Host4Geeks Review 2021: Will You Be Switching This Year?

2020 was a hell of a year. On one hand, you had a global pandemic leading to a global economic depression and unemployment.

And on the other hand, people took this time into learning new things or firing up ideas they left long ago. These ideas involved the internet, which in turn involved hosting services and this is what involves us.

Host4Geeks homepage

So with 2021, enter Host4Geeks. A lesser-known hosting that promises all your typical hosting goodness like steady uptime, strong security, 24/7 customer support, and more.

They offer cPanel hosting, Reseller hosting, Dedicated hosting, VPS hosting, and Application hosting with shared, semi-dedicated, managed, WordPress, and Odoo as sub-hosting packages.

Host4Geeks free migrations

Right off the bad, you can have free migrations to come on over their turf. Makes you wonder: Are these free migration schemes always legit? Or do they do it out of desperation to invite new users?

Keep reading as we delve deep into Host4Geeks’ pricing, ease of use, security, and customer support. In the end, we’ll draw a rational conclusion to tie this review into a neat question of should you buy or not.

Let’s begin, shall we?

Host4Geeks pricing

Pricing Plans

The pricing story is simple. Beginning with cPanel hosting plans, you have STARTER and BUSINESS plans with seemingly obvious distinctions.

The STARTER plan offers 1 Website, 10 GB storage with Unlimited bandwidth. This plan works for beginners who aren’t looking to invest in an estore or a huge website with a lot of traffic.

Not that it can’t handle a lot of traffic. It is unlimited afterall. But at $2.49/month it is for people with lean needs. A personal blog, a fan site, a prototype product page, etc.

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The only urking thing is probably the 1 Database you get. More databases could provide more flexibility. Not a deal-breaker but you get the point. But again for the price, suitable.

Now, the BUSINESS plan is a different story. Storage, Websites, Email Accounts, Bandwidth, you name it. It’s ALL unlimited for just $9.49/month!

Now, of course the plan is indeed a steal BUT here’s the trade-off with these plans: You get 1 GB RAM and 1 Core CPU to work with.

Now if this was the case with the STARTER plan, it wouldn’t have been a debate all. But this is an advanced plan with much more to offer and deliver. Low specs could overload the server.

Regardless, this again isn’t a total deal-breaker. Even a single-core CPU could get you a sizable traffic to make the venture worth it. You can perhaps utilize the freedom of unlimited databases and sub-domains.

Host4Geeks features

If you’re hungry for power then you have to check out their Managed Dedicated hosting plans and more seriously, their best reseller hosting plans with whmcs hosting plans.

Do not be discouraged by the managed part. They merely set the stage for you and you can manage everything manually anyways.

The first plan comes with an 8-core Xeon E3 (which includes turbo boost) and 8 GB RAM for the cost of $129/month is more than enough for any mid to high level operation.

But if your needs are all-time high then the second plan is what you need. A Xeon E5 with 16 GB RAM and 240 GB SSD is the fastest you can go for $199/month.

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So once again, Host4Geeks offers highly affordable hosting albeit with questionable specs. However, you also have the option to go higher and get more performance if budget allows.

Their affiliate program is another thing that’s worth a mention. Depending on the program, you can get upto a 40% commission on each sale made. What’s more is that for sign up alone you can get $15 credited to your affiliate account. You can learn more about the program here.


So security matters. No two ways about it. If you want to protect your website, security needs to be tight with scalable measures.

Host4Geeks security

With Host4Geeks, you have all the essential features required for a secure website. These apply to all plans regardless of price.

To start off, you have:

  • DDoS Protection, which from the name, protects you from DDoS attacks that interrupt the connection between your site and the user.
  • Web Application Firewall monitors traffic interacting with apps on your site that could cause malfunction or worse: hacking.
  • Brute-Force Protection protects your site from being overloaded with a flood of password inputs causing your website to potentially 404.
  • Malware Scan and Reports works on the inbuilt Host4Geeks’ malware scanner that analyzes all the files on your website for any potential threat and creates a report on the findings.
  • Two-Factor Authentication is an authorization method that prevents any illegal access to your site by implementing a 2-medium access input for logging in.
  • Email Virus Scanner scans all incoming emails on your email account for any possible inconsistencies like spam, fraudulent mail, phishing attacks, etc.
  • CageFS Account Isolation is a quite new innovation in filesystems that separates the user from the rest of the memory block through a set of tools. Hence, isolating the user in their own individual private ‘cage’.

