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Geeksvillage Review: Is it a Wise Investment?

When users decide to buy any shared hosting plans for their website, they must weigh all pros and cons associated while looking for a valid package. Geeksvillage is yet another hosting provider if you wish to make your website live.

Formed in the year 2013, Geeksvillage is a Nigerian-based web design and website hosting company to provide a well-optimized website with minimal issues.

Geeksvillage, headquartered in Lagos (Nigeria), provides web development solutions apart from website hosting. They also provide a domain for those who wish to purchase the identification for their website.

With proper analysis, this article will guide you on whether you should purchase a shared hosting plan from Geeksvillage or not.

Geeksvillage: Uptime

Geeksvillage uptime

While purchasing any package from Geeksvillage, the user must understand the concept of uptime. With the help of uptime, you can expect to measure the performance of the web hosting platform.

Geeksvillage claims to provide your website with 100% uptime during their entire services. With this uptime percentage, it offers smooth functionality with no downtime, which means that you can rely on the given parameter.

With the uptime percentage, the Geeksvillage also provides you with a separate SSL certificate if you wish to have an encrypted connection. Through an SSL certificate, you can expect your website to transmit data from a site or a browser.

Geeksvillage does not offer you with free SSL certificates. Though, they have some excellent SSL packages in their inventories. It’s easy to install these SSL certificates in the cPanel once you purchase any of these SSL packs.

You will need to purchase a different SSL package along with website hosting to ensure your website to be a little more secured.

Geeksvillage validation

Pricing and Features

Along with different website services and hosting plans, it offers shared hosting as per your preferences. Some of these plans are as follows:

Geeksvillage pricing

For the convenience of the customers, Geeksvillage accepts Nigerian Naira for the local checkouts and US dollars for all the international transactions. All these prices mentioned are yearly, which are quite nominal.

To fulfill your requirements, Geeksvillage offers several hosting packages, including Standard, Boost, and Pro. It differentiated these plans based upon the features provided according to your website needs.

Geeksvillage provides different packages with different features intact. As shared hosting means that different websites can work on a single server, these plans usually come at many affordable prices.

Boost and Pro packs are much advantageous compared to Standard shared hosting plans because several notable features are present in these packages to count on. Though for small enterprises or businesses, you can emphasize on their Standard hosting packs.

Whether it is the number of database creation or the amount of email creation, they are much ahead than the base plan.

Geeksvillage claims to provide twice the faster hosting than the regular hosting which can prove to be a great benefit for the plans you wish to purchase.

Now, you might be wondering which Control panel does Geeksvillage offer to its users? It provides cPanel to its users for all the loading of SSL certificates and website files.

you can download all the related web applications absolutely free of cost. You can download these web applications via a cPanel account.

However, there were few features where Geeksvillage does not provide much help to its users. If you want a much better storage space (or disk space) for your website, there might be problems in both Standard and Boost plans.

Also, when compared with other hosting companies, Geeksvillage provides less incoming and outgoing bandwidth for its user. If you want a plan that can give a better bandwidth, it might not offer the same.

Customer Support

When it comes to any issues or problems, Geeksvillage provides its user with customer support in the form of live chat.

When we checked its features, Geeksvillage claimed to provide 24X7 live chat support. However, in some scenarios, i.e., in offline mode, it gave an email answer, which took a lot of time.

customer supportGeeksvillage customer supportchat

When they are in online mode, they responds much quickly. Although, we had a brisk conversation with the agent where several questions were put from our side.


Some answers from their agent seem to be quite convincing, whereas some answers were quite vague and short.


The bright side of their website is that they provided the necessary knowledge base to their users if they are stuck somewhere. This section into two parts: Knowledgebase webpage in the client area and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).


However, Geeksvillage has a concise knowledge base with fewer resources. But with the help of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), it compensates most of these issues.


You can submit all the incoming queries in the “Submit your Questions” button, where it will guide you to a separate webpage, asking you the required queries.

submit your questions

Ease of Use

Geeksvillage provides you with a better approach to your website with the help of cPanel (a control panel). The cPanel has the power to download most of the web applications at no cost.

Along with this, cPanel can perform several other tasks such as managing your databases, installing SSL certificates, creating an email, checking the disk usage, and much more.

The cPanel is responsible for storing and uploading the necessary files and folders for your website. Thus, Geeksvillage gives a variety of features with the help of cPanel.

Geeksvillage: Conclusion

Geeksvillage gives you better features at an affordable price, which includes services such as cPanel, databases, 100% uptime, FTP accounts, and many more.

However, there are specific scenarios where Geeksvillage should improve. It includes a better live chat system, more storage space, more bandwidth, proper knowledge base, and many more.

All these improvement areas will help them in maintaining a proper hosting system with fewer complexities.

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