Hostarmada Review 2021: Is Hostarmada the Right Hosting For You?

Hostarmada is the new stride in the world of web hosting services. It has been consistently growing ever since its onset and has finally demanded our attention for a review.

Hostarmada homepage

They have servers in Canada, London, Frankfurt, India, Sydney, and even East and Central USA which is quite impressive. Plus, custom location selection is available as well.

Hostarmada services

On the surface, the website claims superb quality, happy customers, and happy employees but buying something just for the advertising isn’t a very popular idea and which is why people like you like to read reviews!

Since you’re looking for a review, we have one to help you out.

Below we breakdown what we think about the pricing, features, security, ease of use, and customer support to provide you with some concrete facts.

So, let’s get into it, shall we?

Hostarmada Review: Pricing and Features

Let’s take a look at Hostarmada’s shared hosting plans. Shared hosting plans because it is the most popular form of hosting that people usually subscribe to which also happens to be the cheapest.

Hostarmada plan

For people looking for the least expensive option first, we have the ‘Start Dock’ option. It has 15 GB (cloud) SSD Storage, dual-core CPU, 2 GB RAM, 1 Website, Free Domain Name, and additional perks like free website transfer, multiple PHP versions, and unlimited – databases, FTP accounts, subdomains, etc.

Here’s the best part: The price is $1.20/mo! If you try and compare some other websites like BlueHost, GreenGeeks, or DreamHost (3 of our most recommended hosting services), their average cost evaluates at $2 and above, not to mention the features.

So, in our opinion, this is certainly a remarkable feat for the budget in case of shared hosting. But also not to forget, these are simply promotional prices and do bump up after a month.

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Moving on, the ‘Web Warp’ plan offers 30 GB SSD Storage, a quad-core CPU, 4 GB RAM, up to 14 daily backups, default perks from the plan before but other Warp plan features like unlimited addon domains, 3 free website transfers, Private DNS, etc.

The pricing here is surprisingly cheap too. You can have all the advanced features for $1.94/mo.

The ‘Speed Reaper’ is the highest tier plan at $2.69/month and offers unlimited websites, a 6-core CPU, 6 GB RAM, unmetered bandwidth, perks from both former plans, and advanced perks like dynamic caching, Litespeed web server, more CPU & RAM power, etc.

Where most basic plans start at $2.75, you get an advanced plan for $2.69. A point could be made that the SSDs are cloud-based so cost might’ve been cut there.

Let’s take a look at something else.

Hostarmada VPS plans

Hostarmada’s VPS plans are where you’ll have to actually shell out some cash and where you can truly test its hosting prowess.

The base plan ‘Web Shuttle’ gives you a 50 GB SSD, single-core CPU, 2 GB RAM, 40 Gbps speed, daily backups, cPanel, and Nginx Web Service.

At what price you may ask? That’s right, $41.21/month. The difference is that VPS offers more flexibility and isolated resources instead of being shared along with other users.

Further pricing tiers, only include escalated features with the highest one costing $101.21/month.

To summarize, Hostarmada has probably the cheapest shared hosting plans with great features in the market but could be hyped more for its VPS and Dedicated hosting plans.

Hostarmada Review: Ease of Use and Security

In this section, we cover what goes into signing up to a shared hosting plan and what kind of security Hostarmada offers.

Hostarmada domain selection

For this example, we decided to use the ‘Start Dock’ option which costs $1.20/mo. The page above is the first thing you see when clicked on ‘Select Plan’. The page allows you to register a new domain, transfer from another registrar, or use an already existing one.

Hostarmada domain check

We decided to use our existing one: which means that we’ll need to update the nameservers in order to use the server.

Hostarmada choose billing cycle

The next page is where you select the billing cycle from annually, biennially or triennially. Or there is also an obvious option to go by monthly which would run you $7.99/month which is still better than a lot of competition.

The second section is where you get to select the server location. You have 9 different locations from 4 continents which is as promised. Nothing more nothing less but some people still might feel a lack of options.

Now, there is nothing wrong with less options as more options might put you into confusion but usually you get a lot more choices than just 9 locations.

Hostarmada order summary

The next page is a simple checkout page which lays out your final order. You can use your promocode, review your choices and move on to the final step.

