AltusHost Review: Everything you should know before buying it!

This AltusHost Hosting Review was revised and updated on November 22, 2018.

Getting the right hosting partner is indeed challenging at times. If you have still not found your right hosting platform, then why not check AltusHost.

AltusHost is more popular in the European region owing to its more prominent market presence in Europe as compared to other parts of the world.

AltusHost rolled out their hosting services the first time in 2008.

It has over 10,000 customers worldwide. While it is not very widely spread, yet it caters to a significant chunk of hosting in the market.

Predominantly one of the main reasons, AltusHost is gaining popularity is its versatile hosting services which come with some out of the box and customized features.

Well, all in all, AltusHost seems attractive with a few pros and few cons.

So, over here I have decided to give a full review of AltusHost from a user’s perspective.

I would start this with the pros of using AltusHost.

Stay tuned to know more about AltusHost.

AltusHost Review: Pros

AltusHost provides some good to use features which not many of its competitors provide.

This is one of the aspects that makes it an absolute alternative to look for.

So, let’s get started and evaluate each of these aspects.

AltusHost Review: Speed and Uptime

With no second thoughts, having the best speed is something that all of us expect from our hosting provider.

None of us would wish to get stagnated owing to speed throttling.

Here is a respite, in case you are worried about AltusHost’s speed. Well, it’s fast enough, as can be seen below.

response time

AltusHost gives an unlimited monthly bandwidth. The high speed is contributed by using the right architecture at the hosting end. Every plan is SSD driven.

That’s not all. There is one more contributing factor for the high speed.

It is the LiteSpeed Web server. LiteSpeed web server is 9 times faster than a regular Apache web server.

All of this is supported with CloudFlare CDN which contributes to giving better and higher performance along with high availability.

This ensures AltusHost provides a good uptime.

All core services are closely monitored to provide high levels of uptime. AltusHost guarantees a 99.9% uptime for all its services.

AltusHost Review: Security and Reliability

Security is another aspect where AltusHost again is strong. At the basic level AltusHost provides free Let’s Encrypt SSL.

With security, it also ensures to maintain the reliability of its hosting services. AltusHost uses CloudLinux which ensures no blocking CPU issues.

The plans include a free backup. This is an important function since in most cases hosting platforms charge you separately for backups.


With no doubts, AltusHost breeds over stronger architecture with its super microservers, fast and secure RAID along with high-speed SSD.

AltusHost has a fully owned network hardware and software which makes it more secure and reliable.

The services are DDoS protected with round the clock system monitoring to prevent any security breach.

The fully redundant and self-owned infrastructure makes the hosting more reliable.

AltusHost Review: Features

Discussing AltusHost’s feature is another interesting point.

To be precise, this is one of the key components which makes AltusHost a market differentiator.

I would try and cover as many features as I can since there are many interesting features that AltusHost offers.

Each plan in AltusHost supports Pure SSD. The basic plan supports 10 GB of storage.

Between the plans, only the configurations vary. However, most of the features are part of the basic plan.


This includes free backup, SSL, website builder, setup, transfer. cPanel is also included in the plan.

With its softaculous auto-installer, you can access over 300 scripts.

The hosting is specifically WordPress and Magento optimized.

AltusHost supports email hosting and is accompanied by a SPAM filter.

Few other technical aspects include its support for MySQL Database, different PHP versions, LiteSpeed web server, CloudLinux, CronJobs, IonCube, cURL, GD Graphics Library, ImageMagick, CloudFlare CDN.

This is a perfect solution to develop technology-driven, UI rich websites.

The best part is, unlike most other platforms, in AltusHost these features are included in the basic plan.

AltusHost Review: Multiple Hosting Options

Shared web hosting is an option that AltusHost provides. However, this is not the only piece of hosting it restricts.

AltusHost has a versatile hosting option. With a better and stronger configuration, it has 3 different plans for Dedicated hosting.

The dedicated hosting plans are completely configurable and you can parametrize and adjust based on your business requirement.

Apart from dedicated hosting, you also will find a special dedicated server list.

Again, this possesses better speed and processing configuration.

While AltusHost provides standard dedicated servers and high-end servers, another option is to use a custom server.


To avail custom servers, you need to raise a request and provide details about your configuration requirement.

The dedicated servers can be either unmanaged or fully managed.

