Review: 5 Pros & 2 Cons of Using Hosting

If you have ever searched about, then chances are that you would have stumbled a mixed review.

Some good and some bad reviews.

However, I thought of reviewing it myself and list down the good and not so good points about

But before that let me give a brief about the company based on whatever information I could gather.

What is Hosting? was established in 2002 and has its headquarters in Denmark.

It is one of the larger hosting platforms, more popular in Europe. was launched by Jacob Jensen.

It is spread across 149 countries and has a customer base of over 1,500,000. is a fast-growing hosting platform.

So is this the best hosting platform for you?

Well, the answer to this question would be clear from this review.

I would first discuss the best and the good parts of choosing

Let me first get on the pros of Review: Pros

There is definitely a reason why is popular.
Some of the reasons are: Review: Performance

I have used hosting in one of my project so I have server performance data that I have mentioned here below:

How fast is Hosting? server speed Hosting server speed test – B. Credit: Bitcatcha

The similar test I have done to check Time To First Byte (TTFB) webpage test provides above-average performance. Not the best in the industry but still provides a decent performance to start with. provides better performance and load times with its Professional Plus and Business plan which uses SSD.

See’s hosting’s full plans here… Review: Pricing Flexibility is most popular for its low pricing plans. It provides 4 different hosting options. The basic plan provides the required features for a rudimentary website.

The basic starter plan has the pricing of $2.45 per month. The 4 plans available are-

  • Hosting Starter
  • Hosting Professional
  • Hosting Professional Plus
  • Hosting Business

The plans have a pricing as- hosting plans

In terms of hosting, for most plans, you renew at the same pricing which is an added advantage.

When I speak about pricing flexibility, I would like to point out that, provides additional services at separate pricing. This means you don’t pay for something that you would never use.

Apart from the hosting pricing, also has a separate setup fee.

The setup fee is $13.80.

You can have a single domain as well as a multi-domain along with an add-on domain.

By default, the add-on domain supports the starter plan. Each of these domains has separate pricing which is available for a period of 12 months.

Most hosting platforms charge separately for domains, and so does as well. There are other features which are priced separately.

For instance, you can choose Backup and Restoration at $1.99/month for each domain. supports e-commerce and you can add Webshop if required. This has the pricing of $12.45/month. Webshop

You can access One Photo Pro at $4/month. This provides an additional 500 GB of photo and video storage. SiteLock can be added at $1.69/month. MarketGoo Start can be added at the pricing of $4.51/month. has a flexible pricing and does not bombard users with additional features which they do not want to opt for. Review: Features has a set of features which are worth giving a mention about. Each of its hosting plans has distinctive features.


Starter Professional Professional Plus Business
Storage 25GB 100GB 200GB SSD 500GB SSD
Processor 1 x CPU 2 x CPU 4 x CPU 8 x CPU
Website Supported Single Single Multiple Multiple
SSH access No Yes Yes Yes
Backup and Restore No No Yes Yes

The basic Starter plan supports basic websites, blogs, and email hosting.

Each plan is supported with a 15-day money-back guarantee. Along with this, each plan supports unlimited bandwidth and unlimited email accounts.

In case you need more services then you have a website builder. This has separate pricing and provides 3 plans. website builder plansOther supported features include WordPress hosting, email hosting, WebShop, Office 365.

Each plan can be customized to choose additional services such as SiteLock, Webshop, One Photo Pro and Market Goo Start.

With One Photo Pro, you can store 500 GB of photos and videos. This also automatically takes backup of your photos. Market Goo is a search engine optimizer that can be used to improve SEO ranking. Review: Security

Security is being mentioned as a pro for since it does incorporate some basic security features along with its hosting plan. does not have too many out of the box security features, but it does provide basic security.

SSL is included as part of every plan you choose. This is an added advantage since many hosting platforms charge SSL separately. For higher-end plans, Backup and Restore are included.


Email hosting supports spam and virus protection.

SiteLock which can be used to protect your website from malicious users and can be chosen at separate pricing.

Overall provides most of the basic security features which are required for hosting. Review: Customer Support

Ah next let me speak more about their customer support. has a dedicated support page which has well-segregated topics. You would probably get most of your basic queries answered over here.

You can also check their blog section for more information. support can be reached using their live chat option.

The live chat option does not appear instantly but has a search option. So before you choose the live chat you can search more about your query.

In case you still need more help, you can go ahead and access their live chat option.

I tried their live chat option. A service representative joined within 5 minutes. The wait time was not much. The customer support representative provided me with details about every query. chat1

The only issue I faced was the time taken by the representative to answer every question. Every question on an average had a wait time of over 10 minutes, which is concerning.

Overall it was an average customer support experience.

Well, this does hit the pros of, since it supports a 24/7 English live chat option. also has other language preferences, which is an added advantage.

Something to look for in case you wish to choose other languages besides English. Review: Ease of Usage is well-known for its simplistic interface. The greatest advantage being, it can be easily adopted by even novice users.

The cPanel, as well as the website builder, is easy to use. website builder

The website builder requires no coding efforts and provides easy to use drag and drop feature.

Similarly, provides 1-click WordPress installation. WP instalation

The cPanel is well-segregated and offers a simplistic view. Review: Cons

Now that I have spoken about the pros of using

Let me get into more details about the downsides you would face while using Review: Add-ons provides add-ons such as SiteLock, Website Builder, and several others.

Each of this has a separate pricing. Overall in case you do not need any of these features then you may find their pricing to be budget-friendly.

However, by all probability, a more professional website would need these add-ons. And yes this is exactly what will burn holes to your pockets.

Starting from the domain, setup fee and it’s a list that keeps on adding in case you would choose add-on features. You pay separately for each of these. Review: E-commerce Support provides WordPress support and has Webshop for e-commerce platforms.

However, besides this, there aren’t any other additional features available for e-commerce development. Review: Conclusion has a lot of basic features available for rudimentary website development. Their plans in case you choose only basic hosting are affordable.

Though it’s not the cheapest option available in the market.

In terms of two crucial parameters which are performance and uptime, provides average metrics. Again not the best in the industry.

A good point about is its ease of usage and makes it a good option for beginners. This is a decent choice for starters, provided you do not need too many add-on features for website development.

However, a deal-breaker is its support for other crucial features which is certainly lower than a lot of its competitors.

Point to ponder in case you are looking for an overly professional website and require more advanced features.

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