Serverwala review (2021): Do They Really Provide Cheap Dedicated Servers?

Dedicated servers play an integral role in businesses and enterprises to get independent servers for their websites. To cater to their clients’ needs, Server Wala delivers dedicated servers from all across the globe.

Server Wala has been serving the customer for six long years. Over the years, it has provided services to startups, fortune companies, and humble customers like you.

Apart from loving loyal customers, they are now one of the most trusted servers with almost 100s of startups being faithful to their servers.

Server Wala has denoted its incredible achievement in practically all the world’s mainlands with over 30+ server farms throughout.

Serverwala review: Uptime – Availability – Security

Considering the uptime services, Server Wala has gained immense popularity because of its uptime services. You will notice a runtime of 100% on their servers with the most 99.9% of server uptime.

serverwala uptime

With a provisional 24×7 technical support, you can also access their chatbot anytime from the website. Serverwala has three ways of serving its customers with virtual dedicated servers, including forex dedicated, forex VPS and forex broker latency.

They have maintained their tagline of providing unbeatable security standards right from the beginning. On visiting their site, you will find cPanel as the authorized partners, and hence you may get special discounts during purchase.

This carbon-conscious startup is established with a 4 level of data security at each data center. The dedicated servers have minimal access, with exclusive members managing the entire cabinet.

Serverwala review: Pricing – Features – License

Server Wala’s most popular servers range from $8 to $60 per month for cloud and dedicated servers. The three most known plans are bundled with high-end CPUs and ultimate storage capacity with the right RAMsize at affordable pricing.

serverwala pricing

They are currently the cheapest in the market to provide a cPanel account with dedicated servers. If you are a Windows or Linux system user, you can ensure 100% use of system capabilities with admin access and complete customization control.

serverwala dedicated india

Serverwala is a Hot Deal page that shows the best pricing in a particular area where you are trying to avail of the best offers and make a purchase with unbelievable discounts.

serverwala dedicated with cpanel

With all these services you get complete assured security over the servers. It claims to provide the best value for money plan in the market. Serverwala helps in giving these dedicated server plans for all the small as well as large enterprises.

With the open reviews from customers, you may conclude that they are committed to delivering excellent quality service to the users.

serverwala ssd

With all these services, you get complete assured security over the servers. It claims to provide the best value for money plan in the market. With the open reviews from customers, you may conclude that they are committed to delivering excellent service to the users.

This Indian startup never fails to cheer for their Indian customers. If you reside in India, then you can account for some of their different prices. Serverwala’s trained IT staff operate their network with a 100% uptime facility.

They provide a 30-day money-back policy, wherein if you fit in their terms and conditions of their use, you can undoubtedly receive a complete reimbursement. You get the advantage at serverwala by using their services before finalizing the hosting portal.

Server Wala’s dedicated servers met all the customer’s needs so that they don’t have to get into the reimbursement structure, which may make a wrong impression.

serverwala ssd dedicated

Serverwala review: Customer – Support – Ticket

You will be well engaged with their site if you love reading the news and stand curious about weekly updates. Server Wala operates blogs and news feeds that are updated within specified intervals.

serverwala blog

The blog here includes a navigation tag where you can surf for news/ blogs according to your interests. Although they have mentioned trending news here, you will find news from 2019 still as a trending appearance. Well, this was something unexpected in the way.

You would love to hear their 24×7 customer service, which is another considerable task they are performing. You will find an inquiry form in the blogs section, which is quite challenging to locate for a neophyte.

You can claim their active services on WhatsApp, email, skype, chatbot, and even call facility! However, we noticed that they were less keen on WhatsApp to which they prefer email or calls.

serverwala chat

Well, this example of their live chat support is enough to get a complete idea of the team handling your queries. However, you can opt for a call to resolve the issue, which is the fastest possible way.

Serverwala review: Ease of use

Serverwala has built its website with very few colors, and hence the final appearance of the UI looks neat and clean. Although being a substantial site with many sub-tabs, they clear most of the doubts.

You will find a missing FAQ section, which is covered by the live chat. But we feel that they must include the FAQ section for ease.

serverwala trusted by

There is no harm in commenting on their homepage as the most interactive page. Different mail ids are assigned for various tasks so that you can get in touch with the team at the earliest. However, apart from all this, everything on the site looks pretty clean to visuals.

Serverwala review: Conclusion

Server Wala is a startup with an assured and proven history of loyal customer service. However, in worst-case scenarios, you must consider the team might not be answerable to mails/WhatsApp at unusual hours.

Apart from all these, the service provided is outstanding and strongly rated by most of the hosting rating sites online. Overall the best pricings on the Hot Deals page always grabs the attention of the users on the internet!

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