Next, on the list, AltusHost also supports Cloud VPS hosting.

While I say it has versatile hosting options, one thing I would like to highlight is its good mix of Linux and Windows based hosting.

Well, if you need still more, then AltusHost provides 3 plans for WordPress hosting – Basic, Standard, and Pro.

AltusHost Review: Pricing

The pricing for dedicated and Cloud VPS varies based on the configuration you choose. Let me provide more details in terms of shared hosting.

The pricing overall is not the cheapest available in the market.

However, it is not surprisingly exorbitant. The pricing is moderate and gives a breather as for most of the features you do not need to additionally pay.

A basic configuration and pricing for shared hosting is as described below-


AltusHost Review: Customer Support

AltusHost, is not filled with too many support documents over its website. However, it covers the most essential topics which also covers a few demonstration videos.


You can raise a ticket to get in touch with their customer support.

The knowledge base is well-segregated.

customer support category

The website also contains an in-house blog section.

To explore further, I tried their live chat option. The chat started almost immediately with the negligible wait time.

To begin the live chat, you need to provide a few basic details and either choose your query type to be sales or technical.

Just in case you happen to choose the wrong query type, then no worries, the customer support representatives are quick to transfer you.

Moreover, you do not have to start all over again with your query.

I asked a few questions and the customer support representative was both patients as well as quick to give me complete information.

customer support

customer support

Once you decide to end the chat, you can also provide a rating based on your experience.

Overall, I would say, it was an interactive chat and the response was extremely customer friendly.

AltusHost Review: Money-Back Guarantee

AltusHost provides a 100% risk-free 45-day money back guarantee. It has a substantial period before you can commit to its services.

Since most users choose shared web hosting, a risk-free 45-day money back guarantee is a great deal to grab.

money back guarantee

VPS hosting has a 14-day money back guarantee.

risk free

The money back guarantee does not apply to dedicated hosting.

AltusHost Review: Free Services

It’s always nice to know what you get free with your hosting plan. Well, I call these as free services since these are part of the hosting plan you choose.

Most hosting providers monetize on these additional features.

By making these included in the plan AltusHost provides the right value for money.

So here is what gets included with no added cost-

  • Daily Backup
  • Let’s Encrypt SSL
  • Website builder
  • Website setup
  • Website transfer
  • Migration for dedicated hosting
  • cPanel
  • Softaculous auto installer for over 300 apps
  • Email hosting
  • DDoS protection
  • CloudFlare CDN
  • CloudLinux

AltusHost provides these functionalities with complete pricing transparency. When you choose a domain, it does not contain any setup fee.

AltusHost Review: Cons

It’s good to know what is best about your hosting platform. However, it is equally important to focus on what could be a drawback.

I am glad that, AltusHost does not have too many drawbacks.

So, what exactly did I find amiss with AltusHost? Well, read along the cons of AltusHost.

AltusHost Review: Data centers

As I mentioned earlier, AltusHost is good to try option in case you reside in Europe. Well, there is a specific reason for this.

And yes, it’s their data centers.

AltusHost has its data centers only in Europe.

More specifically this is in Amsterdam (Netherlands), Stockholm (Sweden) and Sofia (Bulgaria).

Lack of geographically distributed data centers is one of the main concerns if you are not geographically aligned within Europe or closer to the above-mentioned data centers.

AltusHost Review: No Money-back guarantee for dedicated hosting

Next I would like to highlight is its lack of money-back commitment for its dedicated hosting plans.

This is one piece that ensures users don’t suffer at any point in time in case you do not wish to go ahead with dedicated hosting.

AltusHost Review: cPanel

Indeed, this includes cPanel as part of its plan for shared hosting. However, this comes at additional pricing in case of Linux VPS.


Also, this comes at additional pricing for dedicated hosting.

AltusHost Review: CONCLUSION

AltusHost has ample, good to use features. To mention more, it has good uptime and speed with reliable services.

The plans include numerous add-ons. In most hosting platforms you may need to pay for these services additionally.

However, AltusHost turns out to be budget-friendly by including most of these as part of the plans.

Be it security or consumer support, AltusHost is exceptional.

Though AltusHost is not flawless, still the pros in AltusHost outshines the cons.

Overall, AltusHost is a great option to try.

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