e-Padi Hosting Review: Is This Indonesian Web Host Any Good? (2021)

e-Padi is an Indonesian hosting company which was started in 2004. It has its servers in best data centres, namely eNet Inc and ThePlanet situated in the USA. The European servers function from Hetzner data centre. It also has data centres in Indonesia and Singapore. Such a vast network inevitably brings positive client reviews.

e-Padi provides four different types of hosting services. These include shared web hosting, Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting, dedicated server hosting and web designing. It tries to fulfil a versatile range of requirements for each level of business.

e-Padi presents a lot of reasons as to why they should be hired to manage your internet traffic. They provide cheap hosting, easy-to-use c-Panel interface, fast servers placed at best locations, experienced workforce and engineers and feature-packed server control panel for the best experience.

e-Padi has also worked for Government and Military organizations, thus proving its reliability and credibility. It has served local as well as international foundations which evidences its experience of over 15 years in the industry.

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e-Padi Hosting Review: Uptime and Security

e-Padi provides a 99.9% uptime guarantee which is achieved with the help of 24/7 monitoring. The servers are fast as well as reliable, and 24/7 customer support is available. So, it creates a productive and hassle-free environment for the client. (More details on uptime)

e-Padi gives priority to the security of the servers. It takes the privacy of the customer as a severe issue and avoids any damage from cyberattacks. The customers can concentrate on their work without worrying about safeguarding their website. e-Padi takes the burden of it all.

The potential customers with rivals in the market need not stress upon the security of their online business platform. With the use of latest-gen hardware, e-Padi creates a safe environment for the servers to function in. The security support monitors the servers for any difficulties at all times.

ssd web hosting

e-Padi showcases easy and quick services so that the customer does not go through any chaotic experience while using their tools. It provides Softaculous which helps to install 400+ scripts with a single click. Several productivity-enhancing tools are also present.

e-Padi Hosting Review: Packages

e-Padi features cheap SSD web hosting services in four different packages. These packages cover requirements based upon varied client needs. The prices in USD are listed below.

  • 50MB Simple – $1.36
  • 50MB Unlimited – $3.39
  • 250MB Simple – $6.78
  • 250MB Unlimited – $10.17

These bundles are fully feature-packed along with the latest software required for building the best websites. They have different sets of services which vary according to the need of the client. These inexpensive plans presented by e-Padi are completely feature intensive so that the client can reach its full potential. More information onweb hosting by e-Padi.

ssd web hosting package

The cPanel is categorized decently to improve the productivity of the client. It offers all the vital tools including WordPress, Softaculous, MySQL, Email services and other required tools. It provides the essential management tools which are necessary for proper maintenance of the website.

e-Padi proves to be a cheap source of several useful features which is why it attracts a lot ofcustomers. Along with all the features, it also makes all the security arrangements, including SSL certificate and protection against cyberattacks. Thus it creates a perfect combination of productivity and safety in one package.

Web control panel

e-Padi provides additional website hosting plans to suit particular needs. These are cheap and at the same time, offer more storage options. These offer great choices to medium scale enterprises who want more storage but do not want to spend too much VPS and Dedicated Servers.

SSD Corporate and SSD Professional Hosting plans are a unique way to offer customer contentment without forcing them to pay more for the services that they won’t even utilize. This is good marketing from e-Padi. All these exceptional services create a positive image of this website hosting service.

epadi ssd

e-Padi also offersVPS plans,Dedicated Server plansandWebsite designing plans. Thus, it tries to cope up with the demand of rising businesses by providing more security, better flexibility, and ample storage to support wide business platforms. Website designing plans help in the development of websites for those who want to keep their work personal.

The renewal rates for these services do not change the initial prices. Thus, e-Padi prioritizes customer satisfaction over manipulation of interest. This evidences the reliability of the services they provide. The cheap stays the cheap no matter for how long you stay with e-Padi.

Types of hosting

e-Padi Hosting Review: Knowledge base and customer support

e-Padi does not offer a well-crafted knowledgebase. However, what it does offer is a lightning-fast response to any queries through live chat. They also provide ticket system support, along with instant messaging.

Support on-call is also available, and you can get the WhatsApp number of e-Padi through their website. It provides 24/7 customer support service, thus making it easy and accessible to all the customers. e-Padi covers the aspects that lack in the customer support of most of the web hosting services.

Chat epadi

The support response time is just mere minutes and they provide suitable answers to all the queries. This system has made an easy-to-use interface for new customers. As a result, the clients feel satisfied because of the continuous support system.

e-Padi Hosting Review: Cancellation and refund

e-Padi offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on web hosting services. It generates reliability and trust in itself as a result of its user-friendly policies. Although it is an Indonesian website, it offers to receive payment in Indonesian Rupiah or USD.

e-Padi offers many payment methods including credit/debit cards, Paypal, Discover cards and many more. The secure payment methods give the luxury of quick service for the customers.

e-Padi Hosting Review: Conclusion

e-Padi is an excellent server hosting platform for business ranging from small scale to large scale. Feature-packed control panels fulfil all the essential needs for potential web hosting. The fantastic, easy-to-access support system is an essential asset for customer satisfaction.

e-Padi offers cheap packages with more value than the price usually provides. It also showcases private VPS services and Dedicated Servers for enterprises that want to take their business to a master level. On top of that, it offers separate web designing services for select clients who want to develop a personalized website.

This web hosting service is truly something to look forward to even if you’re a newbie or handle a vast business. The customer support resolves critical situations on the phone as well. Thus, you’ll get everything you need in a complete bundle with a user-friendly interface. I’ll surely give this service a thumbs up if you desire to hit the web with your business.

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