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Atlantic.net Review (2022): Is It The Best Choice? Let’s find out…

Atlantic.net is one such hosting platform that has mixed popularity. Started in 1994, this has been in the market for some time.

If you thought about Atlantic as a vast ocean, then Alantic.net is an ocean of hosting solutions.

They offer well-carved features and are designed to provide HIPAA compliant hosting solutions that can securely store medical information.

Atlantic.net is popular for its cloud-based solutions and virtual private server (VPS) hosting. With a lot of existing features, this is a review I have been waiting to share.

This has over 15K customers and has several popular brands such as Kia, Puma, Samsung who use their services.

Atlantic.net is a bit different from most conventional hosting platforms.

Why is this different?

Hold on while I spill the beans about their services and much more.

Through this review, I will speak more about what I have explored in Atlantic.net.

Atlantic.net: Uptime

Atlantic.net is a completely cloud-based hosting platform. It has multiple data centers at different locations. This ensures stable and consistent services with the least downtime.

Atlantic.net is one of the few hosting platforms that offer an almost 100% uptime. It provides a 100% uptime SLA.

So here is what their SLA defines. Atlantic.net will give a 100% SLA on all the critical components leaving aside any scheduled maintenance.

The cloud servers allow Atlantic.net to offer consistent performance. The managed and dedicated hosting provide a 100% uptime SLA.

Atlantic.net: SLA

On the whole, Atlantic.net provides reliable services with good performance and steady uptime. So far, it has kept up to the expectation.


Let me get ahead and showcase other parameters.

Atlantic.net: Plans

Atlantic.net provides HIPAA specific cloud-based hosting services. They maintain transparency in their pricing.

Atlantic.net has multiple cloud-based plans, which is almost 20 types of cloud-based hosting solutions. Different plans cater to different requirements.

Atlantic.net supports WordPress hosting, managed hosting, unmanaged hosting, dedicated hosting, Linux and Windows based hosting. The good mix of hosting plans provides a range of options.

Each plan is optimized for a specific requirement such as storage, computing, memory, etc. I consider Atlantic.net has a wide choice when it comes to plans. Not many hosting providers have such a good mix of plans.

Atlantic.net: Hosting options

You are billed for only the resources you use. Not only this, but you can also add resources whenever needed.

Atlantic.net: Features

As I mentioned earlier, every plan is different and caters to a specific requirement. It has a set of flexible features. Services for backup come at an added cost.

The plans do not have any specific money back guarantee, though it provides service SLA guarantee.

Atlantic.net: Hipaa features

You can scale up your servers at any time. Daily backup is available at a minimum of $1 for backups. The plans provide an IPv4 address. Additionally, IPs are available at separate pricing of $2.19/month.

cPanel and WHM are available at separate pricing. The architecture is built in a way to provide high performance. The Raid-10 storage ensures your website is always running.

If not through cPanel, you can also avail their inbuild Restful APIs to manage servers.

Atlantic.net: APIs

The SSD storage on every server guarantees good speed. Managed servers let you install your own licensed software, thereby reducing additional pricing.

Atlantic.net supports the one-click installation of various software including WordPress.

Atlantic.net: Cloud Feature

Atlantic.net is one of the few hosting platforms that support FreeBSD.

While using Atlantic.net, do not expect you would get too many freebies with its plans. Most features such as cPanel, backups have separate pricing.

However, since you pay for only what you use, it still does not seem overly expensive. A great place to start in case you are looking for a good mix of hosting solutions.

Yet you might have to choose a plan that best suits your requirement.  Choosing an appropriate plan might not seem simple, however, their customer support does provide guidelines on these.

This is exactly what my next point would be. Let me speak more about their customer support.

Customer support

Again, over here Atlantic.net is different as compared to most conventional hosting platforms. Each of the hosting solutions has different support.

Customer support

Atlantic.net, unlike most platforms, does not cover a live chat option for non-users. However, you can reach them over a call during specific timings. Apart from this, it has live technical chat support for users.

Support on email is available 24/7/365. It has several FAQ sections on different services.


In case you do not find a suitable plan, then you can even fill in their support form. A customer support representative will help you tailor the most suitable plans based on your requirement.

Support form

What I like about their support is that they understand customer requirement and provide solutions to your queries.

The calls, as well as emails, are always redirected to specific support channels. For instance, there is separate support for dedicated hosting and colocation.

