Review (2021): Is It the Best VPS Provider?

If you’ve been keeping up with us at Hostingpill, we’ve been on a streak of reviewing some great hosting services from Spain. Since Spain has been steadily growing into an e-Commerce hub, hosting services are seeing a rise. homepage is a VPS hosting from Spain. If you don’t know, VPS hosting is a rather liberating form of hosting where you get complete access to what you want to do with a server. servers

Since launching operations in 2016, has gained massive traction with 5500+ customers and a 97.1% satisfaction index.

If the numbers are so great then their service might be commendable too, right?

Well, not always. If you’re thinking of buying hosting without knowing the facts, there’s a good chance you could be wrong.

This is why we put the facts in a review to help you learn about and make an informed decision.

So without further ado, let’s dive in. Review: Pricing and Features

It is important to consider pricing when looking for a hosting provider. It will help to know how it will affect your budget and similarly evaluate what features/tools you’ll need. pricing

No matter what plan you choose, you can tweak the features according to your needs. Especially processor count and SSD space. You can go all out for a 32-core CPU and 1900 GB SSD space which would run you about €350/month (around $400). plan per month plan per hour

The pricing section was easy to find since it was present right on their homepage.

Clouding offers payment by the hour. You can use your server at will and pay only for what you use. The plans shown on the website are just examples, since you can use the resources in combinations that you want to and change them any time.

Let’s have a look at the ones shown on the homepage. Keep in mind that the prices mentioned here are from their website and only a surface level analysis. gives you complete customization in terms of features.

The first plan costs €3/month ($3.52) and offers 1 GB RAM, half the power of a processor, and 5 GB SSD storage. For a basic VPS plan, this isn’t that bad. Though what you can do with it could be debatable. It won’t be a stretch to guess, you could probably get a small-time blog going.

The next plan, €5/month ($5.86) has similar features as the previous plan but with 25 GB SSD. A small upgrade but worth considering if you’ll be upscaling your small blog.

Then you have the €8/month plan which is certainly better with 2 GB RAM, 1 full processing core, and 30 GB SSD. This is certainly an advanced plan and could offer you the much-needed power to run at least something similar to an e-Commerce site but nothing huge though.

If you’ll be spending more than €10 then this plan could be your forte. You get 4 GB RAM, dual processing cores, and 60 GB SSD at the price of €16/month (around $18). This plan could certainly handle most of your ambitions but there’s more.

Lastly, the €30/month plan offers the most value with 8 gigs of RAM, a quad-core CPU, and a 100 GB SSD. You can even install a full-fledged Windows 10 OS on this with programs, so full-scale websites wouldn’t be a problem.

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To round this section up, there are multiple options for multiple purposes. The features for the pricing are indeed top-notch and could provide you with a worthy VPS experience. Review: Security

Website security is a sensitive topic. Nobody can afford to be careless today when occurrences like DDoS attacks, phishing, ransomware, firewall vulnerabilities, etc. are becoming common. hardware

One of the best things about a VPS server is that you get the utmost level of customization. You can simply install your own custom defensive measures like firewalls and anti-malware programs to protect your site.

Now you know how to secure your site by yourself, let’s check out what offers additionally. private network

What the above statement means is your traffic will be monitored to detect anything suspicious or out of the ordinary. Because you can utilize a VPS as a private network as well as access the internet, only your servers are able to exchange information between them. firewall

We mentioned firewalls earlier and seems to have one. To begin, you get a basic firewall with a trial plan that has protocols like ICMP, L2TP, GRE, AH, etc. which for basic is advanced.

Plus, you can set different firewall profiles for separate priorities. emergency console

There are certain things or changes you can’t make on a system while it is running. For example, you cannot make changes to a system64 folder on a windows machine.

If your server goes down and you can’t connect to it despite trying multiple times, you can take a backdoor into your server through the emergency console which would provide you a full keyboard and monitor remote access. backups

Backup is an essential component and a reliable last resort. offers the option to set up your backups from every day, every 2 days, 3 days to every week at your convenience.

So despite having a lot of solidarity in case of tuning your own security, additional security features on top feel like icing on a cake.

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In this section, we’ll cover the most underrated part of a hosting service.

If you’ve never been hit with an issue while using a server then you might be one of the few lucky ones. A lot of people come in this field without much knowledge and are bombarded with an overload of information.

This is why people require a helping hand of sorts to figure out how to navigate this subspace.

There are 3 options for general support: Clouding Support, Cloud Pro, and Knowledge Base. Cloud Pro as might guess offers premium assistance to your every issue and hence costs appropriately.

Let’s check out’s Knowledge Base first: articles’s Knowledge Base looks very clean. There isn’t a cluster of questions and articles for direct access. Instead, they’re divided into 5 topics as might see from the picture above.

Control Panel, Linux, Windows, and APPs include subject-specific articles while the FAQ section contains all generally popular articles. apps

As you can see from the picture, there are sub-categories that you can look at while searching for specific queries. It is worth mentioning that the page looks very simple but easy to navigate. blog

The articles look professionally-written. The article clarifies some basics before laying down the steps to get your issue resolved. You not only solve the problem but also learn about your technology as well.

Next, let’s check out’s live support which is their email support. services claims that they don’t employ call centers or representatives to handle several complaints. Instead, they have a 24/7 working email support that makes things more centralized. support

The email support form is available on the Clouding Support page. We mailed a simple question about their server integrity which is a common concern among hosting enthusiasts. cusotmer service

We have to say: The reply was instantaneous. Usually, email support is considered inferior to live chat support but has a rather strong chain of communication which is great since email could be used to deliver broader solutions.

In all, Jesús said what we wanted to hear. manages its own data centers without any outside interference. Review: Conclusion

Not to beat around the bush, let’s ask the right question:

What is our opinion?

Is worth recommending to someone looking for the right VPS solution?

We’d say: It definitely is.

VPS has seen a growing market share in recent years due to its scalability, affordability, and customization options; all of which summarize Especially, you can customize your own plan that suits your budget.

If you still haven’t made up your mind, just try giving it a go with the starter free plan right here.

That wraps up this review. What do you think of the article? Do you think is one of the best VPS providers? Did you use the service yourself? Whatever your thoughts may be, please comment down below and let us know.

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