BitLaunch Review: 8 Pros and 4 Cons After Using It (2021)

BitLaunch is an up-and-coming name in the cloud and virtual server hosting world.

It allows customers to deploy virtual servers using big cloud companies like Digital Ocean, Vultr, or Linode.

Why not just use those companies directly?

Because BitLaunch lets you pay anonymously. So you can choose hosting from powerful, well-established cloud providers, without sacrificing privacy.

And, it can also host your cloud server itself.

So, is BitLaunch the cloud provider you never knew you needed? Some niche, overpriced product? Both, neither?

I’ll answer those questions—and more—right now. Let’s start off with the good stuff:

BitLaunch Review: Pros

Pro #1: Great performance

Performance is a nonissue with BitLaunch, but a lot of that has to do with the providers BitLaunch allows access to.

Digital Ocean, Vultr, and Linode are all top-tier cloud providers, which are well-established in the industry for good reason.

Pretty much each of these hosts provides full uptime and great speeds. Using them through the BitLaunch interface doesn’t change that.

And if you use BitLaunch itself as your provider? Same thing!

Pro #2: Friendliness to cryptocurrency means private hosting

This is what sets BitLaunch apart from other cloud and VPS providers, and is a huge part of its marketing and company identity.

If you’re not familiar, cryptocurrencies are digital currencies that are secured by cryptography (hence the name). They’re also difficult to counterfeit.

But most importantly, cryptocurrencies are decentralized, and allow users to pay and receive money anonymously.

There are many cryptocurrencies out there, and BitLaunch currently accepts DOZENS of cryptocurrencies. And more are being added.

So by using the cryptocurrency you want, you can pay for a cloud server anonymously…and without having to use some sketchy provider either.

To be honest, there are many possibilities opened up by making VPS and cloud services more anonymous. The next couple “pros” will be about some major potential uses of BitLaunch.

Pro #3: Allows you to securely set up a VPN

VPNs are tools that encrypt and anonymize your internet traffic. People frequently use them to access streaming services and websites that are not otherwise available in their location.

But they’re also used by people seeking greater security and anonymity while using the internet.

While VPNs can be great, they can come with risk: you’re basically trusting the VPN company to keep your information private.

However, some VPNs have been caught going back on their guarantees to not log customer traffic, and some VPNs may even sell user data.

But you can overcome this problem with BitLaunch by making a self-hosted VPN!

Essentially, you can turn your virtual server into a host for a VPN service. It’s fairly easy to activate VPN encryption protocols within BitLaunch.

Additionally, depending on how intensively you use your self-hosted VPN, it could potentially be more cost-efficient than paying for VPN software.

Now, technically speaking, you can do this with other cloud providers as well. However, you’d already lose a lot of privacy by paying for those other providers in the first place.

So BitLaunch not only gives you a chance to set up a self-hosted VPN, but gives you a chance to do so privately.

Pro #4: Allows people to access cloud providers they otherwise wouldn’t be able to

By allowing anonymous payments, a person can get around location restrictions.

For example, if you run a business in a country where Digital Ocean or Linode doesn’t operate, you’d have a tough time accessing those providers ordinarily.

But you could get around that by using BitLaunch to access them, and it would require minimal effort.

Pro #5: Flexible pricing

Essentially, BitLaunch has a pay-per-use model—or rather, the providers it supports use that, so BitLaunch carries that over, and uses a similar model for its own hosting options.

The better and higher the resources for the virtual server, the higher the hourly rate is.

Then you’re billed per the amount of time you spend. BitLaunch also simplifies the process with a feature to add a specific amount of funds to your account.

You can add as much or little as you want:BitLaunch add funds

And then you use them until they run out. Add more when needed. Repeat, etc.

But what about the actual prices themselves?

Well, that’s a harder question with so many options available. But I will talk more about the pricing itself later.

For now, though, suffice it to say that the pricing range is very wide.

All packages with the other providers BitLaunch allows access to (Digital Ocean, Vultr, and Linode) START at $14 a month, or $0.021 an hour.

Choosing BitLaunch as the provider is cheaper, as it starts at $10 a month, for $0.015 an hour.

Meanwhile, the highest prices you can pay through BitLaunch go up to the $1,500 range a month, or alternatively over $2 an hour.

Pro #6: Simple sign-up and server set-up

While BitLaunch isn’t necessarily perfect for beginners (more on that later), it’s still an overall easy to use platform.

Signing up and setting up a server is incredibly fast and easy. All you need to do is make an account:BitLaunch signup

And then you’re greeted with this little intro material:

BitLaunch email

All you have to do then is add some money and create a server.

Creating a server is very simple. You’re asked to choose from a few basic options: a host (meaning a cloud provider), the operating system you want, the region you want to work in, and the resources you want.BitLaunch choose host

After that, you can just choose the resources and price combo you want. These vary depending on the provider you’ve chosen, of course.

But overall, this is very straightforward, as customers just need to choose a few preferences and then are good to go.

Pro #7: Ability to get exactly the features you want

This is because, of course, of the ability to choose the provider you want in a single platform. So, for example…

If I choose BitLaunch as my provider, my options for operating systems and data center locations are limited (as you can see from the screenshot above).

Plus, there are only 5 apps I can choose to have equipped with my server at setup:BitLaunch create server

But if I choose Vultr as the cloud provider, I can choose from Vultr’s larger offerings. That means I can choose from a wider selection of Linux operating systems and locations:BitLaunch choose region

Plus, way more apps:BitLaunch more apps

And as you can imagine, having four providers to choose from gives you plenty of options for everything—locations, operating systems, apps.

Plus, you get a huge selection of options for resources and performance.

