Virtono Review: Is It the Best Hosting for Your Site? (2021)

Founded in 2014, Virtono is quite new to the hosting scene. But their mission to offer high-quality hosting has certainly grown. They’re based in Romania and employ some of the most dynamic and experienced personnel to build a robust infrastructure and assistance.

Virtono homepage

They only offer 2 instances of hosting: Dedicated and Shared. A bit minimal but not a turn off since VPS and WordPress hosting isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. On the plus side, they have VPS in the form of Cloud, Windows, and Dedicated servers.

Now all that sounds good so far but will Virtono hosting be a suitable choice for your website?

Find out what we discovered in our review!

Virtono Review: Uptime

Servers usually work under a lot of load so they often tend to fail or shut down when they reach a certain limit. Another reason could be natural causes or technical issues like power failure causing your website to be shut down temporarily.

Hence, the uptime of your website is everything.

Virtono 24hour uptime

What you see above is our uptime test for a temporary website that we ran on a Virtono server. The 24-hour status shows a 100% consistency but our website was very basic too. Regardless, the response time is lightning fast too.

Virtono 1week uptime

Here’s the status from a week ago. There’s a slight fluctuation but our website is still ahead than most of the competition with a 99.9% uptime and 341ms response.

But how much does 99.98% exactly mean?

Virtono uptime calc

With our Uptime Calculator tool, you can find out the exact downtime values for each day, week, month, and year as you can see above in the stats for 99.98% downtime.

The results pretty much speak for themselves but lightly put: Virtono has great uptime and website response numbers.

Virtono Review: Pricing and Security

For this example, we’ll be going over Virtono’s shared hosting plans due to their popularity among newcomers and experienced users alike.

Virtono plan

Just like how uptime affects your website’s availability, pricing matters to your budget. Most companies also do offer a free plan but the limitations make you consider a paid option.

Hence, VIrtono’s ‘Starter’ plan costs €0.80/month and offers 5GB SSD storage, unlimited databases, and email accounts, an SSL certificate, daily backups, etc. which is enough for a premature blog website.

Plus, you can select a server location between the USA or Romania for all plans.

Then the ‘Basic’ plan comes with 10GB storage and 5 addon domains at €1.60/month. But the ‘Advanced’ offers both unlimited storage and unlimited addon domains along with 150% CPU capacity and a dedicated IP address.

So you’re certainly getting quite a bit of performance and isolated resources.

Then the next 2 plans are self-explanatory with the names: ‘Professional’ and ‘Ultra’. The main differences except the cost are the CPU capacity and the amount of available RAM.

It all depends on what your priority might be. Something like a moderate-level eCommerce website can run fine without any issues but for anything beyond, the Ultra plan should be your choice.

Virtono features

Now, let’s talk about security. Virtono offers 3 instances of security:

SSL Security

Virtono SSL

A necessary website protection measure that comes bundled with every Virtono web hosting plan. SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer which means the connection between you and the website cannot be breached.

The lock icon you may be seeing right now in your URL bar means that the website has SSL protection. It assures security to the user.

However, unlike most companies, Virtono offers 3 types of SSL certificates based on what your priority level might be from basic to business or maximum amount of security.

For example, if your website does not require any sensitive data from the user, you can simply opt for Domain Validation (DV) and if your website deals with checkout information like credit/debit card details then you need Organization Validation (OV).


Virtono codeguard

Although Virtono daily backups on all their plans, they also offer automated backup in the form of CodeGuard. CodeGuard is an external backup system that could be automated to backup your website in case of an emergency.

You can select the amount of storage that you require and you’ll be charged accordingly. You also get features like one-click restore, malware monitoring, WordPress updates, full automation, and much more.


Virtono sitelock

Apart from the above two options, Virtono offers SiteLock, a global website malware solution that monitors your site for suspicious code or underlying vulnerabilities.

It only protects your website but also the visitors that come to your site while also building trust among users. You can check out their SiteLock plans on their page here.

To sum it up, Virtono is arguably affordable with features that’ll be great for any purpose while also offering extra security options to give you some peace of mind as well.

Virtono Review: Ease of Use

Virtono cpanel

Virtono offers cPanel as the preferred for all client and backend operations. If you don’t know, cPanel is an extremely popular backend application solution, you can read more here.

So at the HomePage, you can virtually find everything from files, backup, billing, email, metrics, security (cPanel security features), software, preferences, and further advanced options.

Virtono cpanel software

Now, the software section here is filled with quite a few handy features like WordPress Manager (provided by Virtono), Cloudflare CDN, site software, and even integration for softaculous.

Virtono cpanel social apps

Speaking of Softaculous, there is also integration for eCommerce platforms like PrestaShop, Joomla, OpenCart, and Magento. So you can get going with any eStore idea instantly.

Virtono cpanel user manager

The other tab is the User Manager tab that displays all the current users on the servers. As you see above, there are 2 active accounts currently. One for general use and the other for logs.

Like the name says, you can add or remove users and configure settings like email and FTP.

Virtono packs cPanel with a lot of commendable features that even new users can have no problems getting around.

Virtono Review: Customer Support

Virtono ticket

On their website, Virtono recommends opening a query ticket from their cPanel homepage. You can go to the Billing & Support section and then click on ‘Open Ticket’.

As you can see from the screenshot above, you can post a ticket related to the subject that you might need help with. For this example, we’ll be selecting the ‘Support’ category for a general query.

Virtono open ticket

So what you see above is our ticket. The name and email address fields were already filled, you can change the department, priority, related service, and also attach additional images.

Virtono email

The reply came under 5 minutes through email which is fast enough. Luckily we were under their permitted hours of support but regardless the answer was straightforward and cleared our doubts.

To say the least, Virtono’s official customer support offers a lot of input for customer query description and has a fast response time.

Virtono Review: Conclusion

Recommending a viable hosting solution could be entirely subjective and involves a lot of other factors that come from your background and environment.

If asked can Virtono be your hosting solution? We can firmly say YES.

It certainly isn’t for everyone. They don’t offer a lot of server locations and some users from the US might feel skeptical investing in a European web hosting company.

But rest assured. Our review analyzed Virtono’s potential to be better in either continent with shared server locations available in both US and Europe.

The uptime numbers look good, security features are tight, you cPanel for easy management, and it all comes in an affordable package.

Now it’s your turn. What do you think about the review? Is there something worth adding? Did you use Virtono yourself? How was your experience? Whatever your thoughts may be, please let us know down in the comments.

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