VPS Hosting Review; After Using it (2021)

VPS Hosting is that sweet spot between dedicated hosting and shared hosting. You get the power of dedicated hosting at the price of shared hosting. Snel is one such hosting company that offers affordable plans with credible features.

But today we’re here to talk about only VPS Hosting for enthusiasts who are planning to get into it but don’t know where to start. If you’re really interested to check out’s VPS plans, you can do that right here.

Let’s get on with the review then, shall we?

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Your own Cloud VPS with heavenly features -

Let’s start with the big one, Pricing. Although not everyone bases their decision on buying something based on their budget, it is the norm to consider when investing into something.

Now, Snel offers affordable pricing with SSD only storage, the setup is easy & fast, and the uptime numbers are stellar. Snel has 6 VPS plans with each having more features than the last.

VPS Jar offers a single core, 1 GB RAM, 100GB SSD, 1 Snapshot for backups and 2TB bandwidth @ €9.90/month. The features can also be upgraded to suit your needs and you’ll be charged accordingly.

Just like that, you have a progression of features & price with every plan. VPS Bucket has 2 cores, 4GB RAM, 200GB SSD @ €19.90/month. VPS Drum has 6 cores, 16GB RAM, 600GB storage, and 20TB bandwidth @ €89.90/month and so on.

The last plan is VPS Tun gives you 10 cores which are upgradable all the way up to 16 cores, 64GB RAM, 1TB storage space also upgradable with additional 500GB, but still only 1 snapshot for backup, and 30TB of bandwidth. All costing a whopping €259.00/month.

In conclusion, the features are certainly value for the price. Most companies like to go for unlimited when offering huge numbers but they often turn out to be limited but Snel opts for otherwise. However, every plan has only 1 snapshot available as default although upgradeable. VPS Hosting Review: Ease of Use

Cloud VPS

When you first click on ‘Configure VPS’, the site redirects you to a page where you can set the amount of each feature individually, such as the number of cores, RAM, storage, bandwidth and the number of IP addresses.

Snel Cloud VPS

After that, you get to select the OS to be run on the system. As you can see, you only select either certain linux distributions or CMS interfaces like Plesk and cPanel.

Snelcom Cloud VPS

Finally after going through a short summary of everything you’ve selected, you go to the checkout page for the final payment. Now, let’s take a look at what we get after signing up for the service.


Initially we chose cPanel as the dedicated environment so we got into the dashboard and if you know anything about cPanel, you can easily manage your site without any hassles.

You can configure files, disk space, backups, images, MySQL databases, emails, DNS, etc. all in one place. cPanel also has support for third party apps and addons for extra functionality.

Thus, this concludes the Ease of Use section. Selecting a plan and setting it up is quite simple with plenty of choices for OS. VPS Hosting Review: Customer Support

Often overlooked, customer support is an essential part of every service whether it be hotel service or web hosting. Without a proper knowledge base, even the most experienced of users can get lost.

The Support Portal of for Dedicated and Virtual Hosting

For starters, does have a proper knowledge base with a variety of sections like General, Networking, Biling, Email, Initial Setup, Online Workspace, etc.

How to set up SMTP relay with Sendmail

We clicked on the first topic about setting up SMTP under the Email category and the least to say, it is very helpful. The article had detailed steps with the code to be used in the process which is great for people who don’t want to dabble into code.

Contact us

Next up we tried their Live Chat option for getting instant help. We posted a question into the chat client and received a reply within a minute, asking for clarification. The response time was indeed impressive.

Contact us We're here to answer your questions

As you can see, after clearing up the doubt, the chat representative replied with a much wholesome answer. In all, the chat service is certainly satisfactory and would prove helpful.

Another good thing to note is that the chat client isn’t merely text-only, you can also attach files (preferably images) like screenshots of your problem to be helpful for assistance.

Now there’s also phone support as well as Email support to be explored but for the majority of people, chat support is mainly where they come to look for answers.

Hence to wrap up this section, the knowledge base is informative and the chat support is satisfactory when it comes to solving problems to getting your basic queries solved. VPS Hosting Review: Conclusion

In the end the only real question comes down to: Should you go ahead & buy the service?

To put it simply: Of course.

The service is certainly recommendable considering the features for the price, options to be explored, intuitiveness to get around, and the more than capable customer support.

Yes, the pricing can feel a bit steep but not everything has to be cheap. Besides, there are no contracts being made here so if you’re not satisfied then you can simply let the service expire.

That concludes the review. So what do you think? Did you find the article informative? Did you try Snel’s VPS hosting? How was your experience? Please comment down below and let us know.

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