Infomaniak Review 2021: All The Things You Need to Know

Infomaniak is what some people would call, “Jack of all trades”. There are just a ton of resources pooled into one place that wants to serve you with custom services like kMeet, kDrive, SwissTransfer, and Swiss Backup.

Infomaniak cover

In essence, Infomaniak is a collection of services put into a neat package that does a little bit of everything.

You can make a website, get your domain transferred, get security for your website, make an eShop, design that eShop, store your data, marketing, multimedia, and MUCH much more.

But what we would like to focus on here today is their hosting services, which even though are a small part of this conglomerate but are essential to us as hosting enthusiasts.

infomaniak hosting types

There are 2 main sections of hosting services. One focuses mostly on independent individuals and SMEs in the form of Email & Shared hosting.

The second one focuses on more performance in the form of Dedicated & Cloud hosting for more scalability or managed features.

And with that in mind, let’s take a look at Infomaniak with a critical eye for pros & cons.

Pricing & Features

Infomaniak has 4 sets of plans for their Web & Mail section:

  • Web + Mail Hosting
  • Mail Hosting
  • Web Hosting (without mail)
  • WorkSuite for SMEs

infomaniak web+mail hosting

Web + Mail is exactly how it sounds. You can get a set amount of features for a standard hosting operation that has a set amount of requirements OR you can also customize them to your liking as well.

infomaniak mail hosting

Mail Hosting costs €1.50/month for 5 email accounts which is great considering you get features like data security, permanent data backups, 99% uptime, servers in Switzerland, and much more.

infomaniak web hosting

This is what we’re here to talk about. Vanilla Web Hosting made to serve one purpose. You can get the Web + Mail hosting if you want mail too but most people would make their bed with just web hosting.

As you can see from the picture above, there are dials that you can slide through to adjust disk space & websites to make a custom plan that suits your needs.

Although, a majority of people would find 20 websites by default a bit useless.

But you do get unlimited MySQL databases and daily data backups which means you have enough resources to play with. The cost is €5.75/month which seems fair when put against competitors like GoDaddy or SiteGround.

That’s it for pricing, let’s take a look at additional features.

infomaniak additional features

If you are worried about security, they have Anti-DDoS Protection for that, Let’s Encrypt SSL, and Sectigo. Along with good uptime, there is support for all eCommerce platforms like Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, etc.

Talking of WordPress, Infomaniak provides Elegant Premium Themes that are built by professional designers for simply a drag-n-drop use case and a barrage of other features that you should check out.

infomaniak workspace

The Workspace Suite is more separate than a web hosting service. Its primary purpose is for employees to collaborate and join in on the same platform to discuss ideas, plans, and strategies.

The pricing seems to be the same as Mail hosting and Web + Mail hosting with the added advantage of the platform.

infomaniak cloud server

If you’re looking for performance from your server then their cloud servers offer up to 32-core CPUs with RAM available up to 96 gigs. But then obviously, the price rocks up to a whopping €230/month.

Their managed servers offer a lot more options because of how much control they gain over their hardware but if complete control is what you want, then they also offer Jelastic cloud services that you can use for a custom infrastructure.

All in all, Infomaniak’s services fall in the same league as something like GoDaddy. You can choose between getting Web + Mail hosting or get them separately but at reasonable rates and rare features.

infomaniak domain selection

Ease of Use & Security

So Infomaniak does things a bit differently. It is very intuitive indeed but also offers additional settings like select by category, search by category, and display existing domains.

You can basically type in a domain name you may want and find out if it is available or not. And if it is available, you can purchase it on the spot.

infomaniak domain search

As you can see, our preferred domain name is already taken so we had to choose any alternatives from the bottom. We selected a .co domain to move the process ahead.

infomaniak registration step 2

On the second step of domain registration, there are a couple of add-on features that you can to the cart. DNS Fast Anycast and Domain Privacy could excel your website speed globally and keep you away from the WHOIS database.

Is it necessary to have these? No. But will you be better off with them? For sure.

But we’ll be skipping them for now.

infomaniak step 2 subsection

So there is a sub-part to step 2. Turns out, there is also a free plan with 1 website, 10 MB of disk space, and 1 GB/month bandwidth.

The free plan is a cool discovery but without Php & MySQL, the utility is quite limited.

The Web Hosting plan is as promised with the same features as before but here it comes with unlimited traffic bandwidth.

