Dailyrazor Review 2021: Is It the Best Host for Your Site?

Dailyrazor is a hosting company that has recently caught our attention since the wake of niche hosting companies that cater to people with a lot of skill but not a lot of time.

On the surface, Dailyrazor feels like a hybrid of service between SiteGround and HostGator. The same easy-to-use UI, 24/7 customer support, pricing that is light on your pocket, 99% uptime, and most of all a 30-day money-back guarantee.

But the feel and features never made a good hosting service. There is room for testing and intricate findings that a reader like you can analyze and put into decision-making.

So what do we do? Well, we’ve just done enough testing and looking around the service with our experience and knowledge of hostings past.

Hence, we have put our pen to paper in a fashion that is simple enough but analytically competent.

So, let’s dive in for what is a review of Dailyrazor.

Pricing & Features

dailyrazor shared hosting

Pricing hits differently to different people. While the type of hosting is usually what dictates the cost of a plan, marginal attention to keeping things as affordable as possible is always favorable.

Here we have Dailyrazor’s Shared hosting plans which are usually the first choice due to being cheaper in price and ample in features.

dailyrazor shared starter

The Starter Hosting plan is an introductory treat for people with much smaller needs than usual. You only get 1 website but with unmetered storage and bandwidth.

Plus, you get SSL security which means there will always be an ‘S’ next to HTTP.

You also get all the basic features as promised along with a website builder, which may not sound that new but a nice inclusion anyways.

10 Databases seem enough for a starter blog or niche eStore website.

dailyrazor pro hosting

The PRO Hosting plan is a clear upgrade and much more recommendable considering a slight bump in price from Starter.

Right off the bat, you get unlimited websites, unlimited databases, unmetered storage, and bandwidth. So there is a lot of freedom to be had.

siteground shared hosting

As a comparison, SiteGround’s similar shared hosting plan costs almost twice as much with more or less limited features. While they are managed, storage is quite limited.

dailyrazor premium plan

The Premium Hosting plan is not that premium. You get premium servers at a much low price. Other than that, it is pretty much the same as the Pro plan.

An important thing to point out is the inclusion of a cPanel in every plan which means you can use any of these plans like a standard cPanel hosting solution but with a bit more quality.

dailyrazor shared hosting

The WordPress Hosting plans are oddly similar to Shared Hosting plans. Probably they are aptly optimized for a WordPress codebase. The pricing is pretty much the same too so that’s a plus.

dailyrazor asp hosting

ASP.Net users might love this. Dailyrazor’s ASP.Net Hosting plans come with Plesk along with the latest tech stack and the rest is pretty much the same framework as Shared Hosting.

So their plans seem quite homogenous in features and pricing but that’s not an overly critical downside. The simplicity is definitely admirable and with a 90-day satisfaction guarantee, there is a lot to look forward to.

Ease Of Use

In this section, we’ll briefly go over Dailyrazor’s registration process. There is always something to talk about this part because of how many times it could differ from company-to-company.

dailyrazor registeration step 1

So here is the initial step after you click on buy in any hosting plan. Here you can either register a new domain with Dailyrazor, transfer from another registrar, or simply use your existing and update nameservers.

Along with the set features, you get a free domain which could be .com, .biz, .net, .org, .info, and even .us.

We selected our current hostingpill.com domain to get the wheel moving.

dailyrazor knowledge base

In step 2 of the registration process, you get to tweak a few options. Well, 2 to be specific. There seems to be no add-on features insight.

As for options, you can select what kind of billing cycle to set. They go from 1 month to a 36-month deal and decrease in price as you go for a lengthier contract.

The other option is for a dedicated IP. Nothing special, except you can get these in a bundle of up to 4 if you’d like.

dailyrazor registeration step 3

Step 3 is a simple review & checkout page where we seem to be getting a free promo code for a 60.4% discount. Not bad for the first time and this is a triennial plan, mind you.

dailyrazor registeration step 4

And that’s the final step for the process. All you need to do is fill out all the appropriate basic, billing, security, and payment details required to successfully order the server.

For payment, you have the option for credit and debit cards with domestic and international support. Plus, there’s also Paypal for a seamless online transaction.

Therefore, the registration process is typical of something we’ve seen a hundred times before but nothing better than a rigid routine that gets things done.

Customer Support

Customer support is the online conversational link that you as a user can have with a hosting service. You don’t necessarily communicate with a Knowledge Base but you communicate by learning and applying that information.

dailyrazor knowledge base

Speaking of Knowledge Base, Dailyrazor’s is reminiscent of what we’ve seen a few times before too. Nothing charming visually but fulfills its necessary utility undoubtedly.

As you can see within ‘Category’, there are sections for all kinds of topics like billing, domain names, shared web hosting, SSL certificate, etc.

The main thing to remember here is just how easy on the eyes the material is. It needs to convey information in a way so that it does not alienate beginner users who are usually the main attraction here.

dailyrazor knowledge base ssl

We clicked on one of the popular articles. This one is about SSL certificates. The language here is a bit technical but not overly complex and comes off very as articulate as it can be.

The information is well-written and thought out. However, there are external links for further reading which isn’t a deal-breaker as it is a simple enough topic.

dailyrazor knowledge base reseller hosting

Another thing that concerned us was that a few topics are completely devoid of any articles. Maybe they are still on their way to filling up their database but it is still kinda concerning.

Moving on to their Live Chat support system.

dailyrazor live chat 1

The chat client itself isn’t anything fancy. It is simplistic but has a few additional features like file attachment, email transcript, pop-out window, and the option to end the session any time you want.

Connecting with a chat representative took about a minute which isn’t a big deal. A few minutes’ worth of delay won’t hopefully hurt your site.

dailyrazor live chat 3

We went ahead to ask about Dailyrazor’s security features. It’s best to hear it out from them since it is technical and theoretical in equal amounts.

The reply might’ve taken a couple of minutes as a whole but it was detailed to be sure. Both the messages were a few seconds apart, not bad.

All in all, Dailyrazor’s Knowledge Base, even though a bit incomplete, is competent for beginners to get around. The Live Chat is nothing special but gets the job done.


So Dailyrazor has been successfully put to the test and the results are here.

What is your opinion? What is our opinion? Is it worth ordering/recommending/praising?

We earlier pointed out how reminiscent Dailyrazor feels to services like SiteGround or HostGator due to the similar-looking site aesthetic and feature list.

So that is pretty much going to be our verdict too.

Dailyrazor comes very close to being a premium service that should be on its way to hitting mainstream competition.

The plans, although a bit homogenous, are worth having under the affordable price margins along with a 30-day money-back guarantee to instill further confidence.

There isn’t anything glaringly special about Dailyrazor but simplicity is something a lot of hosting services aim to cater to and even excel at where big names like GoDaddy or DigitalOcean fail.

Sure, there are cons. The Knowledge Base is a bit haphazard, a lack of addons during registration, variety in features could be turn-offs for a few.

A few who could be better off with something more mainstream and less user-intensive.

Now, let us know what you think. Leave your comments down below about Dailyrazor and if its approach to hosting makes you happy.

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