Mad-Ez Domains Review 2021: Is It Any Good?

Madezdomains is an all-round online solution including domain registration, hosting, security, marketing, email, and even reseller plans. A service like this certainly removes the need for any third-party actors that might have additional costs.

Madezdomains homepage

If you have a small business and need the least amount of complexity, then a jack of all trades like Madezdomains makes perfect sense. But as they usually say, it could also turn out to be a master of none.

So let’s look into if Madezdomains nails what it sells or is it better to have scattered services.


Domain is the unique name that your website owns and is specific to your web address. No website exists without a domain and their cost fluctuates with market demand which is why people use backorder services to acquire domains for a future venture.

Domain Registration

Madezdomains domain registration

Taking from the name, Domains are undoubtedly Madezdomains’ main course. You can get here by simple navigate to Domain Registration from Domains in the navigation bar.

As you can see from the picture above, you simply search to see if your chosen domain is available or not. And if your chosen domain is available then you can buy it through the cart-checkout system.

They offer 3 plans during checkout:

  • Full Domain & Privacy Protection which covers prevention of domain hijacking and accidental loss of domain due to failed billing or any credit card error
  • Ultimate Domain Protection & Security includes features complete features from the above plan and a few advanced features like complete malware monitoring and search engine blacklist monitoring
  • No Thanks comes with the most basic privacy protection measures and your personal data is registered with their WHOIS database

Domain Transfer

Madezdomains domain transfer

Transfering your domain does come with a hefty price but Madezdomains makes it easier by including the second year price within the first year which also includes the transfer fees.

In order to initiate the transfer, you need to unlock the domain and get the authorization code from the previous registrar which could be available in your account or it needs to be obtained from the administrative contact email.

Domain Backorder

Madezdomains domain backorder

If you don’t know, a domain backorder is when you register to buy specific domains when they become available. Hence, a backorder. Domain Alert Pro Backorder is the name of the service and it costs $20.99/year for .COM, .CO, .INFO, .ORG, etc. domains.

All in all, Madezdomains could be your one-stop shop for all your domain-related needs.


In this section, we cover Madezdomains’ another 3 aspects: Website Builder, WordPress, and Shopping cart. These aspects help you build and run your website without having to require an extra hand.

Website Builder

There are 3 tiers that range from basic to business that cater to the needs of a personal hobby to a small-mid sized business to even a full sized corporation:

Website Builder Personal

Madezdomains website builder

Website Builder Personal costs $5.99/month and includes features like Responsive Design, an SSL Certificate, capable performance under load which is great for blog websites that can have inconsistent levels of traffic.

Website Builder Business

Madezdomains website builder businessWebsite Builder Business is targeted toward small-mid level businesses that get heavier loads and require a more dynamic infrastructure. Other than that the features are pretty much the same but the price is $9.99/month.

Website Builder Business Plus

Madezdomains website buiseness builder plusWebsite Builder Business Plus offers performance best suited for a larger operation that needs advanced functions to get through large sales spikes. The price is $14.99/month.

It also goes without saying that every plan comes with a 24/7 available customer support to solve your complaints and grievances.


Madezdomains wordpress

WordPress Hosting has a lot of benefits due to its optimized and scalable nature. Great Uptime, Auto-Updates, 24/7 Support, CDN Boost, free themes and plugins, etc. are some of the obvious ones from above.

But WordPress is more popular among personal users due its ease of use and maintenance.

Madezdomains wp plan

The pricing here ranges from really affordable to quite expensive. But you’ll also see a rising hierarchy of increasing features with every plan.

The WordPress Basic plan offers 1 Website, 30 GB Storage, 25,000 visitor bandwidth for a simple operation which may not be much but it gets a lot done without burdening your pocket.

Then there is WordPress Ultimate that has unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited malware security, SEO Optimization and a lot more that costs $16.99/month but has a lot of longevity and it could be all you need.

WordPress PRO offers a higher number of websites than core features. You get 25 websites, 250 GB Storage, One-Click Staging, SSH/SFTP Access, etc. which is perfect for launching multiple projects and testing sites.

Shopping Cart

Madezdomains shopping cart

Shopping cart is Madezdomains’ eCommece-friendly hosting plans that caters towards online shops. It’s not only great for eCommerce but it is also suitable for managing for social media and email marketing.

Madezdomains shopping cart premium

Plans here are priced very modestly and according to the amount of product catalogs you can display. The plan you see above offers Unlimited Product Cataloging, 50 GB Storage, 1000 GB Bandwidth, and much more at $47.49/month.

To round up, Madezdomains has covered all aspects of website establishment from building to efficiently running it.


Madezdomains hosting

This section covers what Madezdomains offers within its hosting services, like cPanel, Plesk, Business Web Hosting, VPS Hosting, Fully Managed VPS, Dedicated Server, and Windows Dedicated Server.

cPanel and Plesk

Madezdomains cpanel

cPanel provides an intuitive interface for the users to control his/her website with. Usually it comes as a backend application but here you can use it as a hosting service in its entirety.

The cPanel Starter plan costs $2.49/month with 1 Website, 30 GB Storage, and Unmetered Bandwidth which is great for beginners and then the cPanel Ultimate offers Unlimited Websites, Unlimited Bandwidth, 1000 Email Accounts, and much more for the cost of $16.99/month.

Madezdomains plesk

Plesk is another UI for backend Users. It also comes as a web hosting platform as well as a data center automation application available for Windows and Linux.

The Plesk Starter plan is also quite similar to the cPanel plan, except you also get 1 MySQL database for advanced management. Then the Plesk Ultimate plan offers everything Unlimited including Unlimited MySQL Databases.

Business, Managed, and Dedicated Hosting

Madezdomains business web hosting

The Business Web Hosting Launch plan has 60 GB Storage, 2 GB RAM, Single-Core CPU, Unmetered Traffic, etc. at $29.99/month. Then the Web Hosting Expand plan is quite expensive but it has features that includes a 4-Core CPU for the price of $99.99/month.

Madezdomains self managed

The Self Managed VPS 1 is a plan with the minimum specs and affordable price but certainly isn’t suitable for anything intensive like a full-fledged Windows OS. Self Managed VPS 8 on the other hand offers the best bang for buck with an 8-Core CPU for $104.99/month.

Madezdomains dedicated

The Dedicated Linux Server Economy plan offers 1 TB Storage, Unlimited Bandwidth, 4 GB RAM, and Standard SSL Certificate for the price of $169.99/month. The Ultimate plan offers 2 TB Storage, 32 GB RAM, Unlimited Bandwidth, and SSL for $349.99/month.

When it comes to hosting, Madezdomains does not pull any punches and offers the best service for the best price, especially in the case of dedicated servers.


Madezdomains has a great domain and hosting department that delivers beyond expectations. But since it’s all bundled in a crowded package, is it worth investing in it?

Our answer would be: YES.

IT IS worth investing in Madezdomains due to its diversity in service that won’t let you consider any third-party services due to everything being implemented in-house.

You can build your website with a Website Builder, host it with one of the few affordable plans and manage from cPanel with ease.

So don’t forget to checkout Madezdomains for yourself and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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