Cloudfusion Review (2021): Is it an Ideal Option for Hosting?

If you expect a complete website buildup without any proper hosting package, you might be in a troublesome position. With an appropriate combination of both website domain name and hosting, you can expect a whole new smooth website experience.

Cloudfusion is a web development company situated in Johannesburg, Gauteng. Since its formation in 2005, Cloudfusion delivers quality website services to its customers. , they are also responsible for giving shared hosting packages.

Now, you might ponder on who is the founder of Cloudfusion. Anton Vorster is the founding director of this company and leads this prestigious company since its existence.

Let us get into an in-depth review of Cloudfusion Hosting and check its pros and cons through this analysis.

Cloudfusion Review: Uptime

While measuring the hosting parameter of any website, uptime would be critical to judge the performance of the hosting plans you prefer buying. Without checking the uptime, you might land into troubles like frequent downtime.

So, users must not compromise with the uptime parameter keeping downtime in mind. With a claim to provide 99% uptime, Cloudfusion aims to deliver a preferably low downtime website.

cloudfusion uptime

However, the uptime parameter was missing in the Cloudfusion hosting website section. At last, the Cloudfusion hosting uptime confirmation came from live chat support.

Cloudfusion Review: Pricing and Features

If you are looking for any hosting plan from Cloudfusion, they will provide you with three hosting plans to their customer according to the several hosting requirements. The hosting plans offered by Cloudfusion are Standard, Business, and Pro.

cloudfusion pricing

With these plans, Cloudfusion gives different features to its clients. The unique part about their services is that with different packages, there is a separation of account.

On clicking one of the accounts, the page gets redirected to the domain registration. They provide free or .com domains on two of its plans, i.e., Pro and Business accounts.

These plans have some similar features as well, which includes unlimited FTP Accounts, Bandwidth, Traffic, Domains, and Email Accounts. For your website protection, these hosting packages also provide free Sitelock Malware and Risk Scan.

But there are few noticeable differences to look for Cloudfusion hosting packages. The standard plans of Cloudfusion do not provide any free domain services, which means that one must rely only on the Pro and Business accounts.

If you are planning to migrate your website from other hosting plans to Cloudfusion hosting services, you might not get any help from their team in the case of the standard pack.

However, as compared to the other hosting service providers, Cloudfusion offers very less disk space in their plans. If you want to upload any heavy content on the website, then these packs provided by Cloudfusion might not relieve your tensions.

Cloudfusion has this unique feature called SSH/Shell access, which transfers the website files remotely. It means associating your plans with Cloudfusion will help you deliver your data in a much-secured way.

The Control panel plays a massive role in maintaining a website. Cloudfusion provides you with cPanel, a widely used control panel where you can operate all the website-related tasks appropriately.

Along with the control panel, Cloudfusion also offers you with Softaculous one-click script installation where you can easily download multiple third-party script files at absolutely free of cost.

If you are concerned about the backup system of your website content, you need not worry because Cloudfusion has nightly server backups that will save every single file and folders of your website.

Cloudfusion Review: Customer Support

Before or after purchasing any hosting plans from Cloudfusion, you must emphasize the importance of any active customer support. With prominent live chat support, Cloudfusion does communicate with their clients.

However, sometimes their live chat support system is not active, which can be a bit of concern. Yet, during the office hours, Cloudfusion agents do reply in quick seconds.

cloudfusion customer supportcloudfusion chat

However, during this conversation, the Cloudfusion agent could not reply accurately. It seems as if the Cloudfusion agent lacked proper knowledge about the subject.

cloudfusion chat1cloudfusion chat2

With some questions put up, the agent delivered a few satisfying responses only. However, the Cloudfusion agent was cooperative during the entire conversation.

cloudfusion chat3

Along with Live chat support, they also have a support ticket in case there is no appropriate response from a live chat. However, you must log in to the Cloudfusion account to submit any query, which means that it might be a long process.

As far as knowledgebase is concerned, Cloudfusion has its blog section where you can access the latest hosting trends and other technologies. You can refer your doubts from their blog section if you are not getting valid responses.

cloudfusion kb

Cloudfusion Review: Ease of Use

Cloudfusion provides cPanel as the control panel to its users. One of the benefits of cPanel is that you can easily access programs and scripting through Softaculous one-click installer.

Using cPanel comes out to be a beneficial aspect for users as it helps in tracking the bandwidth and storage used along with website traffic monitoring.

If you are planning to purchase SSL certificates, then you can easily fit in cPanel. Apart from the SSL certificate, you can easily manage your website databases, monitor the disk usage, create an email, and much more.

With the help of cPanel only, you can upload zip files and folders for the website activation. Thus, cPanel helps in monitoring the overall activities happening on your website.

Cloudfusion Review: Conclusion

Cloudfusion gives you a completely different approach to website hosting. With some cool features, Cloudfusion does provide a decent plan to their customer, which is quite evident.

However, there are some flaws in their hosting services, including improper live chat support, fewer features in standard plans, and uptime information, which can hinder their progress.

Overall, Cloudfusion hosting service can be an ideal option if removed from these problems. However, it is recommended for customers to dig deep into their features before purchasing any hosting package.

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