eHostPK Review (2021): Is This Pakistani Web Host Any Good?

eHostPK is a web hosting company that started way back in 2013 in Pakistan.

They are currently one of the best and largest online solution providers in Pakistan. They are not just restricted to hosting but also are experts in providing many web-based IT solutions.

eHostPK homepage

Apart from Web hosting services, they also provide Windows VPS, Free Panel VPS, SSL Certificates Services in Pakistan. They have a clear cut aim of providing customers with fast and affordable solutions.

eHostPK services

Well, will they get through our review process to make you try them? Let’s get into it.

eHostPK Review: Uptime

eHostPK promises a 99.99% SLA uptime guarantee along with the best features and hardware to keep your services ready to use most of the time.

If someone isn’t satisfied with the hosting service, they have an option to cancel within 30 days.

Having a dedicated customer support cell, they are always up there to provide 24/7/365 assistance to keep your online world running and active.

eHostPK features

They have customer-friendly and supportive plans which offer free backups for your website. They do not charge their customers for initial set up, while most of the hosting companies charge their potential customers during the sign-up process.

eHostPK try demo

They offer services such as web development, domain reseller, sms marketing and branded sms.

Along with all their services comes an assurance of providing the maximum quality service to their clients and websites. Customer suggestions are also taken into considerations, which make them stand out from other hosting sites.

So, they have given enough reasons to rate them the best in this section, let’s look at the other parameters.

eHostPK Review: Pricing and Features

eHostPK have their hands in various type of hosting available, and they have expertise in providing the following type of hosting services:

  • Shared Hosting
  • WordPress Hosting
  • Business Hosting
  • Reseller Hosting
  • Root Reseller

Our major testing area will be shared hosting.

Hosting a website on eHostPK using shared hosting can be considered due to their quality services at an affordable price range.

eHostPK price

They have customized their packages based on their customer’s categories. Their categorizations of shared hosting packages are;

  • Student
  • 2 G
  • Value Hosting
  • Professional

The very basic plan i.e., Student comes with an affordable price of $7 yearly, which is less than a dollar per month. They provide 1GB of disk space along with 10 GB of bandwidth and many more services but in limited quantity.

But even though this one is a very basic product of them, yet they provide Free SSL Protection, which shows their dedication to the user’s security.


Similarly, as you climb the plan list, you find more and more services that come along with the best package at affordable pricing.

Their highest package available (Professional) is of $50 per year, it offers most of the services like Subdomain, mail-account, database, etc. at the unlimited extent and has a huge bandwidth of 100GB which is excellent in order to keep your website active and running all the time irrespective of the traffic.

eHostPK solutions

So far, we have seen their services offering customers options as well as quality, we can’t say they are the most affordable ones in the market, but we can count on their quality of service.

eHostPK Review: Customer Support

With a promise of 24/7/365, they are not the ones who won’t be there to help you out if you are stuck with your website work any day, any time. This makes them have the upper hand from other hosting platforms.

They have a mail-back system that is ever ready to respond to their customers as they claim to respond within 15 minutes of the query.

eHostPK customer support

The response time is so quick in a mail-back system is unconventional; they respond to the same email-id, which the customer mentions while filling the query form. They also have a dedicated knowledge base on their website, which makes them more reliable.

eHostPK contact us

Generally, knowledge base acts as an advanced version of FAQs; maintaining a solid knowledge base isn’t an easy job. They have all hosting-related topics covered in the form of articles on their website, making it easy to use for the customers who are new to the site hosting world.

eHostPK kb

Well, we can’t really point out any flaws in this section except a live chat feature, which is unavailable for now, but hopefully, they could work on this as well in the coming times.

eHostPK Review: Ease of Use

The eHostPK comes with the best user assistance with its user-friendly UI, which makes it much more comfortable for the users to interact with the system.

eHostPK top features

The process of activating the account for the first time is very simple as well. As soon as you purchase your desired products, they will authenticate and confirm it back via an email.

Once all the proceedings are done, they would set up your website, and customer support will always be there to guide.

Billing, as well as customer support, is up to the mark. They have a list of best clients available from all ends of the world. They also provide the service to transfer your web pages to their server and have a wide range of payment options as well.

eHostPK expert overview

eHostPK Review: Conclusion

All of these wonderful features make them more reliable and worth a try.

So, if you have some ideas of hosting your website, then we recommend you to try eHostPK for sure. So, thumbs up from our end to eHostPK.

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