Dinahosting Review (2021): Is This Spanish Web Host Any Good?

In the past few years, Spain has become a growing hub of e-Commerce and trade. This explains the slew of startup hosting service provider companies.

Dinahosting homepage

Dinahosting is one such company that has come to our attention. Yes, it is a Spanish hosting and caters to local small, medium, or even large business enterprises.

They offer a Domain Registrar, shared hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, Dedicated hosting, Reseller hosting, Email hosting, and even Prestashop hosting.

Dinahosting features

On its website (which is in Spanish), Dinahosting boasts about its NVMe SSD storage, great customer service, control panel management, etc.

But if you’re looking to do business with Dinahosting and don’t know where to start then you’ll probably need a guide.

So, let this review of Dinahosting be your deciding factor.

Without further ado, let’s dive in.

Dinahosting Review: Pricing and Features

Dinahosting pricing

For this example, we’ll be glossing over shared hosting plans due to being preferred by so many users. Also, additional features like SSL certificates, backups, unlimited databases, etc. come included.

Right off the bat, there are 4 plans, one of which oddly is a separate email plan. So if you want your own business email and already have a hosting service, then you can use this plan for separate use.

With that said, the ‘Mail’ plan only costs €1/month (or $1.16), so it’s not that big of a deal. Plus, the features are 50 GB storage, unlimited bandwidth, and 10 Email and Chat accounts.

For the price, we’ll say these features are ok. You could’ve had unlimited email accounts with just a little more price as it is a specific email plan.

Then, there’s the beginner ‘Basic’ plan that offers features the same as Mail plan with the exception of 20 email accounts instead of 10 and a bunch of other features like SSL, unlimited subdomains, Windows Server, etc. at the price of €2.25/month (around $2.61).

To be honest, it is cheap.but there’s a catch.

These are annual contract rates. Non-contract rates are certainly higher like the Basic plan costs €4.50/month ($5.22) without a contract. So take these prices with a grain of salt.

Next, the ‘Advanced’ plan is hailed as the most popular. It offers 100 GB of storage, unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited email accounts. The cost is €4.50/month ($5.22) and totally worth an advanced plan.

The last plan isn’t that special if you’re looking for a singular space as the features are the same as the advanced plan. But if you have multiple projects in mind then this plan could be for you as you get 5 sites with separate panels, all for the price of €11.25/month ($13.03).

To sum it up, the pricing is satisfactory. There are also features like NVMe SSD, anti-spam & antivirus security, and support for eCommerce platforms like WordPress, Prestashop, and much more available with every plan.

Dinahosting Review: Ease of Use and Security

In this section, we’ll cover the setup procedure of a shared hosting plan and the security features.

Dinahosting ease of use

You know, it’s quite rare that we ever see a hosting service that has its own setup process. Most small hosting companies resort to a preset solution to take care of this procedure.

Dinahosting’s configure page has a clean UI.

On the first page, you get to choose what OS you want, input your associated domain, choose an eCommerce software to be installed, and additional extensions.

Dinahosting additional extensions

The next page is a step-by-step procedure. From the picture above, the first page is simply reviewing your products i.e. your configuration and the annual payment of €59.40 which with tax comes up to €71.87.

Dinahosting new user

The next thing was the ‘input your personal details part’.The way that Dinahosting manages this is by getting this info right from the user account. Since we didn’t have an account yet, the only way left was to sign up for an official account.

Although it is safer, many users may get a bit turned off due to this.

But you’ll need to input these details anyway and maybe this step takes care of that fuss. So we proceeded to input all the information as is.

Dinahosting summary

And that is really it. After going through a quick checkout page, the order was placed easily without much hassle. In all, the setup felt seamless and without much hassle in the way.

Dinahosting Review: security

For starters, Dinahosting does offer security on its servers with real-time antivirus & anti-spam to protect your site from malicious activities in your traffic. Other security features include:

Dinahosting free ssl hosting

An SSL certificate is a very common form of protection. It secures the connection between your host and the website from third-party hackers who could use tactics like phishing to cheat users.

Dinahosting backup

Backup is a defensive measure that when all else fails, this could be your last resort. Plus, having backups is a good practice because websites fail not only due to hackers but hardware failure too.

Dinahosting firewalls

Lastly, there are 3 kinds of firewalls to protect your website and emails. WAF, TLS, and DKIM are very common security measures, nothing to brag but nice to have.

In short, Dinahosting has pretty good security. Although, nothing new and no addon security plan but most times people only require simple and reliable security.

Dinahosting Review: Customer Support

If you’ve ever been lost while trying to get around how your newly bought laptop has an unactivated Windows edition, you know that you need customer support.

In the case of hosting services, things could be even more muddy. Hence, even if you have some experience with servers, it’s better to know that the company has your back.

So what kind of customer support does Dinahosting offer?

For starters, there isn’t a Knowledgebase which is really helpful for beginners who simply want to look up answers in an FAQ. But they do provide a phone line for you to call and ask anything.

Dinahosting customer suppport

Phone lines are mostly a hit or miss but there’s certainly a live chat option available as well. We decided to go that route instead and also it is very common for most users as well.

Dinahosting chat

Dinahosting’s chat client is a rare pop-out type window which is quite unique in the fact that most websites now just simply apply the same preset chat addon that we’ve gotten so used to seeing.

At first, we assumed that since this is a Spain-based hosting, communication could be an issue due to the default language barrier but that certainly wasn’t the case.

Dinahosting chat

The chat representative understood more than a little English and replied full and well as you might see from the screenshot above. The reply was quick and contained a link to look into it further for a clearer picture.

We just wanted to know if they handled all their servers by themselves or were there any third parties acting as management actors but it turns out Dinahosting is autonomous after all.

In the end, it suffices to say that Dinahosting makes up for its lack of a Knowledgebase with a competent and reliable live chat service.

Dinahosting Review: Conclusion

If you decided to spare yourself the entirety of the article and simply scrolled down to know our final verdict. Then we’d like to say…

…YES. It is worth it. Definitely recommend it.

The pricing will fit your budget, no matter what your venture is. The custom setup process is very clean and all homemade. The security is the same old but surely reliable and the customer support is arguably the best part.

Check out Dinahosting here

Now it’s your turn. What do you think of this review? Did you try Dinahosting? How was your experience? Whatever your thoughts may be, please comment down below and let us know.

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