SIS Argentina Review (2021): Is It the Right Provider for You?

What’s the use of making incredible websites if one can’t showcase them to their audiences! Well, bless the web hosting companies for making it easy for you to showcase your work. SIS Argentina offers not only the full support and guidelines for hosting websites but also helps in maintaining them on a global platform.

But to choose the appropriate one from the lot, a tedious task, right? Well, no more. Here we bring to you handpicked websites that we scrutinize for you inside out, and share reviews. The suggestions and reviews provided by us can help you in successfully choosing a suitable web host for your website.

Today, we have brought to your attention, this web hosting service from Argentina- SIS Argentina. Founded in 2003, it has data centers in Argentina, the United States, Chile, Columbia, and Mexico.  The website has a multilingual feature, and one can switch between Spanish, English, French, Portuguese, Dutch, and Russian languages.

With as good as 2500+ customers, hosted on a variety of 200 servers, backed up by 30 professionals across the globe, this has undoubtedly attained a place amongst the crowd.

SIS Argentina Review: Uptime

With the servers located in Argentina, their remote desktop facility is accessible from anywhere across the globe. The server rooted in Argentina is scalable and backed by high-quality hardware features. The hardware or software access will be solely for you, no sharing amongst the users.

Be it Linux or Windows, holistic support is provided for these operating systems. Technologies like ASP,, AJAX, PHP, MySQL, Python, and Perl provide support to the functioning of the operating systems.

Keeping in mind the need to legalize the software, the server’s operating system and the control panels are licensed. Also, the cost is inclusive, thus the extra payment burden is eased off.

Within 24 hours after the payment is made, the server activation and data access are provided to the user. Monitoring is done 24*7, and hence there is no hassle or worry regarding hardware or software problems.

Regarding the uptime of Sis Argentina, they offer a guaranteed 99.98% real uptime. To stand away from the competition, they provide the backup copies of the client’s sites. Additionally, other features include advanced anti-spam for threats and viruses, full access to the visitors’ statistics, etc.SIS Argentina uptime

Guaranteed uptime of 99.98% indicates the downtime of almost 17 seconds daily. One can check out the uptime calculator to get a better insight of the same and about the downfall of the website on a daily or weekly or yearly basis.

SIS Argentina Review: Pricing and features

SIS Argentina pricingIrrespective of the plan that one chooses, some basic features are included in all of them. For instance, get access to unlimited databases, access to unlimited email accounts, PHP support, and compatibility with google apps.

Depending on the web hosting plan you choose, you’ll have access to 500Mb-10 GB Disk space, 10 GB to 1000GB bandwidth. Their direct admin based control panel is also available, which can be accessed in either Spanish or English.

Also, there’s a 30-day money-back policy wherein you can opt back from the purchase you made if you’re not satisfied for the same in a span of 30 days.

Step 1: Choosing the domain.

Once you select the plan, you’re prompted to the next page wherein you’re supposed to choose and register your domain or choose an existing one or transfer of the domain.

If you wish to register into a new domain, it is expected that the domain is available, or else you might have to come up with some other name or option, whatever is applicable.SIS Argentina choose domain

Step 2: This is just a summary of the product details and billing of the items you’ve purchased. You can review them and make the changes as and when required.

Finally, there’ll be a review page to check if everything is appropriate. If everything is as it should be, the next page will be prompted.SIS Argentina configure

Step 3: The account creation or logging in to an existing one, and the payment process is consolidated in this step. One can pay via PayPal, credit/debit cards, bank transfer, or via Mercado Pago application. The availability of plans is either on a monthly, semi-annual, or annual basis. The billing may be done according to the three plans they have to offer.SIS Argentina account security

SIS Argentina Review: Contact information and support

In case of any queries or information, the customer may reach out to them via the options they have in store for the customers to reach out to them.

One can raise a ticket stating the problem, or attaching the snapshot of the problem faced, and they will reach out to you with the solution.

Second, one can contact the team via the helpline number provided on the website or ask a query in the chat section.

If you feel the question is a general one and you don’t want to dig into the process of involving the company’s customer service team, you can simply look for the answer in the frequently asked questions section.

Their technical support is available24*7, but the sales support is available only on weekdays,  during working hours. Later on, it is not possible to contact them from a sales perspective.

Also, there is a knowledge base available for the users wherein one can obtain questions and solutions based on different sorted categories.

SIS Argentina open ticketSIS Argentina customer support

SIS Argentina Review: Cancellation Policy

Once paid, they expect a commitment, and a move back is not acceptable. There’s no guarantee of money back, once the payment is made.

SIS Argentina Review: Bottom Line

Here are the pros that we have listed down for you, to make it easy for you to make up your mind regarding SIS Argentina:


  • A good industry experience
  • Prices are moderate
  • Excellent Support


  • Pricing is based entirely on US$

After a good dig at SIS Argentina, we discovered it is worth a thumbs up from us. So if you are someone looking for affordable hosting service with a good support system, and services that are up to industry standards then this is the one for you. However, think carefully before you leap, once you invest, there’s no money-back guarantee.

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