CiberConceito Hosting Review: Is this Portugal Web Host Any Good? (2021)

CiberConceito is a web service-based company that provides domain, hosting, email services, and control panel services to its customers.

It is a shared hosting company based in Matosinhos, Portugal. CiberConceito being one of Portugal’s oldest hosting providers formed in 1996 makes it a trustworthy and one-stop solution for anyone looking for hosting services.

Besides providing a plethora of hosting plans to choose from, CiberConceito provides services such as advertising, web development, and web domain registration.

Let’s check out the various plans and features that CiberConceito provides its customers. This review section will also cover all the pros and cons associated with their services.

CiberConceito Hosting Review: Uptime

Now, keeping website hosting services in mind, there are some crucial hosting parameters that one should definitely look for while browsing through hosting options.

Uptime is one such parameter that the users must not compromise with if they are looking for an excellent hosting service. Uptime is one of the most crucial aspects of any website. It gives an insight into whether the website’s downtime has been affecting the website’s performance.

CiberConceito’s services do not come with an uptime guarantee. This is the potential downside of CiberConceito’s hosting services. Without uptime, you can expect frequent problems persisting in your website’s performance. Thereby, declining the rate of the website’s speed and functioning.

Upon scrutiny, we have found that there is no proper mention of any uptime percentage or feature on their official website or even in their blogs. This could become a cause of concern for the ones who want to know the uptime percentage of their websites as an added service from any hosting service.

CiberConceito Hosting Review: Pricing

CiberConceito has three shared hosting plans for people willing to invest their money in website storage. If you want to know more about their hosting plans, you can take a look at the below-mentioned image:

Ciberconceito plans

Shared hosting plans offered by Cyber Conceito are based on their different features. They offer hosting plans at very nominal rates. The pricing shown above is monthly. This keeps on changing with respect to the region that the user is in. Also, the VAT’s inclusion in the plans applies to the entire area of Europe.

CiberConceito provides dedicated and virtual servers to its customers, which gives them ample opportunities to expand their hosting plans. These plans give you an option to plug in with either Linux or windows.

CiberConceito Hosting Review: Features

CiberConceito offers three shared hosting plans to its users. These are Light accommodation, Europe SSD accommodation, and ASP.NET hosting. These hosting plans have numerous such features that can be beneficial for your website

The plans give you a choice of either SSD or HDD storage. It also provides you with unlimited 2GB monthly bandwidth for your website tasks. Therefore, providing you with disk space from 100 MB up to 40 GB.

CiberConceito offers unlimited traffic in some of their plans. It includes the case of Europe SSD accommodation and ASP.NET hosting. The email accounts vary with unlimited accounts in Europe SSD with up to 5 in the case of ASP.NET.

CiberConceito Hosting Review: Control Panel Options

You might be wondering which control panels CiberConceito provides to its users. So to resolve that query, we’d have to say that different plans have different control panels, which are pretty easy to operate. They cover their control panel services in most of their hosting packs.

CiberConceito has Plesk, cPanel, and DirectAdmin as its control panel. Among the variety of control panels available in the market, these control panels are quite simple to work with when accessed.

They come with a Softaculous one-click installer. With this installer, you can download numerous scripts, free of cost.

These hosting plans offered by CiberConceito also support several programming languages and tools. The programming languages supported by CiberConceito includes JavaScript, Perl, and PHP with HTML.

However, CiberConceito does not support some advanced programming languages such as Ruby on rails, and Python. Thus, if you are looking to work with these two languages, it might be a hectic task for you to make your website compatible with their hosting plans.

CiberConceito users also need to purchase their own domain registration and SSL certificates, since both of these are not present in the hosting packs provided by CiberConceito. Domain registration is essential for getting a proper URL for your website. In contrast, an SSL certificate is optional as it helps in getting an encrypted connection.

CiberConceito Hosting Review: Customer Support

In case you are a CiberConceito user, and are facing any problem with their hosting service or are looking forward to purchasing any of their services, then you have the option of contacting their customer care personnel. Their customer support service will simplify your queries while purchasing a hosting plan.

Although, CiberConceito has live chat support in their inventory. Yet, it does not prove to be a benefit for its customers as they are usually unavailable during their working hours.

There are times when you will find their live chat option appearing as null throughout the period that you are trying to contact them. This only shows that their live chat support is not competent enough to provide round-the-clock real-time support to its users. However, the live chat support issue is temporary, as there is some fixation going on from their side.

Ciberconceito live chat support

Thankfully, CiberConceito has other means to contact their customer support personnel. It includes direct email, remote assistance, and calling. However, calling may not be an ideal option for customers residing in other countries.

Ciberconceito customer support

In case you are unable to get any support through either of these means of communication, you could refer to their knowledgebase. The biggest downside to it being CiberConceito does not have a sufficient knowledge base. Thus, it becomes a problem in case you encounter some severe hosting issues during operation.

CiberConceito Hosting Review: Ease of Use

CiberConceito control panels such as Plesk, DirectAdmin, or cPanel accounts are evenly distributed throughout their various plans. This comes in handy in case you are looking to switch between the control panels.

The Control panel option helps in installing SSL certificates, and scripts. You can also download various other third-party plugins. If you want to keep a track of the website visitors, you can do it easily on the control panel. There, you will get detailed information about the visitor’s time on site, location, and much more.

You can also upload website-related content in the control panel. It will help you in displaying your site under the same domain name.

CiberConceito Hosting Review: Conclusion

If you are looking for a shared hosting plan at an affordable rate, then CiberConceito might be a good option. CiberConceito has a good approach when it comes to fulfilling their customer’s hosting needs.

However, there are several flaws that CiberConceito needs to look after in order to be the go-to option for all users.

Most of CiberConceito’s flaws are in their customer support system. It includes inactive live chat support, fewer knowledge bases, and almost no uptime information.

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