Infused Hosting Review (2021): Is It the Right Provider for You?

We all know the importance of hosting services for a business to thrive online. A website is a mannequin for businesses; it is only wise to make it live to the world. Hosting services play a vital role in collaborating developers and business ideas with the world.

Today in this article, we will be giving you a brief and concise review for a UK based hosting provider. We will also discuss all the pros and cons, which will come handy to you when you wish to make a purchase.

Infused Hosting is one of the most acknowledged firms when it comes to hosting services. They have a strong main stand in the market and upgrade their services based on the user’s needs.

Let’s cover all the significant aspects which will help you in purchasing hosting services from them. Today we will also cover some out of the box contents that they claim to provide without negligence!

Infused Hosting Review: Uptime – Availability – Security

Infused is primarily a UK based hosting service provider. They claim to provide 99% uptime with excellent availability of SSD storage.

They have a profound base when it comes to security and network speed. You will be amazed to know that they provide premium SSD storage at affordable prices with assured cashback.

With optimal servers, they have the most valuable thing that is considered mandatory to handle complex tasks: their SSD storage! Grab a quick look over their SSD facilities in the image below.

infused hosting ssd

Another awesome thing you will discover on their site is the SSD slider that you can set manually to select a plan according to your needs. With their SSD servers, there is no doubt about providing 1gbps network speed that appears to be usual for any customer.

Among the different plans that you can avail on their site, you will be happy to know that all the plans accompany free lifetime SSL. Most importantly, you get boundless subdomains liberated from cost.

The cost factor, which assumes a real challenge all over, stands ideal for your site when you select Infused Hosting Services. Here is the rundown uncovering the free services falling under their facilitating cost umbrella.

They offer specialized help all through the service time frame and guarantee security conventions for your sites. Their team is well-curated to comprehend your questions before submitting you any plans, consequently suggesting the best one for you.

Infused Hosting Review: Pricing – Features – License

So far, we have discussed the uptime services provided by Infused Hosting Services. Now, let us quickly understand their pricing and features.

infused hosting plan1

All their plans include free SSL and App installer. Another cherishing part about their services is the Add-on features and Unmetered bandwidth. As compared to their competitors, the Unmetered bandwidth is currently their unbeaten service. They don’t monitor bandwidths, so now you can have several visitors on your site without any hesitation or traffic.

infused hosting plan2

Below is a list of technical features that they provide. The most exciting part of their technical support is the availability of the team and immediate replies. We will be covering this section further.

infused hosting features1 infused hosting features2

Infused Hosting Review: Customer – Support – Ticket

Be it a first-time visitor or a trustworthy customer; everyone wants customer support. The customer support provided by Infused Hosting Services is above excellent. It is quick in solving doubts.

The screenshots below will clear your doubts and head you towards a clear mindset. You can geta basic idea from the screenshots attached, which will brief you about their support via mail.

infused hosting customer service

Infused Hosting Review: Knowledge Base

A website is known for its knowledge base and ability to solve doubts through FAQs. Infused Hosting Services provides the best doubt solving questionnaire, which is merged with their Knowledge Base to help users clarify their doubts with ease.

infused hosting knowledge base

Now, the next step is to click on the view all sections. This page opens-

infused hosting kb

You can log in here to see the network status, tickets, and downloads.

You can also create a ticket and track it by logging in. See the screenshots for your reference-

infused hosting open ticket

Infused Hosting Review: Accessible – Clean – Ease of use

To be honest, from the home page itself, the website is familiar and easy to use. You can easily understand and surf through various tags to know about them and their services.

Apart from accessibility, they also have catchy headlines to their websites so that customers and viewers can easily go through new offers. The font used is easy-to-read, and the colors used are very friendly, causing minimal strain on the eyes. Overall the website and services are excellent.

Infused Hosting Review: Plan revocation – Reimburse

You will be staggered to realize that they give a full 100% discount to every one of their arrangements. To guarantee the profits, you must fit into their plans and terms strategy, and once they notice it, you can claim your reimbursement under a couple of working days.

infused hosting ssd

Infused Hosting Review: Conclusion

Overall, the website is well built, and the services are awesome. And when it comes to feedback and customer satisfaction, they are perfect in providing and accomplishing all users’ needs.

If you genuinely love to read and write on your website simultaneously, then Infused Hosting Services is perfect for you. There is no doubt that they are among the best network providers with excellent VPN connectivity over larger circles!

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