MyForexVPS Review: Is It the Right Provider for You? (2021)

VPS hosting might be considered the easiest service to manage but now nearly every hosting company offers it and we know you might be confused.

MyForexVPS homepage

But what about a company that specializes in VPS hosting? More specifically, trading VPS hosting? Would you still think twice? But again don’t let specialization be the only deciding factor.

We took a deeper look into MyForexVPS to provide you with just enough information to make a wise decision. To preface something, MyForexVPS has top of the line server equipment like:

  • IBM Servers
  • Netapp Services
  • Juniper Networking

If you’re into trading or would like to get into learning the ins and outs of it then this review is for you. So without further ado, let’s learn more about MyForexVPS. Not only the good but also the bad.

MyForexVPS Review: Pricing & Features

MyForexVPS Pricing

As you see from the picture, we have 4 plans: SOLO US, PRO US, XPERT US, and GURU US with SOLO US being the starter plan with basic features and GURU US being the best value.

Now since this is not regular hosting, you do not get any of the regular available features like domains, subdomains, bandwidth limit, a website builder, etc.

Trading servers contain components like forex terminals, Windows Server OS, a limited amount of RAM & disk space, MT4 (online forex trading platform), etc.

Hence SOLO US would give you 1-5 forex terminals (recommended amount depending on your RAM & Disk usage), optimization for MT4/MT5, 1 GB RAM, single-core 1000mhz server, Windows Server 2008/2012, and 25 GB SSD all for the price of $12.99/mo.

The PRO US plan is the most popular one here. You get twice the amount of terminals and RAM, 1600mhz CPU, and SSD 30 GB SSD @ $17.99/mo. Even if these are slight up upgrades from SOLO US, you can get a lot done with more CPU power.

XPERT US could probably power your small fund. The CPU is bumped up to 2300mhz, 3 GB RAM and 40 GB SSD could get you through anything. This plan could run you up to $27.99/mo which could be a little steep for some.

Finally, the GURU US plan would basically let you run above 25 terminals with a 4600mhz dual-core processor, 4 GB RAM & 50 GB SSD. The cost is as premium as the features which are $52.99/mo.

Are the prices justified then?

MyForexVPS guarantee

For the price, the CPU cores are completely isolated and NOT shared so what you’ll be getting would be raw power. But budgets still may vary.

MyForexVPS Review: Security

Security is essential in all aspects of web hosting. Especially when it comes to forex trading, matters are a bit more serious. Many companies guard their users with tight-knit privacy policies.

MyForexVPS’s privacy policy has multiple clauses that make sure your personal data and rights are protected. Its privacy clauses could be summarized as follows:

  • MyForexVPS processes personal data through ON2A hosting which handles personal data to prepare & conclude a contract, to identify & service the client, and basically uphold the usual ethic of the service.
  • It clarifies that personal data being used to conduct to maintain & analyze statistical data and conduct market research
  • Your personal data could be submitted to legal authorities at given notice or unethical market practices.
  • ON2A updates its policies & regulations along with implementing new technologies
  • The user rights basically consist of rules implying that if your data is being looked into by the company then you have the full right to object to it and get your data restricted and erased.
  • You can exercise your rights only on the basis of a written request

The aforementioned policies are updated on a daily basis and hence your personal data is processed through safe channels.

MyForexVPS Review: Customer Support

Here is where you interact with the backbone of your hosting service. Customer Support guides newcomers and experienced alike into unknown territories and also troubleshoot problems.

Customer Support works in 2 ways: Knowledge Base or Live Support.

Let’s first check out the Knowledge Base.


Since VPS servers are relatively simpler to manage, theoretical knowledge could be pushed aside but you wouldn’t be wrong to assume that it is a bit empty here.

There’s a how-to article on how to connect to your VPS server through various OSs, installing MT4 on your VPS server, and how to remotely change your screen resolution on mac.

MyForexVPS Resolution

The FAQ might be simple-looking but the articles are certainly more graphical & easy to understand. For newcomers, this could be the best thing but for everything else, they might be left in the water for now.

Let’s move on to the Live Support.

MyForexVPS Live Support

MyForexVPS offers Live Support in the form of live chat & email support. The live chat could be found in the bottom right corner of their website and you email them at

MyForexVPS chat

We posted a question about their server management. Whether they own the data centers themselves or delegate them to third party companies, a viable concern among many users.

So the online chat support didn’t respond but we did try the email route as well. We got a response from the email, but it was only a notification stating that the ticket regarding our query has been opened.

MyForexVPS Customer Support

It just might be a case of bad timing that nobody responded but at least they do note it down. Instant responses could sometimes be an issue with smaller hosting companies.

Does this mean the service is incompetent? Not really. It only means that at times when you might require an instant resolution, you might need some patience.

MyForexVPS Review: Conclusion

To round it all up, MyForexVPS has ample features for an affordable price, the privacy policies hold up in the favor of the user, the knowledge base is barebones, and the customer support could use some work.

Some minor features we forgot to have mentioned would be a 99.9% uptime, SSD Storage, Instant VPS activation, unmetered data traffic, dedicated IP, low latency, etc.

So after all the good and the bad, is it worth recommending? Wing? We’d say definitely YES. If you’re already a forex trading veteran, inconsistent live support should do fine.

However, if you’re new, things might not look too good. Some jargon might throw you out of the loop. No doubt, you can learn your way in too but it’ll have to be from an external platform.

Other than that you’re all set.

That concludes the review. What do you think about the article? What was your best takeaway? Did you happen to use the service yourself? How was your experience? Please comment down below and let us know.

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