BKHosting review: Is It Best Web Hosting Provider? (2021)

BKHosting is a web hosting service based in Romania.

It provides professional hosting services along with trusted software and easy-to-use interface. BKHosting has been serving in the market for about 2 years. This hosting service is considered reliable and efficient as observed from the positive customer reviews.

This modernized web hosting service provides a trustable platform to start your website, blog or take your business online. The employees have an experience of over 13 years to provide full-time customer support.

BKHosting’s website has a user-friendly interface which helps the customer to predict the productivity that they would surely gain by choosing BKHositng.

It has its servers located at three data centers, out of which two reside in Germany, Falkenstein and Nuremberg and one is in Helsinki (Finland).

BKHosting will establish another datacenter in the US in a few days. This is surely a positive sign of their customer service. BKHosting provides VPS servers and Dedicated servers in addition to shared web hosting.

BKHosting, thus ensures to serve the clients with versatile requirements.

BKHosting also ensures high-performance servers that are connected to high-speed data centres. They help in proper utilization of custom tooling and improve productivity along with amazing website design.

BKHosting review: Uptime and Security

BKHosting offers 100% uptime guarantee.

The experienced work-force monitors the servers 24/7 so that the client never loses any potential opportunity. The ultra-reliable servers help in maintaining visitor attendance 24/7. They prioritize the client’s visitor base as they know how important it is.

(More details on uptime)


BKHosting servers are secured by Sitelock Website Security. Its servers have anti phishing/ anti malware software that scans all the files in real-time. These services protect your website against cyberattacks and burglary so that the client’s data remains safe and secure.

These services protect your website against your rivals.

BKHosting also provides free migration facilities to transfer your site directly to BKHosting without any extra cost.

Further, the consultants help you with choosing the right plans according to your previous requirements. The team also provides you with valuable tools and helps in improving your website.

With the help of Litespeed web servers, you can get up to 9 times faster loading time for your website. Low-density servers and multiple caching layers help in efficiently managing the content on your website with lightning-fast processing speeds.

Thus, BKHosting provides amazing website hosting with the best user experience for a more productive and beneficial approach. This service presents security and uptime at its best.

BKHosting review: Packages

BKHosting provides cheap shared hosting packages in 3 different plans. These plans cover the requirements according to the need of the customer. The prices are listed in Euro.

  • Basic plan – 1.99 euro/month.
  • Plus plan – 4.99 euro/month.
  • Prime plan – 10.99euro/month.

basic plans

These plans provide the required tools including WordPress and Softaculous. Softaculous helps in installing more than 300+ scripts with just one click. BKHosting does a great job in offering all the vital features that can help in enhancing the experience of the newbies.

The professionals can get the best out of their work using these tools.

BKHosting also provides a new set of plans which is categorized under the section- Business Hosting. These plans cover more requirements than personal hosting plans. Thus, these packages can be considered for a more business-related web hosting.

The business hosting plans include

  • Business Plus – 19.99 euro/month.
  • Business Prime – 29.99 euro/month.
  • Business Turbo – 49.99 euro/month.

business plans

These business plans present very customer-friendly policies as BKHosting aims to provide website hosting to all the clients that may have different requirements to hold on to. Thus, BKHosting truly represents the idea of customer satisfaction on a whole new level.

The cPanel is categorized decently to improve the productivity of the client. It offers all the vital tools including WordPress, Softaculous, MySQL, Email services and other required tools.

It provides the essential management tools which are necessary for proper maintenance of the website.

BKHosting provides full DDoS protection for its servers.


BKHosting also offersVPS plans,Dedicated Server plans. Thus, it tries to cope up with the demand of rising businesses by providing more security, better flexibility, and ample storage to support wide business platforms.

These extended services help considerable businesses to improve the standards of their website and to manage loads of data flow.

The renewal rates for these services do not change the initial prices. Thus, BKHosting prioritizes customer satisfaction over manipulation of interest. This evidences the reliability of the services they provide. BKHosting provides truly cheap and flexible hosting services.

BKHosting review: Knowledge Base and Customer support

BKHosting does not offer a well-crafted knowledge base.

However, what it does offer is a lightning-fast response to any queries through live chat. They also provide ticket system support, along with instant messaging.The customer support is divided into two types – Support and Technical.

Thus even the customer support is completely organized!

Support on-call is also available. It provides 24/7 customer support service, thus making it easy and accessible to all the customers. BKHosting covers the aspects that lack in the customer support of most of the web hosting services.

Thus, customer support is a major positive point for BKHosting.


The support response time is just mere minutes and they provide suitable answers to all the queries. This system has made an easy-to-use interface for newbies. The satisfaction of the clients is given high priority.

BKHosting helps in managing your website by providing the best guidelines 24/7.

BKHosting review: Cancellation and refund

BKHosting offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on all the hosting services. It generates reliability and trust in itself as a result of its user-friendly policies. The website accepts payment in Euro, USDand Ron.

BKHosting allows payment to be done by methods including credit/debit cards and Paypal. Easy payment methods allow user-friendly im experience for all the customers. Any query about payment can be made directly with customer support.

BKHosting review: Conclusion

BKHosting provides excellent and attractive website hosting services at inexpensive prices. It ensures that the versatile needs of different customers are fulfilled. It provides plans suited to all types of clients.

It provides excellent customer support by segregating the general support and technical support.

The requirement of a money-back guarantee is essential for many customers and BKHosting prioritizes the customer needs. With a 30-day money-back guarantee, it offers reliability and trust for the clients.

The feature-packed control panel helps in building a smart website for the customers.

Thus, BKHosting can be considered for any type of business with any type of ambitions. It provides excellent customer satisfaction with the help of cheap priced and at the same time, fully-featured packages. If you are looking for a hosting service to take your business online,

BKHosting surely is a thumbs up.

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