Techno Haat Review: Is It Worth Your Money? (2021)

When it comes to complete website management and going live, we all know the importance of hosting. Today, in this article, we will be discussing some prominent services offered by TechnoHaat.

If you are from Bangladesh, then this article is especially for you. TechnoHaat provides some of the best and free hosting services that are coupled with exciting offers from them at affordable prices.

Their head office is in Dhaka, Bangladesh. A dedicated team with innovative mindsets makes sure they are always ahead of their times, with the very latest innovations at an affordable price.

They provide a complete package of IT solutions compatible with almost any firm, at jaw-dropping prices.

So, without wasting time, let’s quickly glide through the better insights and understand the plans offered by them.

Techno Haat Review: Uptime – Availability – Security

With years of service in the market, they have not failed to meet their customers’ never-ending needs. They have astonishing uptime, which scales up to 99.9%.

If you are often worried about your essential backups, no need to anymore! TechnoHaat provides you with their optimal auto backups, which they push weekly for your site. You can also retrieve your website data if some important work is lost unintentionally.

They have their servers specially designed for all-time availability, which uses CloudFare Integration. This helps to monitor the traffic and cache content on your websites.

Techno Haat services

You will be amazed to know that all their hosting plans come with free SSL data protection and with open and timely software updates. Cpanel is the technology partner, which assures you of the services hosted by TechnoHaat.

Amongst the various plans that you come across on their site, you will also be glad to know that all their plans come with not only free SSL but that the SSL is free for a lifetime. Above all, you get unlimited subdomains, free of cost.

The cost factor, which plays a vital role everywhere, stands perfect for your website when you select TechnoHaat. Here is the list revealing the free services that come under their domain hosting price.

Techno Haat features

They provide technical support throughout the service period and assure security protocol for your websites. Their team is well-curated to understand all your doubts and queries before presenting with you any of their plans, thus recommending the best one for you.

You don’t have to worry when it comes to security by TechnoHaat. They use the best industries to serve the best for their customers.

Pricing – Features – License

TechnoHaat is sure about the services provided for their customers. You will get the best services once you become a part of their family. Your research for the best and affordable hosting services ends here if you are planning on getting on-board with any of the plans that they offer.

Techno Haat plan

Their domain comparison is sure to ease all your work of comparison and show you only the best affordable domains available based on your website name. You can, however, opt for a preferred plan to give you the best renewal plans associated with it.

To check if a suitable domain is available, type the name of your domain, as shown.

Techno Haat check domain

Now, click on the ‘SEARCH DOMAIN’ button. This will take you to the next page to select any other free services you wish to continue with this plan. It is indeed great to see a vast array of free services provided at such affordable prices.

Techno Haat domain configuration

The last step is of configuration and then the domain is registered! They also have promo codes for you to avail of exclusive discounts. If you have any such promo code, then apply and avail their benefits in the next step.

Techno Haat review and checkoutTechno Haat free install apps

They also have a one-click app install feature with all their plans. Their plans bundle with free renewal for premium plans while others have to pay the same amount during the renovation.

Techno Haat new domains renewal plan

Techno Haat Review: Customer – Support – Ticket

You would have often come across a situation where your doubts have remained unsolved due to a lack of 24×7 support or email support. This won’t happen with TechnoHaat, they have a 24x7x365 call support feature.

The FAQ section just on the home page for easy accessibility in solving the problems incurred. This section is followed by Latest News and Blogs that cover essential insights into the regional area!

Techno Haat customer supportTechno Haat blog

You can have a basic idea from the screenshots attached, which will brief you about their support via mail.

Techno Haat Review: Knowledge Base

They have a blog section that keeps the readers updated with the latest blogs and tech-related stuff. Various hosting-related information is also broadcasted on the blogs.

Techno Haat kb

Techno Haat Review: Accessible – Clean – Ease of use

TechnoHaat is a clean website and has one of the best UI you may have ever come across. Apart from its clean UI, it is also very informative with the latest news and blogs.

They have a team of dedicated people who make sure that all the visitors on their site are satisfied while surfing and switching between the various sections. You will also love to visit their latest projects and services.

Techno Haat Review: Plan revocation – Reimburse

You will be stunned to know that they provide a full 100% refund for all their plans. To claim the returns, you will have to fit into their refund policy, and once they mention it, you can expect a refund in just a few working days.

Techno Haat services

Techno Haat Review: Conclusion

TechnoHaat is overall a very interactive and clean UI website. The plans mentioned by them are very impressive and affordable at the same time. Some extra perks provided for the residents of Bangladesh are just like a cherry on the cake!

You will enjoy their services and customer support.

There is no doubt that they are the best in the market because they have always prioritized their customers’ needs and will continue doing so.

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