000WebHost Review: My Pros & Cons using 000Webhost

This 000WebHost Review was revised and updated on June 10, 2019.

Getting a free host is always an exciting deal, especially when you are running low on budget. If you have been searching for free hosting then you would realize that the options for well-known and free hosting are somewhat limited.

Here I would speak about one such well-known hosting option which is popularly known for its free hosting services. This is none other than 000webhost.

000webhost is part of Hostinger. With 000webhost you can avail of a lifetime free service, a reason to make it more unique.

Being a fully free hosting service, 000webhost does have few limitations, however, it gives a series of benefits that you probably would never expect in free hosting.

So, getting down to the crux of the point, 000webhost has a few pros and cons which I will be discussing in more detail through my review.

Go ahead and enjoy reading more about 000webhost!!

000WebHost Review: Pros

000webhost does provide multiple benefits. You can easily create a fully functional website. Before I speak about anything else, let me provide more details about their uptime, which is one of the most crucial parameters.

000WebHost Review: Uptime and Performance

What could be better than choosing a hosting platform that fits your pocket as well as provides reasonably good uptime?

Yeah, you guessed it right, 000webhost provides good uptime metrics. It guarantees a 99% uptime which in several cases hits a whopping 99.9% uptime.

Its uptime may not be the best in the industry, however, very few free hosting services have a consistent uptime.

Their uptime guarantee adds credibility to their services and assures users who are skeptical about trying free hosting.

I have used 000webhost for some time and have monitored their uptime. Below are their most recent uptimes.

000webhost review

So far, it’s been good, 000webhost gives appealing uptime and performance metrics.

000WebHost Review: Security and Reliability

Moving on further, let’s check how good is security using 000webhost. 000webhost has had its share of hacks and security issues a couple of years back.

However, 000webhost has overcome these issues and has incorporated mandate security features even for their free hosting.

000webhost uses an advanced firewall and incorporates DDoS protection. It provides regular updates and has continuous monitoring.


It supports instant backup to ensure your data has a backup always. While it does not have too many out-of-the-box security features, still sufficiently good security support.

000WebHost Review: Features

Generally, most users may not expect a free hosting service to have too many features. Contrary to this assumption, 000webhost has a good feature list.

It supports PHP and MySQL with its cPanel. You get a free website builder. 000webhost supports Curl, Zend, XML, fopen(), PHP sockets, GD2, Ioncube loader, .htaccess, and multiple other PHP features.

000webhost provides the user with a one-click auto-installer that can be used to install other applications such as WordPress, Drupal, and around 50 other scripts.

With the free hosting, you get 10 GB bandwidth, 1 GB Disk space, free domain name hosting, free cPanel, free website builder, 2 websites, WordPress auto-installer, and instant account activation with no added cost.

000webhost free hosting

Its cPanel provides over 100 free templates, multi-language support, HotLink Protection, IP Deny Manager, Password Protected Directories, to name a few.

000WebHost Review: Ease of Usage

Free hosting service would definitely grab a lot of attention. Having said this, since this would be accessed by multiple users, the hosting service must be easy to use.

Well, 000webhost makes it all really very simple.

The options available are well illustrated and segregated, so you won’t end up spending time trying to figure out how things work.

ease of usage of 000webhost

The file manager is simple and you can quickly upload files.

file manager 000webhost

Managing your Database is easy and you can add/delete the database very quickly. The options are self-explanatory and you may not require expert help to manage databases.

manage database

With 000webhost you can create up to 5 e-mail forwarders. Now, this again is simple to use.

manage emails

Managing the complete website can be done using the available settings options.


So overall 000webhost is extremely simple to use and is a great deal for novice users.

000WebHost Review: Customer Support

The easiest way to reach 000webhost for any help is through their forum. It has a knowledge base and supports FAQ.

Over the website, you would find multiple other tutorials based on various topics. It also has a blog section.

000webhost is tied up with another learning partner BitDegree which is yet another way you can learn more about hosting.

000webhost does not support live chat. However, its premium plan provides premium customer support.

000WebHost Review: Website Builder

The good news here is, with free hosting you also can avail free website builder. While several other paid hosting platforms charge users for website builders, 000webhost keeps this free.

You can either build a website from scratch or upload an existing website. The website builder also supports WordPress website building.

You require zero coding expertise to start using their website builder. You get access to a series of templates based on different domain requirements.

website builder

It has a good 198 template collection which is a very good number of templates, especially if you are on free hosting.

Editing any section on the page and customizations are simple. The options available are loud and clear.


It is multi-dimensional responsive, supports multiple maps, good e-commerce support, and provides multi-language support. All of this is combined with good social media support which includes popular social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook Twitter, and many others.

000WebHost Review: Other plans

000webhost has a lot to offer, something which very few hosting platforms provide. In addition to this, free hosting is not the only available option.

000webhost offers more with its premium Hostinger plans. 000webhost is part of Hostinger. The other plans available are Single and Premium.

Both plans offer a 30-day risk-free trial. The Single plan starts at $0.80/month and renews at $7.99/month. While the Premium plan starts at $2.15/month and renews at $11.95/month.

000webhost plan

The premium plans provide 24/7/365 customer support. You get more bandwidth, space, email accounts, database, and server resources.

SSL certificate, Daily backups, and CloudFlare protection can be purchased at separate pricing.

000WebHost Review: Cons

000webhost does provide a solid and promising hosting service. However, like every other platform 000webhost does come with few cons.
So, are these serious blockers?

Continue reading to understand what could be a downside while using 000webhost.

Simplistic website building: So, did I just mention 000webhost has a very easy-to-use website builder? Well, that’s true!!

This is a good place to create a simple website. However, hold on, in case you need visually appealing and extremely creative websites, then this could be challenging with 000webhost.

Not that 000webhost cannot create UI-rich websites. But this does have its own set of limitations. It has a very minimalistic graphically rich website creation support.

Restrictions: It comes free and yes 000webhost too has its own limitations and restrictions. So basically, be it bandwidth or customer support, or CPU usage, you would not be able to enjoy a similar privilege as a premium customer.

Well, these may not necessarily be a con for 000webhost.

However, as a user, one needs to be aware of what are the restrictions while you use 000webhost.

Security: Now this appears over here along with the pros of 000webhost. Security is something that 000webhost does take care of.

Having said this, one thing to highlight is the fact that as a free hosting service 000webhost would be more exposed to security threats owing to a large number of users using it.

While 000webhost provides basic essential security features, it also mentions this over its website.

secure 000webhost

So, it doesn’t conclusively determine that you are 100% secure.

000WebHost Review: CONCLUSION

000webhost provides most of the essential services and provides much more than what other free hosting providers can offer.

It provides substantial hosting services and is easy to use. It is an ideal option for students and tech enthusiasts who are out trying to explore hosting platforms.

This comes free for life and has no other hidden costs which again is an advantage.

So, if you are looking for serious business with tons of high-end features, security, customer support, then this probably may not be the right choice.

For that, you should definitely look at Hostinger.

And if you ever decide to try Hostinger, be sure to check out our guide on getting a 15% discount on their hosting packages:

However, if you are kicking off a new website and are low on budget then 000webhost is a great deal to pick.

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In the past, I had hosted my website at 000webhost but after a few months I had decided to create a professional website, so I moved on Hostinger which is part of 000webhost.