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HostMargin Review: Is it Right for You?

While we were studying ‘HostMargin’ for writing a review, the first thing which came to our mind was about its name.

Well, the term ‘margin’ is often referred to for calculating profit margins.

After a deep study, we found out as to why it is named as ‘HostMargin’.

If you are wondering about us, then let me assist you by telling you that we love to write hosting reviews about different hosting companies.

We have our own guidelines for review and you can see our suggestions for the top five hosting companies too.

But if you are particularly looking for an Indian hosting company then you must read further.

We guess you all might be eager to know as to why they named it ‘HostMargin’.

So, let’s dive in!

What is HostMargin?

HostMargin is an Indian web hosting company based in the state of Kerala, India.

In addition to the shared hosting plans, the company offers WordPress, Reseller, Dedicated, and VPS hosting.

Users can be assured about the speed as it has data centres spread across Asia, Europe and America.

HostMargin: home page

HostMargin: Uptime

Uptime refers to the time during which the site remains up and visible to the public at large.

HostMargin provides an uptime guarantee of 99.5%.

Using HostingPill’s uptime calculator, we found out how much downtime is expected at 99.5% efficiency.

Downtime indicates the time for which the site is not visible to the world at large.

SLA uptime calculator

HostMargin has a great uptime as it uses NGINX and CDN to enhance performance.

NGINX helps to accelerate the delivery of content and improves the scalability of the website for the business and thereby impacts the speed of delivery to the user. It also helps to secure the website from cyber attacks.

CDN helps to cache the data and makes it available quickly to the user.

According to us, HostMargin provides a good uptime but there is still scope for improvement.

Pricing and features

HostMargin: pricing

When it comes to pricing, HostMargin is affordable. The basic plan costs just Rs 700 annually.The price of the plans varies from Rs 700 to Rs 3000. (approximately $9 to $ 40)

When compared to others in the same category it is much less but has lots of features.

We feel it is a great combination of price and reliability.

Probably it signifies that their share in profits is marginal and they believe in consumer satisfaction and that’s the reason why they call it ‘HostMargin’.

HostMargin: features

It has got a wide range of features with built-in website builder tools which help to build the site without the use of complex coding language.

One thing worth noting here is that according to the terms and conditions, HostMargin does not allow the user to upload videos, films, movies, mp3 files, songs and any other privacy protected content on the shared servers.

Also, the domain changes on the shared hosting plan are only allowed in the unlimited plan.

For any other plan opted, the user has to purchase a new domain.

Well, it has as many as 100+ Open Source Web apps for content management and e-commerce platforms like WordPress, Joomla and PrestaShop.

It uses the one-click app installer cPanel for the above which is very user friendly.

Apart from the above, it has free SEO plugins which can help to optimize the site at no additional cost.

In addition to the above, it has many features like;

  • Free SSL certificate
  • Free Website builder tools
  • Fast loading time with CDNs and NGINX
  • Firewall security
  • SSD storage
  • Unlimited sub-domains
  • 24/7 support via email.
  • Free Backups

According to the terms and conditions of HostMargin, the backups are free.

Restoration of backups is chargeable. They are chargeable depending upon the type of restoration you need.

HostMargin: Backups

It is worth noting that it offers 4 days free trial for VPS and dedicated hosting only and does not offer any refunds arising due to termination of contract due to any reason.

HostMargin: Ease of Use

We found the interface was quite easy to use. But the site does not have ample videos to guide the readers in case of need.

cPanel makes it easy to install the apps at just one click and the website builder tools make it very easy for the user to make the website without the need to code.

The free SEO tools plugin helps to optimize the site performance at no extra cost and are very easy to understand and implement.

Customer support

HostMargin does have a live chat facility.

They do have a ticket system and excellent email support, and telephonic support.

We tried to contact them via an email and got an immediate reply.


Apart from it, they have a good database of articles in the ‘knowledge base’ section.

customer support

We feel that there is a scope of improvement in this area and videos would be a better option to guide the user.

Often if there is some problem at the user’s end, the user feels that the server is down.

To remove this doubt it offers the feature of ‘network status’ to all registered users wherein they can know the performance status of their servers.

network status

HostMargin: Security

Well, as said earlier it uses NGINX for security features.

HostMargin: NGINX security

NGINX helps to provide 7 layer protection and end-to-end encryption.

Also, helps to mitigate DDoS attacks by imposing bandwidth and rate limits to lessen service and network abuse.

HostMargin: Pros and Cons


If you are looking for a cheap shared hosting plan then HostMargin would be the right choice owing to the;

  • Economical plans
  • Security features
  • Free SEO plugins
  • Free website builder tools
  • SSD storage
  • One-click installers
  • Customizable hosting packages depending on the needs.
  • Live chat support

But it has few drawbacks too which need improvements.


  • Videos would be better than blogs to guide the user.

HostMargin: Conclusion

So, do we recommend using Hostmargin?

Well, if you are familiar with hosting and know how to use cPanel and other features then it will work great for you but if you are new to hosting then you might face difficulties in absence of proper videos or live chat options.

Pricing wise and security-wise there is simply no reason to worry and you can go ahead with HostMargin.

Also, you can customize the package depending on your need.

Do share your experiences with us, we will be glad to know the same.

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Solanki Thakur

Jun 21, 2021



Value for money

Customer Service

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One day I tried to call them and chat with them but no response. I don't like customer support at all.

May 29, 2020



Value for money

Customer Service

Overall Rating

Hai I'm Joice, I'm with host margin for the last 1 Years. Getting Excellent Service and Support. When ever I contacted them for support, they will respond to me with solution within 5 min.. I never experienced any downtime till the time. If you are looking for a better hosting provider with great support i will suggest you to try hostmargin