Such segregation of services ensures, you get quick help and the solutions are relevant to your hosting requirement.


I did mention this earlier; however, I will re-iterate myself. Altantic.net provides tailored hosting plans that are especially HIPAA compliant.

Atlantic.net takes security and reliability extremely serious. This is evident from the range of compliance

its data centers have.

It is amazing to know the level of security Atlantic.net maintains.


While Atlantic.net is predominantly known for its HIPAA compliance, there are several others which are incorporated.Atlantic.net: Hipaa compliant features

The infrastructure is highly secure and includes DDoS protection, intrusion detection, managed firewalls, and two-factor authentications.


Different aspects of Security are completely covered in all the plans provided by Atlantic.net.

Other Security Features

Atlantic.net includes basic as well as several advanced level security features. Its good list of compliance certainly showcases the level of security they maintain for their cloud services.


Atlantic.net has a lot of good features which you may not get in other hosting platforms.

While I have spoken a lot about different aspects of Atlantic.net, let me just summarize and put forth on what I really found appealing over here.

  • Uptime is certainly a not to miss point when we speak about Atlatnic.net. Its 100% uptime SLA is worth having a special mention. As an owner of a website, you need not be worried about any unprecedented downtimes or fallouts.Its high-performance servers provide a seamless and robust experience. A perfect blend of performance and reliability can be availed over here.
  • Customer support is yet another aspect which is well built-in Atlantic.net. It has good technical support. The support that is well-segregated is one of the key highlights over here. Well, not only this but also their support over email, live chat and phone are worth mentioning.
  • Plan versatility is well built within Atlantic.net. You can find multiple plans for satisfying different requirements. With a complete cloud-based solution, there is a lot that it has to offer. Plan flexibility is one of the core pros I found over here.Not many platforms are built to provide such level of flexibility. Moreover, over here you can opt for Windows as well as Linux based hosting.
  • Another not to miss pros is their security. I have already highlighted the level of compliance Atlantic.net maintains for its data centers and infrastructure. Not only are they compliant but also provide additional security features.

Unlike certain hosting platforms, these are completely included in the plan. Security is something that Atlantic.net is probably the best amongst most hosting platforms. Their good blend of security features is worthwhile to be mentioned.


There is a lot that Atlantic.net offers and seems to be a one-stop solution when it comes to versatility.

Yet, this is not a perfect ideal solution. Atlantic.net does have a few shortcomings which cannot be avoided.

While I spoke about their pros, let me also highlight some of the cons they have.

  • Atlantic.net charges you only for the services you use, which is good. However, cPanel or even backup is charged separately. While there are multiple hosting platforms that provide these as freebies, you certainly do not get it for free over here.
  • Atlantic.net is diverse when it comes to plans. In case you do not have cPanel you can still use their inbuilt APIs. This is easy for users with technical backing. However, this is equally complex for users who aren’t technically inclined or are just starting out to explore hosting platforms.

Do I recommend Atlantic.net?

Finally, time for the verdict, so will I really recommend Atlantic.net? Like I have mentioned several times already, it provides a huge range of services.

Atlantic.net is a perfect solution for enterprise-class hosting requirement, medical centers, and similar organizations.

With this, you do not have to worry about uptime, performance, reliability, security. These are key features for any hosting platform, and Atalntic.net ensures to provide the best of industry-standard solutions.

However, what could be challenging is the fact that new users might find this overly complex. While you do get technical help from the customer support, you may still find this complex if you do not have much technical expertise.

Having said this, I would also highlight that Atlantic.net is good to go option in case you have the required technical expertise. I would certainly recommend Atlantic.net.



Can I scale up my servers?

Yes, these are cloud-based servers and you can scale up at any point in time. You can scale up by using the cPanel or the suitable API. Currently, Atlantic.net does not have an option to scale down any configurations.

Can I get additional IPs?

Yes, additional IPs are available. This can be availed via the control panel. Additional IPs have separate pricing of $0.003 per hour per IP.

Does Atlantic.net offer data backup?

An optional daily backup is available and can be enabled via the control panel. This has separate pricing. This would cost 20% of the server’s price. Along with data backup, this also supports restoration.

Does Atlantic.net have any money back guarantee or free trial?

Atlantic.net does not have any money back guarantee or free trial. However, it does provide a 100% uptime SLA and is more service oriented.

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