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Exabytes Review: Is It Best for Your Site?

Exabytes is a leading Cloud Service Provider in Southeast Asia with a specialization in web hosting services started in 2001 in Malaysia.

These services include email hosting, shared hosting, cloud hosting, digital marketing, and much more. The company has the centric aim of providing the best business solutions online for SMEs.

Exabytes Web Hosting homepage

They have a vast experience of 19 years and have a customer base of more than 100,000 users. These users are from different parts of the globe, with their businesses scaling from small and medium to personalized forms.

So, let’s have a look at their best services available:

Exabytes: Uptime

With a network SLA uptime of 99.9% and server uptime of 99.5%, Exabytes follows standards to keep their customer world active.

Exabytes Web Hosting uptime

They also have the best services to offer at reasonable rates. Few of their best services are:

  • WordPress Hosting
  • VPS(Virtual Private Server)
  • Domain Name
  • Instant Website Design

Out of these few services, the instant web design catches the user’s attention more. They promise to deliver the website within a week, which is exceptional. VPS comes with a 100% pure SSD drive that maximizes the service’s speed, which is almost 10x faster.

Exabytes Web Hosting features

Their 24/7 customer support for technical issues makes the user’s work glitch-free. It takes less than 24 hours for a new account to get activated on their portal, which is again a plus.

why choose

Apart from it, they also promise a 100-Day money-back guarantee, which is huge in the context of the number of days. This shows their confidence in the products and services which they provide for the customers.

We have abundant reasons in this section to rate them best for this section, let’s take a look at other factors for our review.

Pricing and Features

Most importantly, Exabytes provide various services, and these are affordable for all sections of users as per their needs.

Their main services include;

  • Domain Registration
  • Website and Marketing
  • CRM and Office Tools
  • WordPress
  • Hosting and Email
  • VPS and Server
  • Web Security

We are going to cast our focus on the hosting and email section of services. This will remain our prime focus of this entire review. Let’s take a look.

This comes with shared hosting and its solutions along with email solutions as well. Shared hosting is available for small businesses and also can be customized based on requirements. These are mainly categorized as;

  • Small Business Web Hosting (for small businesses)
  • SSD Web Hosting (for e-comm/enterprise)
  • Reseller Web Hosting (customized as per need)

Taking an example of small business web hosting, which is the most widely used hosting, Exabytes have a lot to offer along with their web hosting plans.

Some of the included features are the high speed branded server, which keeps the performance up to the mark. Their server and data center are located in Malaysia, and they have central control.

SFTP/SSH access removes all security concerns and also provides faster file transfer. Your website will also be encrypted with a Free SSL certificate being provided by them.

The auto-backup feature keeps your data secure without human interventions. So, now let’s look at the pricing of these services;

They have categorized the packages into three main categories, they are:

  • EBiz Lite (RM 14.99/mo)
  • EBiz Plus (RM 19.99/mo)
  • EBiz Gold (RM 29.99/mo)

Note that RM is the Malaysian currency which stands for Malaysian Ringgit. 1 Malaysian Ringgit is equivalent to 0.23 USD.

Exabytes Web Hosting pricing

The very basic plan EBiz Lite offers 10GB disk space and 20GB monthly data transfer, which can be sufficient for small businesses. 10 email accounts and 1GB memory make it the best one to grab at an affordable rate.

But, in case the requirements are more and backup is essential in the service, then EBiz Plus will be the best choice with 50GB disk space and 100GB monthly data transfer.

For a large scale requirement and if more traffic is expected on your website, then EBiz Gold will be the best option with 50,000 visits allowed per month along with 500GB of large space.

Similarly, they have other two shared web hosting as well, which are for even more complex usages. So, our parameters of measurement convey that these rates are pretty affordable for basic plans but pocket-friendly when we go for higher and premium services.

Exabytes Web Hosting linux plan Exabytes Web Hosting reseller plan

Due to their good deals for beginners and slightly expensive ones for the high-end packages, we find them to be a bit costly overall. We rate them well in this section. Let’s talk about the most critical thing, customer support now.

Customer Support

They have an assurance of providing customer support 24/7 for any issue, be it technical or general. And to our test, they qualify on this promise. They have an instant chat-based interaction on their website where they reply within 3-4 minutes, which is exceptionally fast.

customer support

The live chat feature makes it much easier for users to interact with service providers. They can know more and in detail about the services which they are going to use.


Your queries can be related to Sales, Billing, or Technical Support; all of them get resolved via instant chat.

They also provide FAQs to know more about their Email-setup, billing, and Password resets, which are the most common queries of the people.


So, we rate them excellent in the customer support section due to their prompt and instant replies.

Exabytes: Ease of Use

Till now, we have seen their services, pricing, and support to customers. Let us now discuss the ease of use of Exabytes services. They have a well-guided interface for the users, which makes it very easy to navigate through.

They have a within 24 hours account activation feature, which makes it easy for the customers in order to kick-start. Their quick service allows the customer to focus more on their work rather than indulging in these technicalities.

They have a list of their clients who are in good numbers and are proof of their good services.

Ease of use

Customer support helps users get through any difficulty during the entire process, and hence, we rate them overall exceptionally good and recommend them.

client reviews

Exabytes: Conclusion

With a promise of security with high-class services, it becomes more of a mandate than a choice to go for Exabytes if you want to enter the world of hosting. So, we give thumbs up based on our tests to the Exabytes hosting platform.

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