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Empire ICT Review: Is It Affordable Hosting?

Empire ICT started providing web hosting services in 2012 in Tanzania with the aim of understanding customer’s requirements and providing the effective long term hardware and software solutions to them.

They have an understanding of customer’s ideas and goals, which they blend with their experience of 10 years to provide productive ICT solutions.

They also have a good track record of providing exceptional services at an affordable price. With their constant uptime and reliability, along with an excellent customer support team, they are among the leading IT companies in Tanzania.

Be it web hosting, web design, or digital marketing; they have their establishment into all of them.

empire ict homepage

With a 1000 happy customers serving list, they prove to be the ones who can be trusted. So, before making any conclusion about them, let’s go through their services and features. Let’s find out, can we trust them for hosting?

Empire ICT: Uptime

Empire ICT promises a 99.99% SLA uptime guarantee along with powerful features and tools to keep your services ready to use most of the time. Having a dedicated customer support team, they provide 24/7 monitoring to keep your server world active and running.

empire ict services

They assure you of being the perfect service providers irrespective of your requirement’s load, be it a small website or a larger one with massive traffic.

The assurance of providing best web hosting solutions to a beginner or a professional developer who are looking for a hosting platform with best services makes them reliable.

They also offer free website migration to their client who is using cPanel. With their high-performance assurance along-with secure infrastructure, the services offered are fast and reliable. So, we grade them best in this section.

Pricing and Features

Hosting a website on Empire ICT can be a good idea due to its amazing services at an affordable price. They have customized their packages based on their customer’s needs. Their categorizations of hosting packages are;

  • Standard
  • Professional
  • Advanced
  • Unlimited

But, wait, you might have thought about why to host your website at such a remote location in Tanzania? So, the best services at an affordable price are the answer to it.

empire ict pricing

Their Standard service comes with a price tag of 80,000 TZS(Tanzanian Shilling) annually. Its INR equivalent would be somewhere around 2.6k, which makes it less than Rs. 220 p/m. Unlimited bandwidth with unlimited email accounts comes added with it.

Similarly, they have it all set for the other packages as well, which makes them stand out from other hosting platforms. They also have a lower renewal rate for their hosting services. If you have a Standard or Professional service, then you might end up paying some extra charges for renewal.

In the case of Advanced or Unlimited services, you need to pay the same base charges that applied earlier. So, isn’t that cool?

renew plans

They also provide the feature of Reseller Hosting, which again has its own packages and benefits. Well, they have a lot to offer in terms of hosting services to their clients. So, we give thumbs up for their pricing and feature sections.

Customer Support

Customer support and their availability towards solving the customer’s queries reflect the strength of the organization.

In our test, we found out that they have a mail-back system designed for their potential customers from where customers put in their queries in the form of tickets, and the response from the Empire ICT will be via an email to the email ID used.

customer support

Currently, they do not possess a knowledge base on their website, which might rate them low when we compare with other hosting sites.

Generally, these knowledge bases are highly useful for customers to solve their queries in-line with the platform they are using. The knowledgebase is something similar to an advanced version of FAQs.

knowledge base

So, since they don’t possess this, we have to rate them merely okay in the Customer support section. Maybe if they can come with Live chat support or a strong knowledge base in the coming time, they will certainly be a prime choice of customers without a doubt.

empire ict customer support

Empire ICT: Ease of Use

Coming to the ease of use section, we found out that the website is made with a sophisticated design in order to suit the customers. They can easily navigate through the services and order the one which they are interested in.

Their experience of nearly ten years makes them the ones with good market knowledge. Empire ICT’s portfolio speaks about their works, which they have done based on these experiences. They have a good number of clients, and the service that they offer is really worth trying.

empire ict ease of use

Customers can directly request a quote on their website, which would comprise the in-depth details regarding the services and perks that are being offered with it. Apart from it, their necessary contact details to reach them are also provided on their website.

empire ict portfolio

Empire ICT: Conclusion

So, if your plan is to host a website at an affordable price with cool features added to it, then Empire ICT is definitely the platform you can consider for web hosting.

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