Servers9 Forex VPS Review: Is it Good hosting? Let’s find out…

Getting a dedicated server for your company website is costly, especially when it is just a startup.

An alternative to that is VPS. Virtual Private Server is somewhere between a shared hosting and a dedicated one. VPS Hosting is preferred because you can afford it like a shared server and control it like a dedicated server.

Servers9 is one such VPS hosting provider that offers WordPress, VPS and Dedicated Server hosting.

Servers9 Homepage

The servers are located in the cities of North America, Asia, Europe and Australia making a total of 17 data centers.

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Let us look at the plans for the VPS hosting services that Servers9 has to offer…

Servers9 Forex VPS Review: Pricing and Features

Talking about the pricing, we will be discussing the pricing plans for three different services. The first one is WordPress VPS hosting.

Many of you might be familiar with the WordPress content management system as it powers 34% of internet websites.

You can host your WordPress site with Servers9 VPS servers by selecting one of the following plans:

Wordpress Hosting Plans

There are five different prices available having different NVMe storage capacities and different RAM. All these plans include a control panel for WordPress management, free daily backup service and Plesk CP with WordPress Toolkit.

The best part is, WordPress hosting offers you a 30-day free trial so that you can try and test all the features of this server and then decide whether to continue or not.

The other service this VPS offers is Plesk VPS hosting. This service also comes with five plans:

Pleask Hosting Plans

All these plans come with a free daily backup and a Plesk Web Admin Licence along with any plan they select. Also, a pre-installed Plesk control panel is available.

Not only this but also their plans include SEO site audit tools that have keywords rank tracker and a malware scanner.

Next, is Forex VPS Hosting that too with five plans:

Forex Hosting Plans

Again, all these plans include free backups and they come with a pre-installed MetaTrader software. You can get full control of your VPS and can reinstall Windows on your device.

Now, what can you do with this VPS hosting service?

VPS Features

It has a control panel to let you manage your VPS services. It comes with a VNC console that allows you to control the activities of a remote computer from your device.

It takes daily backup of your data and allows you to restore it anytime you want. It also lets you take snapshots of the displayed items on your screen.

You can set up an RDNS, install Windows or Linux on your computer as well as re-build or change your operating system.

Servers9 Forex VPS Review: Ease of Use

In this section, we will talk about how easy it is to use the VPS hosting service of Servers9 and will look into what it has to offer.

Is Servers9 difficult to use or one can easily go through the steps by himself?

To find this out, let’s start with the registration procedure.

So first, you need to go to the page where you will have to create your account:


Once you have filled the required details, you will have to log in to the portal again.


Once you have logged in, you will land on the dashboard of the Servers9 where you can see the boxes which will show you the services, domains, tickets, and invoices.

Login Page

Click on the box of services and you will get a list of options from which you can opt for the service that you want to start.


These are the list of available options from which you can select one or more services that you require from this VPS. Pick the services and click on continue to proceed to the next screen where it will ask you about your domain.

Domain Registration

You can register your existing domain as well as a new domain which you will need to buy here or you can update an existing domain on this server.

Once this has been done, you can proceed with the payment. You can review your order in the cart before you make the payment in the end and once you have verified the purchase, buy it and enjoy the services that Servers9 is offering.

It accepts the payment via MasterCard, Visa, and PayPal.

So, it is pretty easy to use, right? Click on the service section and you can see the status of the existing service or add any other service that you want from Servers9.

And if you face any difficulty while using the service, you can always raise a ticket from the Ticket section and mark the severity of it. We will discuss this in the Customer Support section.

Servers9 Forex VPS Review: Security and Reliability

Here, the uptime and speed of the VPS hosting service are tested. We also look at the security features of the service and decide whether it is reliable and secure enough to protect your data.

So, what about Servers9?

They have conducted a benchmark comparison of their website through ServerScope who tests the speed of this VPS, their bandwidth and performance.

Benchmark Speed Test

The CPU benchmarking is conducted. Here, several UNIX commands are sent to the CPU and then it is observed how the CPU does all those tasks.

Looking at the speed-test of this VPS server, it can be determined that it is fast enough to work upon.

To be honest, there is no clarity about the security offered by Servers9. But they do have a privacy policy on their website that says that they hold your personal data with them but you can always request to erase it for security purposes.

Servers9 Forex VPS Review: Customer Support

Customer support is one of the most important parts of any service. But this VPS hosting provider still has to cope up with the customer service.

The only way to contact the customer support sections is by raising a ticket.

Customer Support

This section allows you to prioritize the severity of your problem so that the customer support team can pick it up accordingly and resolve it. You can also include screenshots of the problems that you and write a short message describing the problem.

You can also reach them on the call given at the bottom of the homepage of their website. They have provided two contact numbers, one for the USA and the other one for the UK. Not only calling but also a Live chat option is available on their homepage.

They do have a knowledgebase section but they do not have the provision of tutorials.

But, here is a thing, you can only access the knowledgebase section from the homepage of the Servers9 website. If you have logged into your account and click on the knowledgebase, you won’t be able to find sufficient support.

So, there is a fair chance that your queries might remain unanswered.

There is live chat support. You can also raise a ticket about your query and wait for their response. They also have offered two email addresses where you can reach them: and

Even the knowledge-base section is under development. So, there is a fair chance that your queries might remain unanswered.

This hosting service, started in 2016, is not new in the market, nor in the limelight but still has some good features. The things that are really good about this VPS hosting are listed below:

  • The pricing plans are affordable and are almost similar compared to other VPS hosting service providers.
  • This hosting provider offers a free daily backup for any plan that you select.
  • They provide NVMe Storage (Non-Volatile Memory express) in solid-state drives that provide high transfer speed between the enterprise and the client’s system.
  • includes free SEO audit tools that have Keywords rank tracker as well as a malware scanner.
  • Overall, it is easy to use.

As we said, this is a new service and so it is expected that it might have some flaws. This service too lacks in some of the sectors:

  • Only the WordPress Hosting service offers a trial period of 30 days whereas the remaining plans have to be purchased.
  • The knowledgebase section can only be accessed after logging out from the website i.e. can be accessed from the homepage.
  • There are no tutorials or no blogs to support the queries of the customers.
  • Not clarity is given on their website for the users’ security. This means we still can’t get a clear idea of what security does this VPS service offers.

Servers9 Forex VPS Review: Do we recommend Servers9?

We looked at the pricing plans, the features it has to offer us, reliability as well as the Pros and Cons of this VPS.

Now is the time we tell you whether we recommend this VPS service to you or not.

The good thing is, it is easy to use, all the plans are affordable and you can rely upon the speed offered by their virtual private servers. Along with the prices, it offers NVMe storage and enough space for your professional website to be hosted.

But yes, it does lack in providing tutorials. The articles on their website can be accessed from the knowledgebase section on the homepage.

Servers9 is a new platform and needs some improvisations and it is not that bad to give it a try.

But yes, it does lack in the knowledge-base and has still to make improvements with customer support.

Servers9 is a new platform and needs a lot of improvisations in most of the places it is not that bad to give it a try.

It comes with a 30-day free trial for WordPress Site plans. You can definitely use it and find out whether it is perfect for your WordPress website or not.

If yes, then you may continue with the same and if not, then you can always cancel it within those 30 days and they won’t charge.

Good Luck using Servers9!

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