GoZEN Host Review 2021: Find out its Pros and Cons

Hosting provides website accessibility throughout the internet. Amongst several hosting companies, Gozenhost is one of the trusted names in shared hosting across the globe.

Now you might be wondering where Gozenhost is currently situated? Formed in 2008, Gozenhost is providing hassle-free hosting services from Snellville located in the USA.

Gozenhost is said to be privately held, providing necessary hosting for your website remotely. Now you must weigh several aspects regarding this server and might be stuck whether or not to choose Gozenhost.

This article would deal with all the pros and cons while purchasing Gozenhost as your web hosting partner.

GoZEN Host Review: Uptime

Gozenhost uptime

One of the standard criteria for judging the performance of a web-hosting provider is uptime. Keeping these things in mind, Gozenhost claims to guarantee you with 99.99% uptime throughout their complete hosting services.

With this rate, Gozenhost guarantees in providing you with minimal downtime hosting services, which means that it stores your website with necessary stability and smooth functionality.

With this high percentage, Gozenhost keeps an eye on several security aspects such as hardware firewalls, DV SSL certificates, and DDoS protection.

All of the above things imply that Gozenhost does not compromise with the security and safety of its customer’s website, which is quite commendable in itself.

GoZEN Host Review: Pricing & Features

With several shared hosting plans, Gozenhost gives you numerous hosting options based on your requirements.

Gozenhost pricing

Some of these hosting pricing plans provided by Gozenhost are as per their services. While some of the shared hostings consist of limited facilities, purchasing a hosting plan would benefit you with several other notable features.

Along with the better uptime functionality, Gozenhost gives several other necessary features to its users. Some of them are as follows:

  • Easy to manage Control Panel: If you are wondering whether Gozenhost is flexible in cPanel operation, you need not worry.
    Gozenhost prioritizes its customers in providing them with free Site Builder, along with cPanel access.
  • Hardware: Hosting provided by Gozenhost uses state-of-art-technology, which includes RAID-1 SSDs for optimum performance and redundancy.
  • Backup: These plans provided by Gozenhost will provide daily backups so that you can access the deleted zip files as well as the content.
  • Storage: Gozenhost gives you ample storage space for the user to upload their files, data, and other requisites. The space provided generally hovers around 10 GB to 500 GB Disk space.
  • Bandwidth: Bandwidth range in Gozenhost hosting plans typically provides about 200 GB to 100 TB.

With these loaded features, Gozenhost does give you a good plan at an affordable price. However, there are some of the limitations which can become problematic periodically. These are as follows:

  • Storage limit: Gozenhost doesn’t meet the requirements adequately as per the plans.
  • Elastic Sites Package: Elastic Sites Package looks to be a better option. But on clicking the “order now” button, it redirects to a webpage with an “under review” message.
    Thus, the Elastic package offered by Gozenhost proves to be a disappointment for those customers who wish to purchase the same pack.
  • Support team: According to the customers’ review, sometimes the pre-sales support team does not respond to the queries which must be handled by the pre-sales and support team.

Despite all these minor faults, Gozenhost can be a good option for purchasing a hosting plan.

GoZEN Host Review: Customer Support

Customer Support plays a significant part in ensuring that you clarify every doubt regarding any services. Gozenhost provides customer support in the form of both live chat support and opens ticket support.

  • Gozenhost Live chat support: Gozenhost provides excellent live chat support where there is a direct conversation between you and the service provider’s handler.

Gozenhost live chat support is usually open 24/7. There was a test from our side for Gozenhost based on their ways of handling the customers.

Gozenhost chat1

For instance, we tested Gozenhost, whether they will be handling the given scenario with ease or not.

Gozenhost chat

With the hosting situation, we mentioned about the hosting plans for one of our websites and told them about our plan expiration with the other hosting service providers.

Gozenhost chatGozenhost chat

In response to that, they asked us several questions, and in the end, the conversation with Gozenhost members concluded on a high note an excellent live chat system with proper solutions to the queries.

Gozenhost chatGozenhost chat

Secondly, Gozenhost has another way of taking up their customer queries. With the help of an open ticket, a customer can get direct support from the Gozenhost support team.

The best part is that the open ticket divides its queries into several departments so that customers can quickly put up their questions based on their department section.

Gozenhost cutomer support ticket

After clicking on any of these departments, you can quickly clarify your doubt without any issues.

Gozenhost cutomer support ticket

Apart from the superior customer support, the Gozenhost website lacks certain knowledgeable content for the queries section, which may become an issue if the above two methods are not working correctly.

Though the news section given on the website updates you with the current trends related to the hosting, it still does not cover up the critical aspect of the hosting issue.

GoZEN Host Review: Ease of Use

Gozenhost provides an easy to manage cPanel control panel along with free Site Builder where you can simply upload the files for the website activation. Along with this, they also give access to a range of developer tools with unlimited storage.

In the cPanel, you can quickly check the traffic happening on your website and other details such as Bandwidth usage, storage used, and much more.

The website working under Gozenhost runs smoothly with several happy customers lauding their hassle-free services without any stoppage.

GoZEN Host Review: Conclusion

With some cool features in their pockets, Gozenhost certainly does not sound bad as a hosting pack.

However, there are few parameters that Gozenhost needs to work upon, i.e., their pre-sales support team, storage limit, and pricing.

the hosting service which they provide is quite decent, and one can ponder upon whether they wish to take Gozenhost services.

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