It’d be too much information to show you all the options available, but to give an idea..these would be some of the lighter options:BitLaunch pricing

On the other end, here’s an example of heavier resources. In this case, I’m showing you dedicated CPU options from Linode:BitLaunch dedicated CPU

You can also access similarly high-powered plans through the other providers.

So there’s no need to worry about not having enough power for your sites and projects (as long as you can afford it).

Even if you don’t care about the privacy part of BitLaunch, this is perfect if you just want to start different servers with different companies and experiment.

Pro #8: Good customer support representatives

In general, BitLaunch has solid customer support representatives.

They can be contacted through email or live chat. They claim live chat responses usually take under 5 minutes.

When I tested their live chat, I was pleased with the results:

BitLaunch chat_1BitLaunch chat2

As you can see, the representative responded quickly, within a minute—much faster than 5 minutes.

The rep did send a follow-up question:BitLaunch chat3

Though they took a little longer to reply to my reply this time around, and you could argue it was just an attempt to sell a particular package.

Nonetheless, I’ve found that BitLaunch’s representatives are both quick to respond and helpful.

While I do find some flaws in BitLaunch’s customer support overall, I’ll get to those weaknesses later. As far as representatives go, however, things are solid.

BitLaunch Review: Cons

Con #1: Users have to make an account to view plans

If you go to BitLaunch’s website, and you don’t have an account (or aren’t signed in), you won’t really see much information about features.

Or package details. Or how much anything costs. The information on the website is quite vague.

Of course, this is easily remedied—all you have to do is make a free account, and then you can look at all the options without paying for anything.

However, while it’s ultimately not a big deal, it is a frustrating tactic.

Con #2: Not for novices

Although BitLaunch is generally successful in providing a streamlined, slick interface that keeps the process of paying, setting-up, and managing a virtual server easy…

There’s still a learning curve involved that may hamper less-experienced customers.

A large part of this is somewhat out of BitLaunch’s control:

(Unmanaged/self-managed) cloud and VPS hosting tend to be more for the technically proficient, especially developers and businesses.

Typically, setting up a cloud instance means having a decent grasp of the resources you need. It also usually involves setting up and using Linux operating systems, though you can opt in for Windows.

So to an extent, it’s not a flaw on BitLaunch’s part, and is just something less advanced readers should be warned of.

However, some providers still do more to make this easier for less experienced users.

I’m optimistic that BitLaunch will get better in this area, and it’s existing efforts at accessibility are noted!

But for now, it could do a bit more for the less technically-proficient users. For starters, having a comprehensive knowledge base…

Con #3: Informational support is lacking

By informational support, I mean the repositories of information usually available for similar companies.

A form of customer support, typically called a “knowledge base,” including or next to an FAQ section, etc.

As things stand now, BitLaunch provides support through its blog:BitLaunch support blog

To be clear: there IS plenty of helpful information in the blog.

The issue is that it’s not as well-organized as a knowledge base would be. It’s more difficult to search or simply browse for information.

Plus, an established and organized support section would help the previous “con” I mentioned. In particular, a “getting started,” section of articles or tutorials would be great for less confident customers.

Con #4: More expensive than directly paying providers

This shouldn’t be surprising, and it doesn’t make BitLaunch evil.

After all, it couldn’t stay in business if it didn’t increase the prices when its customers access other companies’ hosting.

However, some people may need to prioritize their bottom lines, and those people may be better off paying cloud providers directly.

The first way other companies are cheaper, is that they offer smaller plans. BitLaunch starts the offering for other companies’ plans on a higher baseline.

Let’s take Vultr for example. On Vultr, the standard cloud plans start at 10 GB of storage, 512 MB of RAM, for $0.004 an hour. Lighter resources, and pretty cheap.

But if you access Vultr’s plans through BitLaunch, the first option starts with 25 GB of storage, and 1 GB of RAM, and the price is naturally higher because the resources are higher.

But not just that. The second, and main way that other companies are cheaper, is that BitLaunch marks up the price.

Take a look at these two Vultr plans on BitLaunch, the first two cheapest options available:BitLaunch plan

Now see those same packages on Vultr:Vultr packages

The price is significantly lower on Vultr.

And you can repeat this comparison for the other plans on BitLaunch, be it Digital Ocean or Linode or the remaining Vultr plans.

There is some good news, though. You can save some money if you choose BitLaunch as your provider.

The starting price for ALL providers through BitLaunch is $14 a month, or $0.021 an hour. But the starting price for BitLaunch:BitLaunch first plan

And that’s for a pretty solid amount of resources.

To reiterate: it’s not that BitLaunch is doing something wrong.

But if your top priority is the price, rather than anonymity or being able to try multiple providers in a single platform, this will likely be an issue.

BitLaunch Review: Do we recommend BitLaunch?

The short answer?


The longer answer?

It depends. There are a few types of people I would not recommend BitLaunch to:

First, those who aren’t very tech-proficient. This issue has less to do with BitLaunch, and more to do with cloud and VPS hosting in general.

If you need the power of virtual servers, but are less confident in being able to use them, managed solutions may be more for you.

Second, and more importantly, people who don’t care as much about BitLaunch’s main pitch and would prefer to prioritize cost.

Those people could save money by buying plans from other cloud providers directly.

But, BitLaunch is great for providing an anonymous way of setting up cloud servers, and it’s also great for letting people choose from different providers in a single platform.

The pricing is flexible, it’s easy to set up, it’s private, the resources are highly scalable, and performance is great. What’s not to like?

If you aren’t sure how much to take my word for it, don’t worry. Just try BitLaunch for free!BitLaunch try today

Happy hosting!

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