BlueVPS Review (2021): Is it worth buying?

VPS servers offer the most freedom when it comes to doing things your way. You can customize the OS, get manual security, set up your own CDN, choose between cPanel or Softaculous, and much more.

Bluevps locations

It’s like your own private room on the internet. Many companies offer VPS hosting among other options. But you’d certainly consider quality when there’s a hosting service that specifically offers VPS, right?

BlueVPS is one such company that solely trades in VPS hosting. If you’ve never heard of it then don’t let its obscurity fool you.

Bluevps features

They have servers across the world. They deal with Linux as well as Windows. They have instant setup procedures. You get dedicated resources. They have 24/7 customer support and they have…

…well, they have a lot of other stuff which is why we have this review to discuss it in detail.

So without further ado, let’s check out what BlueVPS is all about.

BlueVPS Review: Pricing and features

Bluevps pricing

Okay, so there a lot of VPS options. Right on the homepage, you have 8 separate VPS plans, from the cheapest to the most value/pro option.

The ‘bKVM 256’ plan costs $2/month. You get 2.66 GHz (which is amply fast), 256 MB RAM, 10 GB HDD, 1 Gbps speed, unlimited bandwidth, IPv4 & IPv6, SSH & VNC access, and KVM virtualization.

What is KVM virtualization?

KVM stands for Kernal-based Virtual Machine which means it is a Linux host that can run virtual environments that you can use to run any OS.

With the specifications above, you can probably run an old variant of OS like WindowsXP, FreeBSD, or any minimal distribution of Linux. Plus, security becomes less of a concern since you can simply get custom measures or programs to guard your site.

After that, most plans offer minimal upgrades over bKVM 256 like RAM, storage, and processor count.

Like the plan ‘bKVM 1024’ offers dual 2.66 GHz processors (not cores but individual processing units), 1 GB memory, and 20 GB storage at the price of $6/month. If you ask our opinion, value for money.

Check out BlueVPS here

Moving on to the plan ‘bKVM 8192’, you get four 2.66 GHz processors with 8 GB RAM, and 200 GB storage. The price is very premium too which is $34/month.

With this plan, you could probably run some heavier stuff like running a full Windows 10 environment (which starts to hiccup at 4 GB memory), a common data hub for your small startup, probably your own gaming server, and much more.

To round up this section, the pricing for plans is very affordable with rare features. Also, the pricing mentioned is for the annual billing cycle which you can alternate between monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, biennially, and triennially.

BlueVPS Review: Ease of Use

We’ll be measuring the ease of use of a BlueVPS server by going through its signup procedure.

Bluevps ease of use

The first page after clicking order is the configure page. This is standard for most hosting companies that implement preset setup procedures such as the one above.

You can edit the billing cycle from monthly to quarterly, annually, semi-annually, biennially, and triennially. Goes without saying that pricing differs over every billing cycle.

Then the ‘Configure Server’ section usually has more options to configure but here it seems there’s only one, Hostname. Probably due to the fact that we’re dealing with VPS servers.

Under ‘Configurable Options’ section, you have more choice like for OS, you can choose between Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, and FreeBSD, extra IP addresses (which are addons), location options like London, Toronto, Chicago, Stockholm, Dusseldorf, Warsaw, and many more.

There are many options like Control Panel as well, like DirectAdmin, ISPmanager, cPanel, and even some free ones like VirtualMin & VestaCP.

So there’s no shortage of options to configure here.

Bluevps review and checkout

The next page is a simple review and checkout page to confirm your order. Again, nothing special here, just a common checkout service that works as predictable.

Bluevps checkout

The last page finalizes your order. You input your basic personal information, billing address, account security, and payment details.

Everything is mandatory, although you can skip the additional notes and mailing list options.

There are also a lot of payment options which is an underrated convenience.

Hence, the signup section is rich in options and configurations albeit very simple.

Check out BlueVPS here

BlueVPS Review: Customer Support

Customer Support is important. Imagine that you’ve just completed your VPS order. You’ve set up your domain, your control panel looks good but…

…you can’t migrate your site. You don’t know what it is. Phantom errors.

So who you gonna call now?

That’s right, customer support. Customer support makes a service or product alive in some way. It’s good to know that if you ever get stuck, the company does have your back.

Bluevps chat1

In BlueVPS’ case, there’s the live chat option that is the most popular method of assistance. There’s also an option to attach additional files like error reports and screenshots of your problem.

The live chat service is available from 9:00 AM to 18:00 PM Mon-Fri and if you have any queries beyond that you can contact them through their 24/7 available ticketing system service.

Bluevps chat2

So, we tried to initiate some dialog, a ‘hey there’ is a good start. We waited around for a couple of minutes (a common response time) but there was no response. Seems like nobody was online.

bluevps chat

But then someone came online. It took a few minutes but we were onto communicating right away. We started with a question about their server integrity and if they happened to involve third party companies in their process.

bluevps chat

The reply came very quick. The guy said that their ‘Tech Team’ handles all the inner workings. It felt a little vague to us, so we tried to reassure once again and…

bluevps chat

…this reply did confirm our answer. They indeed keep their data private which is great.

There’s enough to wrap up here. The chat support does fill the entirety of customer support and also the chat representative was quite quick and friendly.

BlueVPS Review: Conclusion

So what have we learned? Great pricing and features, easy setup, and responsive customer support.

Is it worth buying?

We’d say: Sure, it is. If your goal is something simple and small to manage, then yes BlueVPS could be your answer. Even if you do decide to go big, BlueVPS’s plan will entertain you there as well.

So if you have a business, e-store, or a blog in mind, you can go ahead without any worries. If you’re interested in learning more VPS hosting services, there are a few other VPS hosting providers out there as well.

That’s it for this review. How’d you like our take on BlueVPS? Did you use BlueVPS? How was your experience? Or do you have any better VPS hosting services in mind? Whatever your thoughts may be, just comment down below and let us know.

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Apr 18, 2021



Value for money

Customer Service

Overall Rating

BlueVPS offers a great list of locations. I loved that it’s not only US or Europe-based. You have the freedom of choice, which doesn’t limit you and your business location-wise. It’s also very easy to find all the necessary info. There’s a map on the main page, which I found very useful. Not disappointed in the choice, and I’ve spent a couple of days comparing and trying to choose the best option for me.