubleshooting client questions.

VoxVM Review: Cons

Con #1: How many features are truly unlimited?

VoxVM’s shared hosting is super cheap and is often chosen by small businesses for that reason.

One major downside of this web hosting type is (as its name suggests) the sharing of resources. This means that adding resource-intensive functionality to your websites may be much more troublesome than it appears to be.

VoxVM offers “unlimited” features but those have their limits. Users can normally make use of 1GB RAM, 2 CPU, and 30 Entry Processes.

Users who need more would have to purchase a ‘Resource Boost’ for $3.95 per month. Though this would double their resources to 2 GB RAM, 2CPU, and 60 entry processes, it’s not exactly ‘unlimited’.

Con #2: ‘Low’ uptime

VoxVM guarantees 99.9% uptime which seems great, but might not be enough. Some clients have businesses that depend on their staying online with 0% downtime in order to be successful. In such situations, even the shortest downtimes can hinder business growth.

Con #3: Lack of available reviews

VoxVM is a new presence to the sharing host forums, hence there haven’t been many customer reviews available online. Reviews help identify nuances like up/downtime and prove the reliability and performance of the software.

Though VoxVM seems to be solid, I believe that only rigorous use and subsequent reputed customer reviews will bring out its true colors.

VoxVM Review: Do we recommend VoxVM?

Choosing the right web host is essential while developing your business. It would help if you asked yourself critical questions to understand your requirements better and then find the web host that best fits your needs.

VoxVM is ideal for small to medium-sized businesses, as its performance and reliability ensure a healthy uptime as well as flexible scalability (within reasonable limits). The ease of migration, along with active data backup, allows greater user control and supports developing businesses.

Additionally, the fact that VoxVM is extremely light on the wallet is a big boon.

However, extremely fast-growing websites and larger businesses may need to opt for a web hosting service with greater scalability and 100% uptime, regardless of the cost.

Hence, you need to evaluate your needs and figure out what you require from a web host!

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Susan K.

Aug 23, 2020



Value for money

Customer Service

Overall Rating

Usually, cheaper hosting means poorer services but this isn't the case with voxvm. Very reliable and affordable with an excellent support team. I'm extremely happy with their service.