MVPS Review (2021): Is It Worth Your Money?

Trusting a service that you have used before is a very valid excuse to keep using it. But is loyalty that makes you come back to the service? Isn’t there more to be desired and had?

That’s why we tried out MVPS. Although you might’ve never heard of MVPS before, but it does have a significant following in Europe, where it’s actually from.

Now we tried out MVPS extensively and have a few words to share. Therefore all the information in this review is based on our personal experience.

So is MVPS the new best European hosting service in the market? Let’s start with…

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MVPS Review: Ease of Use

Your trusted high quality VPS provider

Ease and accessibility enhance your experience in a major way. There are 2 main aspects of usability: User Interface and Navigation.

User Interface let’s you learn your way through trial & error. It makes sense that once you can make your way through all the buttons and icons, you can easily get used to the environment.

Navigation is all about giving the user the best possible route to getting around without getting lost in technical details. Navigation also helps in habituating the user.

Your trusted high quality VPS provider

Let’s start with the Dashboard’s Sidebar first. It’s simple-looking and easy to use. You have 2 main sections to look at other than Dashboard/Control panel and Cancel VPS.

The Action section is essentially there to switch the server on/off, reboot, pause or shutdown. The inclusion of all the buttons right into the sidebar make the maintenance of your site easier.

There are further options right under ‘Actions’ which make navigation at ease. You can reinstall the OS, upgrade, boot up the console for manual management, set up backups, get graphs for various stats, install apps, clone, etc.

Your trusted high quality VPS provider

Next, we headed over to the Graphs section to check the performance. There were 3 graph meters that show CPU, memory, traffic, disk read/write.

And the performance as you might see, not bad at all, especially the CPU usage looks stable and the navigation was lightning fast which is a sure plus.

Hence, to wrap this section up: the UI & presentation are on point. The interface was easy to get by and navigation felt smooth.

MVPS Review: Pricing & Features

Configure your Cloud VPS Server

Without wasting time, let’s jump into pricing. You can variate the billing cycle by monthly, annually, semi-annually & quarterly and you can also select the OS to be installed beforehand.

At €3.00/month, the ‘VPS ONE’ plan will get you a single core CPU, 2GB RAM, 25GB SSD, 1 website and 3TB worth of traffic bandwidth which are all enough for a startup or blog website aimed towards a relatively small crowd.

The ‘VPS BASIC’ plan at €7.00/month is a much better upgrade over VPS ONE. You get a dual core CPU, 4GB RAM, 50GB SSD, still 1 website but 7TB worth of bandwidth. At this point you can start thinking about upscaling your blog or starting that online store.

Similarly, ‘VPS POWER’ has double the amount of cores, double the amount of RAM, double the storage, still 1 website (which at this point could’ve been 2), and 25TB bandwidth.

You don’t get 2 websites until you move to the bottom isle, starting with ‘VPS SUPER’ which is €39/month and offers a 6 core CPU, 16GB RAM, 150GB SSD, 2 IP addresses, and 30TB bandwidth.

Lastly, the ‘VPS MAX’ plan offers 12 cores of CPU power, 64GB RAM, 300GB SSD storage, upto 4 websites, and 60TB bandwidth all at €99.00/month. Now, if we were to nitpick, the storage and bandwidth could’ve been stretched to unlimited.

MVPS Review: Security

More often than not, it all comes down to security. So what kind of security can you expect from MVPS? Well there are 2 ways to ensure your trust:

Your trusted high quality VPS provider

Two Factor Authentication is a verification method that involves 2 gateways to be passed through before gaining access. It’s one of the most common forms of authentication but nonetheless very secure.

You can easily set up your phone number & email, password & OTP, passkey & personal ID or any other combination of authorization mediums.

MVPS - Your trusted high quality VPS provider

IP Access List can be used to input IP addresses that you need to block. These IP addresses could be potential threats that could harm your site. Hence, you can’t reset this protection once set and it can also be used in tandem with Two Factor Authentication.

That sums up security. You have protection in the form of Two Factor Authentication and IP Access List.

MVPS Review: Customer Support

Customer support makes your life much easier. Issues come up all the time and users end up looking for answers all over the internet. If the service itself has a centralized knowledge base and a responsive customer support, it really tends to make a difference.

Frequently Asked Questions

In the beginning you have the FAQ section or as we call it the ‘Knowledge Base’. You can get answers to a lot of the common queries like what are VPS servers, uptime guarantee, backup policy, what are automated backups and how they work and much more.

Frequently Asked Question

Talking of answers, well, they are kept rather short and to the point. Being to the point is good although not always. Expansion on a certain topic is sometimes necessary especially when the user can potentially be new to the subject.

Some external links to related topics for further reading would have also been helpful as it is with many similar FAQs.

Your trusted high quality VPS provider

When it comes to getting live support, MVPS has a ticketing system in place that can be used to get queries solved or you can also paste error bugs or screenshots of your problem.

Your trusted high quality VPS provider

Here, we posted a question about the integrity of their servers. We wanted to know if all their servers were managed autonomously or were delegated to third party companies which is often a risky move due to threats like data theft and…

MVPS - Your trusted high quality VPS provide

…they replied within a few hours with the response being as expected: They’re aren’t any third parties involved. But again, the response time could’ve been better.
That makes up for the customer support. You have a rather half as good knowledge base and a satisfactory live support.

MVPS Review: Conclusion

So all that information leaves us with one last question:

Is MVPS worth it? Is it worth recommending beyond its flaws? Will it make a difference to move your site over?

To put it simply: No…but Yes.

In our experience, the service felt very satisfactory. It was easy to use, the navigation was fast, there’s a wide range of plans with multiple tier of features, server security is trustworthy, the support works, and…

…the security security features could’ve been, well, more, and the knowledge base could’ve been expansive.

But hey no service is perfect and these aren’t the kind of flaws that completely ruin the experience. They CAN be fixed and improved and let’s hope they do.

Hence, that concludes the review. What do you think? Did you find the article informative? Is MVPS worth switching over? Did you try the service? Please comment down below and let us know.

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