M-hoster.com Review: Is it Right Hosting Provider for You? (2021)

Smart business management needs to look for a quick and effective platform through which its potential could be expanded to the online market. While there are many options available in the widespread competition, few seem to stand out in their unique way.

M-HOSTER.COM is a hosting provider company that functions from its server towers located in Germany. They try to focus on securing the data of their clients. Storage of information in the modern world is an essential aspect of any project, and they prioritize the customer’s need for space.

M-HOSTER.COM believes in providing maximum returns to the businesses and individuals that invest in them. They offer a full range of hosting services along with feature-packed control panels and up-to-date performance-oriented hardware. They aim at providing a smooth experience to the customers.

M-HOSTER.COM also provides individual support to each client regarding their online hosting services. They try to improve the productivity of the client’s web base and provide assistance regarding any technical difficulties that the customer might face.

M-hoster.com Review: Uptime and Security

M-HOSTER.COM offers round-the-clock monitoring of clients’ hosting servers. They are equipped with a highly reliable and performance fueled equipment setup.

They claim to provide fantastic uptime facilities. The servers are based in highly secured data centers that are controlled and monitored by qualified personnel.

m-hoster features

The security support provides the privilege of an anti-hacking system that protects the servers from cyberattacks and burglary. The trustable and secured data centers allow the clients’ data to be guarded by various security thresholds.

The data centers assigned for the job are technically advanced setups to provide the best experience.

M-HOSTER.COM improves the protection from ransomware by initiating regular backups of the data on the servers. They respond quickly enough to back up essential files and storage.

In case of breakdown of servers, the client remains unaffected and can proceed with regular operations while the data is being restored.

M-hoster.com Review: Shared Hosting Plans

M-HOSTER.COM aims to provide a wide range of hosting experiences to the customers. They offer inexpensive shared hosting plans for small projects and businesses. High-speed internet services help in quick accessibility of the webpages.

The shared hosting plans are divided into four categories: Budget, Lite, Standard, and Mega. All these plans are equipped with varying facilities to fulfill the requirements of different clients. The pricing details are listed below.

m-hoster shared hosting plan

The details regarding other features and software included in these plans can be obtained from the shared hosting plans page.

They provide reliable software and featureful cPanel to ensure productivity and smooth experience for the clients’ web presence. The cPanels offer essential databases such as MySQL and phpMyAdmin. Free SSL certificates are provided to ensure the security of clients’ data.

E-mail forwarding services also help in improving the functioning of hosting services. The cPanel is also equipped with a Softaculous script installer. It installs 448 useful scripting services with just a single click.

The shared hosting plans also include an additional feature for Dedicated IP Address, which can help to maintain a secret identity.

m-hoster dedicated ip

The CDP data backup system facilitates the backup of stored data to offshore data centers. This protects the clients’ files from manipulation by any rival company. This smart backup system allows the client to restore all the lost files in the case of a server breakdown.

M-HOSTER.COM also helps in free migration of the customer’s website from any other hosting service. They allow the secure and reliable transfer of all the required data files from another hosting service to their cPanel.

M-hoster.com Review: VPS/VDS PLANS

M-HOSTER.COM offers Virtual Dedicated Servers (or Virtual Private Servers) for customers that require all the administrative responsibilities of their website. These plans provide complete access to the servers and allow the clients to handle the software and security themselves.

m-hoster vps plan

VPS plans also allow the personalized installation of the libraries and offer access to a private IP address and ports. They also provide the benefit of hosting primary or secondary servers based on their domain names. Thus, VPS plans offer full access to the servers’ customizations.

The renewal rates for the hosting services are the same as the initial charges. They may also offer seasonal discounts for long-term customers.

M-hoster.com Review: Knowledge Base and Customer Support

M-HOSTER.COM showcases a full package of knowledge when it comes to supporting customer queries. They present a wide range of essential topics that allow the consumer the luxury of a quick and easy solution.

m-hoster kb

Moreover, the further categorization and classification of the queries allow a convenient approach for the customers. The knowledge base covers almost all the required material regarding the technical difficulties faced by the clients during the usage of their web hosting services.

M-HOSTER.COM supports the customers through e-mail services, and they also provide Whatsapp support for quick and convenient clarification of any technical or service related doubts.

m-hoster email service

The customer support provides short and to the point answers to the customer queries. They allow technical assistance over the call as well.

Although their website operates in Russian, the clients do not face any difficulty while using a translator. The site has a traditional layout that allows convenient usage of resources and helpful content.

M-HOSTER.COM presents a 7-day money-back guarantee on hosting services and accepts various popular payment methods.

M-hoster.com Review: Conclusion

M-HOSTER.COM is a great platform that could help a business rise to its undiscovered potential. They provide low cost and feature-packed hosting services along with reliable servers. They maintain the performance of their data centers with the help of highly advanced next-gen technologies.

They offer shared hosting as well as VPS hosting to suit the distinct needs of different businesses and projects. Incredible knowledge base and excellent customer support help the clients to resolve any issues regarding their hosting services.

M-HOSTER.COM can surely help you to build an online image.

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