Now you know what Host4Geeks server security looks like. It is very standard and followed through the industry but also has other perks like backups, SSL certificate, and even something new such as CageFS Isolation.

Ease of Use

Making a user sign up to your service is quite the task to accomplish. It not only has to be intuitive but also inclusive to the user’s knowledge and gets all the facts across.

Host4Geeks ease of use

When you click ‘Order Now’ you can start the official registration process. On this page, you can register a new domain name, bring over from another registrar or use your existing one.

A big plus here is that if you use .com or .net, then you can register for free!

We used our existing one from hostingpill as is and moved the process forward.

Host4Geeks configure

On the next page, you get to select 3 options: Billing Cycle, Dedicated IP (which you need to buy separately), and if you’d like the SiteLock security addon.

We skipped on the dedicated IP and SiteLock. The final bill is the same $9.49 as promised.

Host4Geeks review and checkout

The next page is a simple review & checkout page. You can only really go through the summary of what you’re about to pay for or apply promo codes (if you have any). Better to go through again and click ‘Checkout’ to proceed.

Host4Geeks billing page

And finally you’re at the billing page. It’s sorta boring but it’s common in almost every other service as well. Just input all the required details, set account security, and choose payment of method to complete the buying process.

To top it off, Host4Geeks has a straight-forward registration, checkout, and billing process. Much similar to what we’ve seen in every service as well but intuitive nonetheless.

Customer Support

What is Customer Support? Why do you need Customer Support? are questions that needn’t be answered. It is essential to both rookie and professional people of all genres and invaluable to a hosting service.

Host4Geeks customer support

With Host4Geeks, you have 3 ways of getting support:

You can submit a ticket regarding any technical/non-technical issues you could be facing. This is indeed a very effective way of assistance but has a certain waiting period which is why we’ll be skipping it for Live Chat support.

Knowledgebase is the source of all information included in the service like databases, email, cPanel, troubleshooting, FAQs, etc. If you’re keen about learning about what you’re using, this is indeed the way to go.

Host4Geeks kb

Host4Geeks’ KB is rather colorful and inviting as you can see from the picture above. The UI is clean, bold use of icons, and a search bar to find anything instantly.

Host4Geeks faq

Clicking on a section opens up a FAQ page with neat UI, ideal for reading. Nothing too fancy, just plain questions and answers that aren’t too complex for a beginner. We’d say nice job.

Moving on to Live Chat support.

Host4Geeks chat1

So at any point on their website, you can simply access their live chat client at the bottom right. We initiated a conversation with a chat representative that was quite responsive, unexpected of a small-scale hosting service.

Host4Geeks chat2

He first tried to understand my question to give a more specific reply. In our opinion, this kind of conversation makes the user be more open about their issue whether they themselves understand it or not…

Host4Geeks chat3

…so we tried to be even more specific but the answer was the same as above. Nonetheless, it was quick, precise, and we got what we came for.

To put it in fine words: Host4Geek has a pretty good support system with a sweet looking knowledgebase and superb live chat.


So with over a 1000 words later, is it worth buying a plan from Host4Geeks?

Our short answer would be heck yes! The pricing is affordable, security seems air-tight, the sign up is effortless, and the customer support is more than enough.

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Our long answer would be if you’re concerned about the issue of specifications on shared hosting plans then don’t let those hold you back from at least trying. You can purchase the service for a month to decide for yourself.

Besides, most spec’d out machines are overkill for what they actually do.

So now that you know what’s what, what is your opinion on Host4Geeks? Would you buy their merits or skip on their cons? What do you think about the review? If you’d like to learn more about our process, you can read here.

Whatever your thoughts may be, please let us know in the comments down below.