Then the third one, which is a managed cloud server is an interesting option. You get 100% dedicated resources and more tools at your disposal but at a bigger cost.

Let’s go with Web Hosting for now.

Infomaniak step 3

In step 3, we are prompted with a ‘Please Create Your Account’ page. Since we cannot skip this prompt, we went ahead to create our Infomaniak Account which also allows creating your own custom email address as well.

infomaniak renewal warranty

In step 4, you get an option for another add-on: Renewal Warranty. Basically, this add-on ensures that your domain name and hosting plan don’t just vanish at the end of their due dates.

You can get it for safekeeping, but for now, let’s move on to the final step.

infomaniak last step

The last step is obviously the payment & checkout portal. It’s custom like the rest of the procedure. You can check all our selected details on the right and also add a promo code if available.

For payment, you can only use your credit card. This could be a bummer for a few who are relying on other payment portals like PayPal or GooglePay.

That is it for registration. Now let’s talk about security.

infomaniak admin console

Infomaniak offers a great sense of control in the form of their Admin Console. The Admin Console lets you configure all sorts of settings like SSH access, configurable host, manage SSL certificates, and Cron management.

And all that is only a few clicks away.

infomaniak server location

Another important thing is their server location. Switzerland is quite neutral in its politics and free speech policies which means least government interference in your data but complete data protection as well.

Plus, Infomaniak also offers a Swiss Webmail service which means even your conversation with clients is safe from data theft.

We already talked about SSH access and Let’s Encrypt SSL, but another niche feature to point out is their backup system that creates a copy of your data on another server for double-safekeeping.

So the registration process is simple with a few add-ons sprinkled over. While there should be more options, you can only buy with a credit card. The security could be deemed as premium as the service.

Customer Support

infomaniak customer support

Customer support in a web hosting service is like that final touch that any perfect dish needs. It is such an integral part of a service yet so overlooked.

Infomaniak has a live chat option for brief & quick query resolution and a Knowledge base ideal for self-learning or finding your own way out of a problem.

infomaniak faq section

Infomaniak’s FAQ section looks very ordinary on top but the little icons on every line confused us at first but actually they relate to the topics inside those articles like the mic & vinyl mean audio and video hosting.

infomaniak faq articles

The articles are full of detail and have complex definitions broken down to simple bits with further links to breaking it down even further.

This is certainly very intuitive but could be too much for people looking for a much shorter resolution. Nonetheless, there is also a blog if you’re looking for an external reading.

Now, on to the live chat.

infomaniak live chat

So you can’t just hop on to chat with a representative. You have to pick the kind of question you’re looking for an answer for. It could be any of the 3 from above.

infomaniak live chat 2

We selected the ‘I have a commercial question’ option. Then we went through 2 quick prompts and landed here. Turns out, they are all busy.

But it also seems to unlock the mail and telephone conversation options.

infomaniak live chat 3

But we decided to go with the live chat option anyhow. Their usual reply time is 5 minutes, so be it.

infomaniak live chat 4

Turns out, they were home after all and a reply came in a few seconds.

infomaniak live chat 5

It’s evident now that their live chat is indeed fast and responsive. We inquired about their SSL security and their representative seemed to know the simple but important details which made our point clear.

To round up, the Knowledge base is well done. Not great but good enough for learning and the live chat feature had us guessing at first but it worked out well later.


So what is it about Infomaniak that could make it worthwhile?

We’ll say it’s in the essence of the complete package that you get, not just hosting. Dozens of add-ons that you can apply or remove at will, auxiliary services, multimedia features, VOD/AOD, etc.

Of course, there are also the features that we talked about at length and their on-paper services that offer a complete experience without engaging any third-parties.

With that, we’ll suggest you give Infomaniak a try based on our findings and appropriate testings. You get quality & quantity at reasonable rates with people who promise to have your back.

Plus, they have a 30-day satisfaction guarantee to win your vote so be sure to hold out for that.

Now there are some obvious cons to Infomaniak as well. Because of the scale of such a service, things do get a bit bleak at times.

You might not have enough credit on your credit card, it might take time to get used to their custom console, the documentation on the website is a bit hazy but if you can look past these shortcomings, Infomaniak could just be your thing.

Kindly let us know your thoughts about Infomaniak in the comments below and here is a link to our review process if you’re interested to learn more.