Host Malabar Review: Is This Indian Web Host Any Good?

Host Malabar Review: Is it the Best Choice? Let’s find out.

If you thought about ‘Malabar’ as a coastal region, then ‘’ is an ocean of hosting solutions.

We call it an ‘Ocean of Hosting Solutions’ because it has got servers all across North America, Europe, and Asia.

With a lot of exciting features, this is a review we have been waiting to share.

We, at Hostingpill, review best hosting companies based on certain parameters and depending on that we offer our views regarding the same.

So, let’s dive in!

What is Host Malabar?

Host Malabar is a hosting service provider from Kerala, India catering to 100k+ clients worldwide.

The hosting company is connected with 400+ data centers globally. That allows them to deliver servers from any place in the world to their clients.

Host Malabar offers shared hosting (Linux, Windows, Dedicated, Linux PBN, Radio hosting), Reseller Hosting (Linux, Windows, Shoutcast), Storage Box, VPS hosting, Private Cloud.

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Host Malabar Review: Uptime

Uptime refers to the time during which your web host remains up and running.

Host Malabar guarantees an uptime from 99.994% to 100%.


More downtime can mean fewer chances of people being able to access the website, fewer leads, low revenue. That is why ‘Uptime’ is a crucial factor.

If the users can’t open your site, that’s a lost opportunity.

We used SLA Uptime Calculator to calculate the downtime for both of the ‘promised uptimes’.

Here is what we found:


The above image shows how much time the site will go down in a day, week, month and a year when the uptime percentage is 99.994%.

The best part, on their website they have a ‘status’ tab which gives information about the uptime of various servers round the clock.

We found more information about their data centers on the ‘about us page’.


Host Malabar Review: Pricing and Features

For this review we have considered shared hosting, Linux based, server location France, using cPanel for GUI.

It has 6 different packages to cater to the hosting needs. Mostly the features are common.

  • Email accounts
  • Addon Domains
  • Sub Domains
  • Databases
  • FTP
  • Free Softaculous
  • cPanel
  • DDoS Protection
  • Cloudflare Support
  • Ticket/Phone support

It is not clear from the description which database features, cPanel features, Email features it provides.

One of the things we liked is that it provides ‘Addon Domains’ in most of its plans which some of the hosting companies do not provide.

Free Softaculous makes it possible to load things quickly. It is already embedded in the cPanel which means you need not load it or purchase it separately.

Pricing wise it is lenient but according to us, it would have been better if the features were explained in detail.

Secondly, when we studied the terms and conditions, we came to know that the company does not permit us to host videos, films, movies, mp3 files, songs, privacy protected content to be uploaded on the shared server.

Host Malabar Review: Ease of Use

Host Malabar has a pretty easy to use interface. It has got many blogs to guide the reader in the ‘knowledge base’ section.

Each blog has a series of steps and screenshots to guide the reader.

The knowledge base section can be found in the ‘contact’ section.

Hostmalabar Hosting Solution

Announcements’ is a great feature to keep the subscribers updated about the latest new additions or any other important feature.

Host Malabar Review: Customer Support

customer support

As far as customer support is concerned they claim to have a live chat option, Yahoo, Skype and Google Chat.

We were unable to test the above features.

You can ‘login’ to your account and raise a ticket to ask a specific query.

In the case of more doubts, you can call them and get things clarified.

Host Malabar Review: Security

Security is of utmost importance while choosing a hosting partner. Ultimately our website is an e-store to the world and revenue-generating model for us.

We found that Host Malabar uses DDoS protection and Cloudflare for security measures.

Cloudflare provides security by protecting websites from malicious activities like DDoS attacks, malicious bots, and other nefarious intrusions.

They have proper security measures at the data centers to prevent unauthorized access.

The system requires a photo Id, biometric palm scanners and cards to allow only genuine people to enter the data center.

They have three-stage fire protection systems, automatic sprinkler systems, and smoke detectors to prevent damage to the data center due to accidental fire.

Host Malabar Review: Conclusion

All right.

So, having seen all the above features do we recommend Host Malabar?


They have excellent uptime, great support, and good security features.

The only thing we mind is they could allow the user a free trial version and explain the features in greater detail.

Which of the features of Host Malabar did you find unique? We’ll be glad to know in the comments section.

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