Softnet Hosting Review: How Did It Perform In Our Testing? (2021)

Here at HostingPill, we have a strange infatuation with finding unknown or hidden hosting services that usually pass under people’s radars. 

The thing about finding these rare hosting services is to know them inside out and then providing you valuable suggestions.

For example, look at the service that we recently found: Softnet Hosting. It’s from Kenya, Africa and caters to all small businesses and entrepreneurs inside as well as outside its borders.

Now, you might think, “Now why the hell would I buy a server all the way in Africa!?” Well, don’t be that quick to judge. In this review we have laid out every good & bad aspect of Softnet, so you can make up your mind about it. 

So without any further ado, let’s dive in shall we?

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Softnet Hosting Review: Pricing & Features

Ok, so, one of the pros of using a foreign hosting service is that you get the advantage of the currency difference which means there’s a chance you can get more features with less price.

Web Design _ Domain Registration in Kenya _ Softnet Solutions Ltd

Since we don’t use Kenyan Shillings, USD will be our preference. Let’s begin with the ‘Standard’ plan which is around $10/year that gives you 25GB of disk space but no way to know if this is HDD or SSD. And yes that’s $10 annually, as well so are all the other plans.

Then the plan has unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email accounts, unlimited databases, account control panel (which is WHMCS), and 24/7 customer support. Oddly they mentioned the next renewal fees which is around $14.

Moving on to the professional plan, there’s not much change in features here than the disk space you’re getting which is 35GB and the plan costs about $19/year.

Similarly, the ‘Advanced’ plan is $28.23/year, the disk space is increased up to 45GB disk space and the same features as before. The disk space could’ve been better at this point but…

…the last plan certainly does. The ‘Unlimited’ plan has unlimited disk space and all the other unlimited features at around $94/year which is nothing short of overblown to be honest.

In all, the plans seem to be priced oddly which is expected but the features are decent, and hence even recommendable.

See Softnet Hosting full pricing here…

Softnet Hosting Review: Customer Support

Getting help during a difficult episode can be essential. Some beginners especially end up not knowing what they’re doing and cause a chain of problems that end up crashing the site. Hence, the need for good customer support is always helpful regardless if you’re a beginner or expert.

live chat

Live chat support is considered the most reliable ways of getting help as quickly as possible. You can also attach screenshots of your problem to better articulate your problem to the chat representative and get resolution.

live chat

We decided to test Softnet’s chat service and posted a question. It’s a question about the integrity of their servers. 

live chat

We received a response almost as soon as we asked a question which is good on Softent’s part. The responsiveness is good. The answer was put simply as well.

Submit Ticket - Softnet Solutions Ltd

Next, there’s the obvious ticketing system solution where you can simply post your certain details, briefly describe your question, and attach any necessary pictures to get better assistance.

Now, we also tried looking for a Knowledge Base to find & read articles when users feel lost with the given information, but there wasn’t any and that is a bit inconvenient. Still, the customer support is rather satisfactory.

Softnet Hosting Review: Ease of Use

Web Hosting_ Affordable, Cheap & Best hosting company in kenya- Softnet

In essence, WHMCS backs the majority of Softnet. It’s safe to assume that the purchasing and billing process goes through WHMCS and clicking on ‘Order Now’ does the same as well.

Shopping Cart - Softnet Solutions Ltd

As you can see here, there are 3 options for hosting service packages to choose from. The only one missing is the one with 25GB disk space we mentioned before.

Shopping Cart - Softnet Solutions Ltd

Selecting a plan then prompts you to the next page where you can choose to register a new domain for your website, transfer one from another registrar, or choose an existing one.

Shopping Cart - Softnet Solutions

Then there’s one final look at everything you’ve selected. You can select if the billing cycle has to be annual, biennially, or triennially.

Shopping Cart Softnet Solutions Ltd

At last, there’s the final page before the payment where you can review your order. After the checkout you can simply begin working on your site right away.

Hence, Softnet relies on WHMCS for their billing process which is albeit long but necessary.

Softnet Hosting Review: Conclusion

So would we suggest you to invest in a hosting service all the way into Africa?

Well, as far we see, it is recommendable.

The only things that felt lacking was the lackluster website, no knowledge base, and the currency difference can bother some people.

But other than that, the price to feature ratio is very good. The support is satisfactory. The lowest plan is around $9 for a year, so that’s not even a question.

Definitely give it a shot.

That’s it for this review. What do you think? Is Softnet worth checking? Did you try the service yourself? How was your experience? Please comment down below and let us know.

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