Hostarmada personal details

The final step is where you input your basic personal details, billing details, and method of payment. But first, you also need to sign up with Hostarmada in order to use their servers.

Other than that, your methods are limited to either a credit card or paypal. Indeed popular methods but a bit behind on the competition.

Next, let’s take a look at Hostarmada’s security features.

Hostarmada security features

On the surface, Hostarmada offers a firm support structure on their servers that corrects any error or security breaches. There are daily backups for every shared hosting plan and user account isolation which means that your shared hosting server will be as closed-ended as possible.

Further, Hostarmada has 2 sets of security blankets: Web Security Fleet and Environment Security Fleet

We’ll be taking a look at the Web Security Fleet because it is slightly more relevant to your purpose. Although, you can read about it all the same at their security page.

Hostarmada security

  • Connections Level Limits – This feature limits the amount of IP addresses communicating with your website to avoid a scenario as a DDoS attack where your server could crash due to inappropriate resource usage.
  • Requests Checking Service – Does exactly what you might think. Every request sent is put filters that evaluate its URL length, header length, and the request body length.
  • Web Application Firewall – A WAF solution handles every possible XSS attack or SQL injection by close inspection of your website’s traffic.
  • Static Files Checking – This feature prevents anonymous scripts from accessing your website’s essential files and only lets the server PHP scripts make the contact.
  • DDoS Protection Service – Simultaneous connections from the same IP could overload the server and cause a failure, popularly known as a DDoS attack. Hostarmada implements ModSecurity Integration, Per-IP throttling, SSL Renegotiation, and a custom reCaptcha Guard.

To put it in short, the ease of signing up is certainly there. You can get it up and running in none to less time. The security is tight as well. Any third party inclusion is most likely not a concern.

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Hostarmada Review: Customer Support

Hostarmada customer support

Now on to our last section: Customer Support. We like to keep this one at the end due to its unique importance but being underrated.

So the usual way to go through this part is that we first inspect the Knowledge Base at hand (which could be guides, tutorials or articles for a specific query) but in Hostarmada’s case there is also an entire ‘learning centre’ section for tutorials.

Hostarmada customer support

The Knowledge Base looks pretty formal to say the least. There are separate sections for separate forms of queries like Domains, Email, SSL, Linux, etc. Each section is labelled with the number of articles that each contains.

Hostarmada articles

Clicking on a section takes you to the subsequent articles. We clicked on ‘Email’ so we see 14 Email-related queries which are in question format which seems more intuitive.

Hostarmada SPF record

So the articles themselves are OK at best. They will get the job done. But we’ve seen a better implementation than this. Not that a ‘great-looking’ article will help you better but it could be subjective. A simple instruction is all that one could be looking for.

Next up, we test Hostarmada’s Live Chat Support.

Hostarmada chat

The Live Chat client matches the color theme of the website. It is powered by Zendesk so features like pop-out window, file attachments, Email Transcript, etc. are expected.

We posted a question about their server integrity, about whether they have full control over their data centers or do they let third-parties have some level of inclusion.

Hostarmada chat

The reply was relatively quick so there is less-to-none chance of your query being ignored. But the answer itself was a bit tricky to decipher. They seem to employ services of an external upstream provider which could also be simply known as an ISP provider.

So to put it in a nutshell, the Knowledge Base does what it says without any fuss and the Live Chat support is quite fast and responsive but does give away a minor flaw.

Hostarmada Review: Conclusion

In the end it all comes down to these final questions:

Is it worth ordering?

Is it worth recommending?

Or is there a better deal to be had elsewhere?

Our answer would be: It is worth a shot. Hostarmada isn’t a perfect hosting service but it isn’t the worst service either. To be honest, the features for shared hosting are really great and the security features instill a good amount of trust as well.

Especially if you’re a newcomer then it is definitely a must-try. As long as issues or errors go, there were none to be mentioned.

Plus, there’s also a 45-Day Money-back Guarantee so feel free to try it out for a month and then if you don’t feel good, you simply get your money back.

Click here to check out Hostarmada right now

That’s it for this review. If you felt like trying out Hostarmada, would recommend it to someone or would like something else mentioned in the review then please comment down below and let us know your thoughts.

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