Limitless Hosting Review: Is It Most Affordable Web Hosting Provider? (2021)

Limitless Hosting is a game server hosting website founded in 2016. The remarkable success achieved by gaming servers led to the foundation of digital services. With the introduction of web hosting in the year 2017, 50 cents per month plan became popular.

Limitless Hosting provides some special features which keep them ahead of their competitors. Some of these include customer service, free SSL, almost complete uptime period, and live chat support.

Limitless Hosting success stories won’t end here as it has been winning the hearts of the customers leading to an average rating of 9.8. It has been given many awards from renowned organizations.

Limitless Hosting achieves to maintain their truly limitless service by keeping the cost down and server time up. Limitless proves to be the best in class when it comes to providing the perfect choice for users on web hosting.

Limitless Hosting Review: Uptime – Availability – Security

Limitless Hosting has served three glorious years in the market and has proven its services by giving a flawless uptime which almost scales to 99%. The server uptime is guaranteed by Limitless Hosting with its low rates for hosting.

Limitless uptime

Limitless hosting provides a unique facility by making available the 24×7 live chat with the customers so that they can enjoy their services uninterrupted. Apart from these, Limitless Hosting provides three product hosting – cPanel, DirectAdmin, and Reseller Hosting.

Limitless Hosting is very protective when it comes to security. They ensure your protection from threats, vulnerabilities, cyber-attacks, and frauds. The expert support and SSD are two top features provided by Limitless to ensure your safety.

The migration for the current website cPanel to others is completely free and experts will take care of the rest. Limitless also provides experts where you can hire them for a very low cost with the annual plans.

They also provide Cloud Services at 16 locations at a starting price of $8/mo. It is currently available on 5 OS. They assure you in providing instant setup with complete root access and cloud server storage.

Limitless Hosting Review: Pricing – Features – License 

Limitless are known for their quality and reasonable prices. Apart from these two key constraints they also focus on some excellent pricing features for other plans as required.

Limitless pricing

The enlisted features cover all your needs. Their high performing servers are well maintained by experts and provide statistical uptime of almost 99%. With the best customer service, they give 24×7 chat feasibility to solve the issues faster.

Limitless plan

Their products are classified into three services. You can select any one service and begin with their plan. This cPanel Shared Hosting comes with free migration over others which can thus be performed by the experts.

Limitless Hosting also provides Cloud Servers with cheap rates and quality plans. It has made plans easier with their Intel’s CPU and Pure SSD.

Limitless cloud server

Itis the official distributor of WISECP. The next generation hosting and digital solution platforms required by users are provided by WISECP. Below are the features that are given by them with their WISECP plan special pricing.

Limitless features

Apart from some features that are provided by most of the hosters, Limitless has included some unique features with their same costing for the plan. This way the customers can get the best out of Limitless Plans.

Limitless unique features

The best part with their plan is that there are no extra incurred revised charges for the plan renewal.

The user can renew a plan with the same amount as the purchased plan. For eg. If a user purchased a 90cent plan then at the time of renewal after a year the same amount is charged! Isn’t it interesting?

Limitless Hosting Review: Customer – Support – Ticket

Limitless claims to be best in its customer services and proved it again. Here are the responses recorded while retrieving information from Limitless Customer Care.

Limitless customer support ticket

The mail regarding query was answered within a span of time to which it only implies that their customer service is appreciable. The answer was very short and to the point.

Limitless cutomer support answer

Here is yet another example of their customer services which was answered within a minute. They have also introduced a ticket system wherein the user can issue a ticket and state their problem in brief and likewise forward it to the team. The team will then review the ticket and assign an expert to solve the problem.

Limitless Hosting owns excellent troops of customer care and there is no doubt in that. Limitless also provides a complete refund policy within 48hrs of transactions.

Limitless rating

When considering customer ratings, Limitless is just the best in its class. Over the years maintaining a global trademark with the customers seems to be so easy for Limitless Hosting.

Limitless Hosting Review: Accessible – Clean – Knowledge Base

Limitless Hosting is a clean and simple website that can be easily surfed through by any neophyte. Limitless has FAQs involved in every section which makes the user easier to go through prominently listed questions and clear the doubts within a limited number of clicks.

Limitless awards

Limitless Hosting is not just winning the hearts of customers but also of the big organization that is awarding them with the best titles. Apart from Limitless Hosting’s clean UI, it has worked on solving the customer doubts giving it a topmost priority.

Knowledge Base section solves almost all the major and minor doubts of the customers. Where FAQs played a vital role in helping the customer to solve problems, this cool section by Limitless is just awesome.

Limitless KB

Limitless Hosting Review: Plan revocation – Reimburse

Limitless Hosting provides plans which now enable the user to enjoy for a period of 2 days and if services are not proper then the company will refund the complete plan amount.

This is the most interesting part where users will actually get time to know the services on their own.

However, for some plans, there is no refund policy which will be cleared by the customer care team while purchasing the plan. Limitless Hosting ensures that every transaction is well secured hence it uses debit/credit/PayPal through a secured portal.

Limitless Hosting Review: Ease of Use

Limitless Hosting believes in quality and price at the same time which makes it one of the best in the market. It is against the malpractices of fraudulence with the customers and is more directed towards gaining and building trust from them.

There should be a slight extension for the number of days given for the refund policy else everything is just perfect. The users who visit this site can easily navigate through each page. Every tab is included with FAQ to make things easier from the beginning.

Limitless Hosting Review: Conclusion

Limitless Hosting overall provides the finest services with their customer care and live chat. Limitless Hosting is an inspiration for the best price with the best quality service providers in the world. Limitless honestly deserves a word of appreciation.

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