ServerGuy review: How Good Is Its Web Hosting Service? (2021)

ServerGuy was founded back in 2009, with a sole aim to build the world’s fastest platform for WordPress and Magento. With more than 5000 happy customers, they prove their point of being established in the hosting solutions.

ServerGuy intro

Apart from WordPress and Magento, they are also experts in WooCommerce Hosting. They support their customers with all sorts of infrastructure and technology needed for the best deployment.

ServerGuy service

ServerGuy’s security and support can always help the customer just to be focused on their business ideas. Today, we are going to review their WordPress Hosting, let’s see if they can blow our minds.

ServerGuy review: Uptime

Our analysis tried to explore their uptime and found that it wasn’t mentioned anywhere on the site. So, we directly approached their live chat support, which claimed they offer a 99.99% uptime SLA.

ServerGuy uptime

They offer 24/7/365 customer support, which is not available everywhere these days. Apart from its daily backups, unlimited bandwidth makes the customer’s work pretty easy. They also have hacker free security, which assures you to fix everything even if your site gets hacked in the worst case.

They have a feature of auto-updating WordPress, which makes the customer need not worry. With web application firewalls available, your site becomes resistant to malware and hacking attacks.

ServerGuy up

We rate them good in this section due to their prompt response, high uptime, and security features.

ServerGuy review: Pricing and Features

Here we are with the prices and features of ServerGuy’s WordPress Hosting. They have classified their hosting plans into monthly as well as an annual subscription. As per our first look, their plans are well-suited for all types of users, be it a student, a business professional, or just a beginner. Let’s take an in-depth look into it.

The plans go from as low as basic to most standard ones on their website. Their plans for customers are categorized into 6 main categories;

  • Starter ($19/m)
  • Pro ($79/m)
  • Growth ($149/m)
  • Business 1 ($299/m)
  • Business 2 ($549/m)
  • Enterprise ($999/m)

ServerGuy pricing

Similarly, if we take a look at the price range for the annual subscription, it varies from $190 to $9990 for the same set of plans but with no extra perks added to it.

Let’s discuss the features or services that the user gets for their most basic plans. The starter pack comes with 10 GB of storage and has a free SSL. At the same time, the Pro pack gives the option to extend up to 5 sites hosting and a free CDN with SSL.

ServerGuy price2

As we go higher in the range, we get more storage, and the number of sites also increases accordingly. For instance, the Enterprise plan comes with huge storage of 800 GB and allows users up to 100 sites. It is the choice of customers to go with the plan that best suits their needs.

According to our observations, the basic plans are very cheap for the number of services they offer, but on the same side, the standard plan’s cost is too high comparatively. So, we rate them good for starter packs, and okay for the standard ones.

ServerGuy review: Customer Support

Well, customer support is an organization’s literal backbone. We always look for organizations that have excellent customer support and feedback before picking up any service. In our detailed analysis, we found that their customer support panel is super active.

ServerGuy cust supp

Till now, the minimum time we experienced in any replies from a hosting site on our queries was 3 minutes. Serveguy’s quick response live chat system is ready to answer you within a minute, which is really fast. So, we find this very rare and impressive.

ServerGuy cust support

Apart from it, the customer support is also interactive enough to engage and understand your queries before giving conclusions.

They also have a Knowledge Base for their customers, sufficient to solve their general queries. But what we felt was they lacked there with the number of resolutions available for each section they are concerned with.

Especially with the WordPress section, they don’t have much of the content to explore.

ServerGuy kb

So, for the KnowledgeBase section, we suggest some improvements to them, but the overall customer support in our views is excellent.

ServerGuy review: Ease of Use

So far, we observed each of their WordPress Hosting related things which included their uptime, customer support as well as the pricing. Now, let’s give our verdict on their ease of use in terms of accessibility to their customers. This will be based on our observations made in traversing through the website.

The website is designed in a sophisticated manner, and hence it is easy to traverse through each section and relate to it. They have categorized their website, mainly Magento and WordPress Hosting related details.

Apart from it, they also have some case studies, ebooks, and blogs available in the resource section, which can be useful for the customers in order to get going with hosting.

ServerGuy easeServerGuy ease of use

So, we rate them exceptionally good in terms of ease of use as the interface that we observe is very comfortable to work with.

ServerGuy review: Conclusion

We have already observed and rated all the necessary parameters for a hosting site above.

We found the hosting site ServerGuy to be perfect for the beginners and their customer support to be very good. On the whole, they seem to excite any newcomer and provide excellent support to the ones who are already using hosting services and want a switch.

You can confidently count on them if you are just stepping into the hosting world. Cheers!

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